CAC Basketball

Rules Page – 4v4

General Basketball Rules

There is no back court violation
There is no 8 second violation
All other MIAA rules will be followed
A player has to have a C.A.C. reversible jersey with a number at the start of the game, or a technical foul will result against that player starting in week 2 (see Jersey Technical Fouls for details – updated 12/22/22).
A player must have signed the CAC Basketball Waiver online to play in the league or fill-in.
Any 4v4 game played without a substitute on either side will be played with 18 minute halves
All games will start on time. Any team without enough players to start a game will be given until 10 minutes after the scheduled start time to have enough players. After 10 minutes, a forfeit will result if there aren’t enough players. Teams can start games with 3 players and a fill-in if approved by the opposition
Schedule requests can be made, but may not always be met
Clock will not stop in the last 2 minutes of a game if the point spread is more than 15 points

CAC Basketball Jersey Rule

If a team has a player(s) without a CAC Basketball jersey at the start of the game the opposing team will be awarded one point for each non-CAC Basketball jersey. 
If both teams have a player(s) without a CAC Basketball jersey, each team will be awarded the appropriate number of points.
A jump ball at center court will begin the game as is customary.
This jersey rule is in place so that our league scorekeepers can track your stats as easily and efficiently as possible, and a double-sided CAC Basketball jersey is necessary to do so.

Game Rules

All games will start at their scheduled time
Any team that shows up more than 10 minutes late will forfeit the game. The game will still be played and stats kept, but the outcome predetermined
Each Half is 20 minutes in length with running time. Time stops for each whistle with under 1:00 left in the first half, and under 2:00 in the second half
Overtime is 3 minutes in length, running time
Time stops for each whistle with under 1:00 left in overtime
In the event of a game where each team has the minimum 4 players, each half is 18 minutes in length, running time.
Each team gets 2 timeouts per half, no carry over
Each team gets 1 timeout in overtime
When a timeout is called prior to a player shooting free throws the clock will not start until the final free throw is made or a player touches it after a miss.


Only players that are on a team’s roster and that have paid the league fee are eligible to play in CAC Basketball games
Any team that wishes to add a player to their roster must do so before the 5th game of the season
Roster additions cannot be made to any team after the 5th game of the season has been played
Players are only eligible for the playoffs if they have played in a minimum of four (4) games on a team, within the league in question. Players in a Draft League that were taken in the Draft are exempt from the 4 game minimum rule
All roster additions are subject to League Office approval

Forfeit Rules

Any team that shows up with 2 or fewer players from the team roster forfeits the current game
Any game that is started with 2 or fewer players from the team roster will be a forfeit regardless if another player shows up after the game has started
Every effort is made to ensure that each game is played, so other players will be added to the forfeiting team and the game will be played and stats recorded
If a team forfeits twice within the same season, they are ineligible for the playoffs at the end of the season
If a team shows up with only 3 players, a replacement player of similar skill level to the league can be added to the team (pending the opposition’s approval) and no forfeit will result.

Fill-in Draft League Rules

In Any Draft League if a player simply does not show to any games, the team captain has the option (pending league approval) to replace that draft pick (prior to the team’s 5th game of the season)
The value of the replacement player must be approximately equal to a player that would have been taken the round after the player being replaced
For example, if a team loses a third round pick, the captain must replace the player with someone who would have been taken in the fourth round of that league.
A player that has been replaced may not play after he/she has been replaced


Only players that played in a minimum of four (4) games on a team, within the league in question, are eligible to play in the playoffs.
Players in Draft Leagues, that were drafted on the Draft Board, are exempt from this rule.
Players not wearing CAC Basketball jerseys are not eligible to play in a playoff game, regardless of having met the 4 game minimum during the regular season.
A team is only allowed to acquire a fill-in player for a playoff game if it is cleared with both the League Offices and the opposing captain prior to the game with at least 24 hour notice
Playoff games can be played with a minimum of three (3) players on a side, meaning that an opposing captain is under no obligation to help grant a fill-in for the playoffs and does so of his or her own accord.
A League with 8 or more teams will have the top 8 teams in the standings make the playoffs.
A league with fewer than 8 teams will have the top 4 teams in the standings make the playoffs.
Any team that grants a fill-in player for the playoffs forfeits the right to protest the outcome of that playoff game.
Teams cannot rescind the fill-in player (or request to play 3v4) once the game starts.

Tie Breakers

In the event that teams finish with the same record in a league, this is how the order of playoff seeding will be determined

  1. Fewest # of forfeits during the season. If a team has 2 forfeits in a season they are ineligible for the playoffs
  2. Head to Head (H2H) record
  3. Point differential (+/-) in H2H games
  4. Point differential (+/-) for the season
  5. Coin Flip

Each game will have 1 official in attendance
All players will treat the official with respect and goodwill
It is up to the official to call fouls and technical fouls and they have full authority from the League Offices to do so at their discretion
The use of profanity towards officials will not be tolerated and can result in technical fouls, suspensions or expulsion from the Leagues

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Profanity, vulgarity, taunting, confrontations, and verbal abuse towards referees and opposing players are strictly prohibited.
Players may be penalized by the referees with a warning.
If the problem continues, a technical foul may result.
Referees are under no obligation to warn players before handing out technical fouls.
If an official deems a confrontation, action or language severe enough, a technical may be assessed without a warning first.
If a player is given a second technical and is ejected from the game (see “Fouls”) the player must leave the court.
If an ejected player remains in the building and continues to be a distraction or determent to the game, including verbally abusing referees or opposing player, an official will instruct the ejected player to leave the gym.
If a player is asked to leave the gym, a second game suspension will be added to the player’s original suspension for getting ejected from a game (see “Fouls”)


Each player gets five personal fouls per game The fifth foul results in fouling out and that player may not return to the game
If a team has only four players to play a game, or only four left that have not fouled out, and a player fouls out, which would leave a 3 on 4 situation, the player that just fouled out stays in the game. Each additional personal foul against that player (6 or more) will result in a technical foul
You can not sub in players that have fouled out
A team is over the limit after 7 personal fouls in one half creates the 1 and 1 situation for the rest of the half
A team that commits 10 personal fouls in one half creates a 2 shot situation for the rest of the half
Inside of 2 minutes, the 2nd team foul creates the 1 and 1 situation if it would otherwise not be triggered.
When the official determines a flagrant foul has been committed (a player not going for the ball, but rather the hard foul), the opposing team will receive 2 shots and possession of the basketball.
In the final 2 minutes of regulation, if a team is not in shooting bonus, the second team foul committed triggers the bonus.
Both technical fouls and flagrant fouls also counts as a personal foul The result of a technical foul is 2 free throws by anyone on the opposition that is currently on the floor and that team retains/gains possession of the ball
A player is ejected after receiving a second technical foul (a called technical, not related to being over the personal foul limit) in the same game
An ejection leads to a one game suspension.
2 ejections lead to a suspension for the rest of the league.
2 league suspensions lead to a ban from the gym