10 Year Anniversary Blog

With the recent passing of my 35th birthday, I more importantly celebrated my 10th year at CRFC/CAC. While the CAC is now an unstoppable hoops mecca of the universe and we all have plenty of entertaining characters and stories to go around, the old school CRFC guys will tell you that this was once a very small group of guys who simply loved playing hoops without all the fantastic offerings we have today. For those of you who want to know what it was like back in the early days, allow me to provide a few anecdotes that can help you paint a picture of what CRFC hoops used to be like 10 years ago. We know who we old school guys are, and if you don’t, we will be sure to tell you (just ask Tibbs!).



ß         You faithfully showed up at 8PM to play pick-up 4 nights every week, plus Saturdays. Seriously, if one of us didn’t show up, we thought maybe they had died.

ß         You have moved stacks and stacks of aerobics steps out of the gym and into the hallway before playing pick-up. One addendum to this is that KevyKev is old school, but he never moved them.

ß         You have gotten into a fight with Kaup during pick-up. This still may apply today.

ß         You have missed a free throw on purpose when making teams for the 1st 8 in pick-up (this no longer applies as we now divide the teams up evenly, unless rip is making them).

ß         You thought that Manny Barros and Steve Chung were a few of the better players at CRFC.

ß         You got drunk off of Gee’s breathe at least once a week, and it wasn’t necessarily Saturday mornings.

ß         You parked at the gym without worry of a ticket getting stamped or getting poked in the eye by a parking lady’s wandering stick.

ß         You know that ‘Doc’s’ real name was Sam.

ß         You were legitimately scared of an aerobics instructor named Becky (even though her husband Rick was the nicest guy ever).

ß         You knew O’Cal when he was still in high school.

ß         You paid $30 for a league entry and thought that was a bit too much.

ß         You wore a used, yellow pinny instead of those nice uniforms we wear now. I do not mean used as in ìused by someone else last week and since washed.î I mean ìused by someone else in the game right before yours

ß         You got thrown out of a game reffed by Super Mario Brothers.

ß         You know the participants of the “Lights Out Fight.”

ß         You know never to mention the name Craig Duncan to Poulos.

ß         You also know that GP shattered my scoring record of 42 points with a 56 point effort in a 32 minute game, while the I watched in agony from above. This is like OJs 2,003 rushing yards in 14 games – it’s a record that can never really be broken.

ß         You have had the pleasure of playing with Kim Knauf. And no Diesel, I don’t mean the kind of playing you did with her!

ß         You knew the Webmaster when he could dunk (off the wall, that is)

ß         You have had a beer or a meal at the CRFC restaurant.

ß         You have been insulted by Bojan.

ß         You know the ‘Poulos Prayer’ and the ‘Wolverine Heave’ were the pre-cursers to the ‘Ripley Rainbow.’

ß         You have watched helplessly while the Commish sandbagged a player in the draft (Kyle Hoffman in the 4th round?).

ß         You have shared a drink or ten with Kevin OíNeil.

ß         You will always associate gray sweatpants with Art Stephanopolous.

ß         You were there when Jon Olinto told you about his business plan for a new restaurant called b.Good.

ß         You were at the 1st ever LNO when the best player ever to play at CRFC (Chise) chain smoked three packs of cigarettes.

ß         You know who William ìHalf Man/Half Amazingî Carter is and why that may be one of the greatest nicknames ever.