Well, itís over. The Cís have done it and I donít think anyone can say that they thought itíd be this easy. Regardless, this may have been the greatest NBA Finals that I have watched in my ìadultî life. Ok, it has been the only NBA Finals that I have really watched since MJ, but I already miss them. What am I going to do now on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights for a year? So to help me get through this difficult time, here is my top ten list of what I will miss about the 2008 NBA Finals. I had to get up early to write this so that the SportsGuy can steal all of my material and post it in his blog by noon EST.


#10: Belichickís Cougar

I love seeing the gratuitous shot of Bill Belichick sitting courtside with his latest cougar girlfriend. You think Belichick secretly tapes her walkthroughís? And please donít tell Bill this, but I am pretty sure I hooked up with her last summer at Abe & Louieís. If this is true, that brings my personal total of ìI dated a celebrity before/after I hooked up with youî to 5: Adrian Grenier, Chris Slade, Sergei Samsonov, Anthony Wright and now Bill Belichick. Someone tell Chris Slade that you canít put a nail where a spike has been. Thanks.


#9: Ray Allenís Arm Band

There really hasnít been a bigger ìenemy to heroî story since Duke Evers in Rocky IV. And what do we owe Ray Rayís turnaround to? Shooting tips from Tosti? PB&J sandwiches? Nope, it was that black arm band of course.  Ray shot about 94% from the three point line with that arm band and about 12% without it. Odds are currently set at 3:2 that at least one person at the CAC will be wearing one by next week.


#8: The Lakers

Even though I canít stand them, I loved watching them implode. While there were plenty of moments to pick from, the top two moments for me occurred in the 2nd half of Game 6. After Ray hit his 74th wide open three of the game, the cameras uncannily cut to Phil Jackson turning in disgust to his bench, angrily yelling at someone to sub in. And while you couldnít quite read his lips, you knew it was for Sasha. And then there was Lamar Odom suddenly getting all fired up for the 1st time this series with, yep, 3 MINUTES TO GO DOWN 567 POINTS IN THE ELIMINATION GAME! Van Gundy made the comment that we shouldnít expect him to stop playing just because his team was down big, but, umm, Jeff, when exactly did he start playing in this series? And don’t put all the blame on the players either – I think Kneeland could have done a better coaching job than Mrs Jeannie Buss.


#7: James Poseyís Sideways Three

Is there a more loveable guy than James Posey? Ok, Iíll admit it – I donít even remember him from the Miami Heat Finals (maybe because I didnít watch), but this guy is absolute money when the game counts most, especially from the corners. And I love his sideways three – kind of reminds me of ROY’s shot. I’d give anything for a hug from him (Posey, not ROY), but in the meantime, anyone know where I can get a green and white James Posey signature mouthpiece? I am going to wear it when I ref.


#6: Kevin McHale

I understand the obligatory ìwe did it for the fansî comment (patented by Bob Kraft) by Wic after the game, but why not give a quick shout out to Kevin McHale too? We all know he was thinking it. There hasn’t been a gift that big since Diesel traded me Chise for 3 role players in the Winter 2002 CRFC Draft. And Bird was noticeably absent all series, except for those Magic/Bird face-off commercials that, well, should not be shot in HD. Thank you, ABC!


#5: The Boston Crowd

Ok, so the Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Hey-Hey-Hey-Goodbye chant at the end of the game was an ugly reminder of how much Bostonians are complete idiots (the mirror is an ugly thing sometimes). But they made up for it by setting aside their unbelievable joy for a moment and passionately booing David Stern during the trophy presentation. A classic Boston moment as we have a very long history of hating anything to do with authority. Just ask King George. Yet somehow the Commish is still beloved by the CAC community.


#4: That Mutha F*&%er KG

All the talk of KG not being clutch was absolute horsemeat (which I am opposed to, by the way). He was the Defensive Player of the Year, not offensive, so you canít expect the guy to be clutch down the stretch on both ends of the floor. Plus, he now has the record for most swears in an NBA Finals series and his post game interview with Tafoya (more on her later) must have given the Chairman of ABC sports at least two heart attacks. Iíll also miss Rondo yelling his name after a rebound in an extremely high pitch for a male ñ KG! KG! KG! Every time the ABC mikes picked it up, my cat would go to the living room window looking for the birdie.


#3: The Celtics Bench

Ok, show of hands, who didnít expect Tony Allen to land awkwardly on his left knee after that alley-oop dunk with two minutes to play? It would have been an absolutely perfect end to his season. But the Celtics bench was unreal throughout the playoffs and made M.L. Carr look like he was standing on the wall like he was Poindexter (any Young MC fans out there?). And big ups to Pierce for giving the 1st ever NBA Gatorade shower (even though he endorses Powerade). With all the talk about Kobe and his teammates, it was evident that the Cís were the only true team in the Finals. But why didnít Doc give Scal a chance to play in garbage time? I am pretty sure he was dressed for it. And did anyone catch Xavarian and BC alum Dana Barros doing the ìubuntuî dance with the players at the end of the game? Everyone loves a winner…


#2: Sports Guy Celtic Blogs

While I am fully expecting at least one more from him today, it was great to have his last 35 blogs be about the Celtics. I never spent so much time on the can. And I know he steals my material all the time, but can anyone think of a better job? He is basically Tibbs, OíCal and I, but with a much larger fan base (well, except for OíCalís), slightly better basketball to cover, and a slightly larger check. A charmed life indeed and i for one am jeolous of him. In the words of Paulie, “if I could trade places with one guy, it’d be you – you’re all heart Rock.”


#1: Michele Tafoya

Ok, call me KG, I mean crazy, but somehow I fell very hard for Tafoya throughout these playoffs. Anyone else? Show of hands? She has it all ñ good looks (ok, debateable), likes sports, solid dresser, sheís Italian! I am not sure if it was the circumstances surrounding whenever I saw her that caused this feeling (like Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock in Speed), but she can bring home the bacon and fry it in a pan! I even got extremely jealous when KG and Doc would blatantly hit on her during interviews (while demeaning her job at the same time). But she seemed to eat it up anyway as if I know one thing about people, itís that they never get tired of being told that they look good. I wonder if Tosti can get me her number?


The summer is always something that I look forward to (stay tuned for Summer of Wolverine II blog coming this September), but I cannot wait until November. See you at the parade!!!!!