3v3 Rules

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Tournament Rules

3v3 tournaments are double elimination. The team to emerge from the ‘loser’s bracket’ must beat the team from the ‘winner’s bracket’ twice to be crowned the champion.

Brackets for each division will be released the day prior to the tournament with estimated game times for first round games. Teams are encouraged to show up prior to the start of their first round game in case games move along quickly.

Prior to the Game

Each team must have three to five players on its roster who have registered & paid for the tourney BEFORE their teams first game. All games must start with three players on each team, unless a team with three players agrees to allow the opposing team to play with only two players.

If a team with a least three players does not allow the opposing team to play with two players, or if the opposing team has zero or one players, that team will be forced to forfeit after 10 minutes.

A ‘take it – make it’ shot prior to the start of the game will determine which team has the initial possession.

Throw In/Starting Play

The ball must be thrown (not dribbled) in from the check box (top of the key at the BEHIND the 3 point line). First Violation: Warning from the referees or court monitor Second Violation: change of possession

Length of Games

First team to score 15 points, or 20 minutes running time clock which ever happens first.

Championship Games in each division: No Time Limit 1st team to 21.


If the score is tied at the end of 20 minutes, the game goes to overtime. A “make it – take it’ shot determines which team has the initial possession. The game winner is the first to score 3 points in the overtime period.

No Make It Take It

The ball changes possession after each scored basket.


No stalling is allowed. The referee or scorekeeper member may institute a 20 second shot clock at any time. After a team has been warned about stalling, failure to attempt a shot within 20 seconds will result in loss of possession.

Jump Balls

All jump balls become the possession of the defensive team.

Time Outs

Each team is allowed two 45-second time-outs per game. The game does not stop during any time-outs. NO time-outs are permitted in the last three minutes of the game.

Taking It Back

When in play, the ball must be “taken back” on each change of possession, including airballs. “Taking it back” means BOTH feet must be behind two-point arc.
Failure to “take it back” is a violation.
First Violation: Warning from the referee or scorekeeper
Each Individual Violation: Change of Possession

3 Seconds

Is in effect.
First Violation: Warning from referee or court monitor
Each Additional Violation: Change of possession


Baskets made from the inside the arc count one point. Baskets made when the shooter has BOTH FEET behind the arc count two points. Scorekeepers or referees will call “two points”. If there is any doubt by the referees as to whether the made basket is worth one or two points, the basket will count as one point.

Free Throws

Free throws count as one point. When fouled in the act of shooting, a free throw is awarded to the fouled shooter whether or not the basket was made. All free throws are dead balls. Regardless of whether the free throw(s) are made, the opposing team checks the ball from above the 3 point line. The shot shall be made within 10 seconds after the ball has been placed at the disposal of the free thrower. All other players will remain behind the three point arc while the free throw attempt is being made.


Any time a basket is MADE and a foul is called:

  • The basket counts and a foul shot is attempted.
  • The referee or scorekeeper records the foul.
  • Defending team receives the ball.

Personal Fouls

The referee will record each personal foul. Each team member is allowed five personal fouls. Upon receiving the fifth personal foul, the player is disqualified if the team has a sub. If a team does not have a sub, each foul after the 5th committed by that player is an automatic free throw + possession.

    RESULT (for team that was fouled
  • Team Fouls 1 through 7
    Check ball, unless fouled in the act of shooting (see above)
  • Team Fouls 7+
    One free throw, unless fouled in the act of shooting (see above).
  • Flagrant, Intentional or Technical Fouls
  • All intentional, flagrant and technical fouls result in one free throw for the player fouled AND their team retains possession and checks the ball at the check box. These fouls also count as personals.
  • 2 of these fouls in one game committed by one player results in ejection from the ENTIRE tournament.

Out of Bounds

The ball is out of bounds if it:

  • Passes over the top edge of the backboard or touches the back side of the backboard
  • Touches the arms attached to the back of the backboard.
  • Hits the net, either of the side walls, or crossed 1/2 court.