5 0n 5 Power Rankings – Week 8

Before you read any farther, know this, the top two spots still haven’t changed.  I know this will incite a lot of irate emails from some of our readers, but c’est la vie.  The message board may also be riddled with hateful comments, but we’re willing to accept those risks.  By now, everyone should know that there will be a 5 on 5 All-Star game at the end of the season.  As an acting, nonparticipating captain, along with Tical, these last 3 weeks will be teams’ last chance to push for their guys to be in the game. On then, to the List!

  1. Charlestown (6-1) – (0) – Charlestown had an easy week, beating up on defenseless Little Nasty and getting a bye.  They have the offensive firepower to combate FKS, and still hold the top spot by an ever decreasing margin.  They should cruise through their two games left until their final game of the season against the Shuffle.  That game will define their season, for both of these teams, and will most likely determine the top seed in the playoffs.  Obviously, getting the easier road through the playoffs is a huge advantage on the way to the finals.
  2. Five Knuckle Shuffle (6-0) – (0) – They still trail Charlestown, and they’re going to even if they both win out these next two weeks.  July 11th can’t come fast enough for these guys to prove the haters wrong, but they better not look past their next two opponents.  Both Stackpole and CNGI will be looking to knock them off the pedastal that they’ve placed themselve on, and the fall could be a long, hard one.  If they escape these two challenges unscathed, and then have enough left in the tank to beat Charlestown, they’ll take their rightfull place at the top of the rankings, but not until then.
  3. Come N Get It (4-2) – (+2) – The euphoria of the great victory against Stackpole was tempered by the Houdini act against the Has Beens.  Inconsistancy and, as O’Cal put it, they themselves have been their own worst enemy.  They get a chance to prove how good they really are coming up against Five Knuckle Shuffle, and will look to knock them down a peg or two.  If they can pull that off, they’ll be in great shape come playoff time.
  4. Stackpole (4-2) – (-1) – For the second straight week Stackpole slides down a spot, this time because of the whipping handed to them by CNGI.  They recovered nicely against the Justice League, but new challenges await.  Five Knuckle Shuffle will have the offensive weapons to keep up with them, and the defensive mindset to try and shut down the ‘Chise.  A win would go a long way to validating their season, and would help them move up in the rankings for a change.
  5. Justice League (4-3) – (- 1) – Who are these guys?? Just when it looked like they were starting to put it all together, the shooters and big guys both pull a no show against Charlestown in a game that should have been competitive.  They’re going to make the playoffs, but they need to find a team identity, and quickly, if they want to get out of the first round and challenge for the title.
  6. Netgain (3-3) – (0) –  Attendance is turning into a problem, and Netgain dropped their last two games.  Trevor can only do so much, and Cheese is doing his best to help out, but it hasn’t been quite enough.  The Has Beens are on deck after a week off, and they will have to bring their A game if they want to compete.  Look for Netgain to finish the season in the six spot that they’re in and have a tough opening round game, but with the potential to pull off the upset.
  7. The Has Beens (3-4) – (+1) – The loss to CNGI was heartbreaking after leading for all but a minute of the game.  A victory would have put them in contention for a top 4 seed, but instead they’re going to struggle to avoid a top 2 team in the first round. A 1-1 split of their upcoming games, against Charlestown and Net Gain would have to be a moral boost.
  8. Vitale (1-6) – (+2) – Vitale got it’s first win of the season against Little Lebowski and leaps up two spots in the rankings.  This week they face Little Nasty, and a victory would guarantee playoff bonuses for everyone on the roster.  LL has had great distribution and balance in their attack, and look for them to improve on that as the season winds down.
  9. Little Nasty (1-5) – (-1) – As mentioned above, the winner of the Vitale/LN game has the 8th and final seed locked up. For Nasty, now would be an ideal time to pull together and get some sort of offensive flow involved into their games.  Some subs would be helpful as well, but let’s not get greedy.
  10. Little Lebowski (0-6) – (-1) – The loss against Vitale was tough to swallow after the valient comeback, and the playoffs look like they’re out of sight.  An upset of CNGI and/or Stackpole would alter that, but the outlook isn’t promising.  Harry Mora can still make his push for the All-Star game, but that might be the lone bright spot on the season.