5 on 5 East Playoff Preview and Regular Season awards

Its that time again where the hearts and dreams of seven (possibly eight with the unification bout) teams will be crushed as only one team can hoist the Belt.  The playoffs start this week and I can definitely say:

The Front Runner ñ BIG CAC ñ has to be the favorite, only losing 1 game by 1 point with their full squad this season….I forget to who, but they had a dam fine point guard that held Billet to a mere 24pts.

The Team not to sleep on ñ FDH ñ with Awad and Griff  owning the paint, Shugah Shane being the best point guard in the league, and Matty 5 Bars being the best shooter not named Billet, these guys are 7 seed likeSyracuse with Carmelo Anthony was a 5.

Call Saul for Eat It –  As in ìSaul Overî ñ (Diesel) as their reign as champs is over.  No way they repeat.

Stackpole is like that little brother that 99 times will lose to their older brother, but always has 1 chance to steal a game or two here so beware.

C-Town looks human this season, at least from a shooting percentage perspective.  I think I saw a couple of their names on Bud Seligís desk.  Explains a lot…

Big Nice reminds me of a Beautiful Mind ñ Two polar opposites.  Some times we play like geniuses, at other times it looks like we are a girls freshmen team.

3E –  without Matt George, they have a better chance of seeing me move out of my parents basement, or seeing Rosie OíDonnell posing for Playboy than seeing the second round.

Oktoberfest ñ Can win it if they play there cards right.  Remember Mike, stay on 21.


REGULAR SEASON AWARDS ñ Each recipient will receive a free copy of ìTicalís guide to love making.î  I donít care what anyone says, my entire life I was taught to win so excuse me if rule #1 is make sure you finish first.


MVP ñ Sean Walsh, Oktoberfest ñ If I had one pick to start my franchise, Sean would be the guy Id pick based on his play this season.  Good big men are the keys to success.

Griff, Billet


Unsung ñ Craig Griffin, FDH –  Until Awad showed up, Griff was a one man wrecking crew but needed some help to get some Wís for FDH.  All season you could count on 20 pts or 20 rebs from my man.

Togs, Mazzone

Rookies of the Year ñ Kevin OíBrien, OK, and Mike Sullivan, 3E –  OB Won and Sully were two players with the game and right attitude to fit right in with the CAC family.  OB Won has a silky soft lefty shot-put that can not be left unguarded, while Sully has a guard like touch from the perimeter while maintaining his rebound avg.



Most Improved ñ Jeff Kane, Eat It to Beat It –  Everyone knows the man can play D, but this season the Kaneiac was a threat on the offensive end, becoming the complete player Eat It needed.

Kent, CPW


Defensive PoY ñ Nick Smith, C-Town ñ When you finish in the top 5 in steals and blocks that always helps your cause, but the difference was Nickís smothering D that shut me down to 3 points in our heads up match up.  Ok Im only averaging 3 pts but in all seriousness Nick was the anchor to C-Townís defense playing all spots in the zone and when they manned up, Nick was the lock down defender.


GMs of the Year ñ Bob Williams ñ for the best Pick up DURING the season: Tony Awad

                                    Cheese         – for getting Billet on his team and keeping OD on a leash.


Coach of the Year ñ  Mr. I aint half sober Im half drunk, I donít sweat I glisten, Sluriní Turin,  My wife could smoke me 1 on 1, The MixTape, insert alcohol related joke, Mike Turin  – this season there were a few games where Mike actually made some key adjustments to win some games and lets be honest:  HE DIDNíT DO ANYTHING TO F THE TEAM UP so that has to count for something too

Fizzle, Cheese/OD


CAC 1st team: Todd Billet, Sean Walsh, Craig Griffin, Brian Skerry, Mike Narkiewicz

CAC 2nd team: Shayne Cranmore, Zack Ellis, Jeff Kane, Nick Smith, John MazZone


CAC Defensive Team: Sean Walsh, Todd Billet, Craig Griffin, Jeff Kane, Shayne Cranmore

Superlatives:  each recipient receives a free moustache comb and Under Armor Wave Cap!  Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

The Winter 2007 Duece Bigelo ñ The scoring Champ is none other than Sean Walsh from OK.

The Winter 2007 Jennifer Anniston ñ Tony Awad and Craig Griffin can share the honor of being the best players on the rebound.

The Winter 2007 Pablo Escobar ñ The top distributor for assists this season was Dave Samman

The Winter 2007 Winona Ryder ñ THEIF!!!  He stole my rock…Of course I can describe them officer they were Shugah Shayne and Brian Skerry avg. 2.67 per game

The Winter 2007 Emeril ñ Serving up almost 4 leather sandwiches a game, Sean Walsh stuffed a lot of teams full of Spalding.