5 on 5 Power Rankings – Week 6

Let’s try this again.  Sure, some people weren’t thrilled with the last installement, but that’s just too bad.  It isn’t the job of the media to make one feel good about their team, they have to go out on the court and prove their worth week after week.  On then, to the List!

  1. Charlestown (5-1) – (0) – The gap between FKS and Charlestown is minisule, but the only thing that will push FKS over the top would be a victory against them.  Unfortunately we all have to wait until July 11th to see how that would play out.  The loss nearly dropped them down to second, but conisdering that they were beating Stackpole with only 3 of their regulars, they stay right here.  If they can breeze through their opponents this week, Net Gain and the Has Beens, Charlestown will cement their status as a post season favorite.  Should they find a way to claim the #1 seed for the playoffs they will have a huge advantage against whoever they meet up with in the finals.
  2. Five Knuckle Shuffle (4-0) – (+1) – Undefeated sure.  Most points per game, yea.  Biggest margin of victory, check.  But who have the beat?? It’s not their fault that the schedule opened them up facing the bottom four teams in the league.  Until they play a team that will contend in the postseason, or even one with a pulse, they can’t claim the top ranking.  At least they’re taking care of business like they’re expected to, impressively.  You never know who it’s going to be that steps up and kills you when you play them, as any player on the roster is capable of taking over a game.  The highest scoring team in all the land only has Net Gain on the schedule for the next two weeks, and hopefully a bye week won’t ruin the mojo they’ve got going.
  3. Stackpole (3-1) – (-1) – They drop only because of the continuously stupendous play from Five Knuckle Shuffle.  As a team, Stackpole is starting to come together and playing better as the season continues.  After trailing Charlestown for much of the game, the lock down defense came out to hold them to 4 points over a span of 10 minutes to get the victory.   It helps that McMahon has shed any signs of rust, averaging a double double and leading the league in swats.  The two teams that trail Stackpole in the rankings will both be nipping at their heels the next two games, trying to pull them down farther.
  4. Justice League (3-2) – (+ 1) – Three straight blow out victories in the last three weeks has gotten the Justice League on a nice little roll.  Hopefully they enjoyed their feastings on the bottom of the league, beacuse the schedule gets a whole lot tougher from here on out.  Stackpole and a rematch against the Has Beens will present a step up in competition and will go a long way to show whether or not the Justice League is for real.  Or it will just go to show that they are better than the bottom few teams in the league, so which is it boys?
  5. Come N Get It (2-2) – (-1) – The loss to Charlestown really hurt, especially coming off the loss to Net Gain, but they’re still at .500 with a lot of games left to play.  After starting the season off hot with two big victories, the two losses may have brought expectations down to a more reasonable level.  Knocking off both Stackpole and the Has Beens would go a long way to ease the doubts about their ability to get it done on a consistant basis.
  6. Netgain (3-1) – (0) – Has Taylor quit on the team?  Even if he has, Net Gain’s two straight victories has them in a tie for third in the standings.  Despite their upward movement, they stay in the six spot.  They very nearly have the smallest margin of victory of any team with a record .500 or better, and have had very little room for error.. Five Knuckle Shuffle will present a world of problems for these guys, but if they can follow up with a victory over Little Nasty, they’ll continue to be sitting pretty in the standings.
  7. The Has Beens (3-2) – (+1) – Sure they continue to get it done from the perimeter, but that can’t last all season can it?  This is the other team with a tiny margin of victory of less than 2 points per game.  Wins over JL and CNGI would go a long way to prove the haters wrong and show that they’re no pushovers.  But as FKS and Stackpole have already shown, a bigger team can wear them down on the inside and exploit their lack of bigmen.  While the Has Beens may feast on teams in the regular season with their perimeter shooting, the playoffs are going to be a struggle if they get matched up with one of the bigger teams in the league.
  8. Little Nasty (1-4) – (0) – What seemed like a promising season has gone down in flames for Little Nasty.  The roster has seen more comings and goings than you’re friendly neighborhood brothel and it has seriously crippled their team chemistry.  With Charlestown and NetGain on the docket, now would be an opportune time for Nasty to pull together.  If they don’t get their act straight, an early flameout in the post season seems inevitable.
  9. Little Lebowski (0-5) – (0) – LL has gotten better, that’s evident in the fact that they’ve hung tough the last two weeks.  Harry Mora has been playing out of his mind and Jon Fass hasn’t been too shabby either.  The more Gaspar plays with this team, the better he’s looked running the offense, and they’ll need him to be a big part of it to get some wins.  The only game for LL is a matchup against Vitale next week to see who will be sent to the bottom of the abyss.
  10. Vitale (0-6) – (0) – With only 3 games left to play, Vitale has little time to pull it together and get some wins before postseason play.  Yet all 3 games appear to be winnable, as Vitale is starting to kick it up a notch as well.  With no go to scorer, everyone on the roster has to play great at the same time and balance out the offense.  In the 4 on 4 league that may not be such a big deal, but in the full court game, someone is going to need to step up and lead the way.