5v5 B1 East Winter Awards

MVP – Phil “Philly Cheese” VanVoorhies
Call it friend-ism if you want, but no one in the B league is was more effective per possession that Friday the 13th. He’s 10th in PR but a regular season finish of 9-1 and producing and both sides of the ball against top competition will get you accolades. Without him TTW would be a .500 team.
Runner(s) up – Chris McMahon, Mike Zieja

DPY – Chris “WWE” McMahon
Hands down the elite defender of the league, second in blocks and first in rebounds, he defends the interior like Cerberus guards the gates of Hell; incredibly tenacious and ferocious.
Runner up – Mike “Casanova” Canova

All Defensive 1st Team
Chris “WWE” McMahon
Mike “Casanova” Canova
Aaron “I don’t wanna be here” Dorrell
Tim “I’ll Shoot it” Canon
Joe “I’m so Fabulous” Fabiano

All Defensive 2nd Team
Phil “Philly Cheese” VanVoorhies
Andy “Beast Master” Herily
Rob “Big Rob” Berlan
Ralph “Big Tymer” Sully
Jay “Rik Smits” Schmidt

RoY – Ralph “Big Tymer” Sully
6th in PR and leading his team to a top 4 seed in the playoff will get you recognition. Sully was a consistent force for Newtowne Grill all season.

All RoY Team
Ralph “Big Tymer” Sully
Aaron “I don’t wanna be here” Dorrell
Marcus D’angelis
Dan “McCow” McCoy
Dave “Marina Sauce” Marinelli

OPoY – Orlando Rosario
From the first game where he shot 26 three point attempts it was evident that we had someone who took pride and joy in scoring.

GM – Dan McCoy
The man put together a motley crew that finished the regular season 8-1, you can’t argue with “W’s”.

All Enforcer Team – If this were early 90’s NBA, guys you’d want on your team.
Andy Herily
Jay Schmidt
Mike Canova
Ralph Sully
Mike Keohan
6th man – Ben Carcio

All Pick-pocket Team – Guys who play tenacious on the ball D
Aaron Dorrell
Dave Marinelli
Tim Canon
Philly Cheese
Joe Fabiano
6th Man – Mike Zieja

All B1 5v5 East Teams

First Team
Chris McMahon – SF
Philly Cheese – SG
Mike Zeija – PG
Mike Canova – PF
Andy Herily – C

Second Team
Mike Ambra – PF
Ralph Sully – C
Dan McCoy – SF
Joe Fabiano – SG
Marcus D’angelis – PG

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