5v5 Draft

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Standings 5v5 Draft W22 Thru Week 2

Team Record % Streak GB PF PA DRBS ORBS Assists Blocks Steals 3P% 3PA FT% FTA
Almost Famous2-01.000W2048.5046.50 22.512.56.50.511.020%4133%45
Eagle Fang2-01.000W2058.0053.50
Like Fine Wine1-10.500L1154.0056.50 34.517.
Motha Fockers1-10.500L1152.0052.00 32.512.511.01.57.517%4154%28
Primetime!1-10.500W1149.5042.50 33.014.510.04.06.021%4838%13
New Era0-20.000L2253.5060.00
You Got Tibbs'D0-20.000L2255.5058.50
Tuesday February 1st
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMPrimetime!  vs.New Era  CCC
7:00 PMMotha Fockers  vs.N95ers  CCC
8:00 PMAlmost Famous  vs.Like Fine Wine  CCC
9:00 PMEagle Fang  vs.You Got Tibbs'D  CCC

Tuesday February 8th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMNew Era  vs.N95ers  CCC
7:00 PMYou Got Tibbs'D  vs.Primetime!  CCC
8:00 PMEagle Fang  vs.Almost Famous  CCC
9:00 PMMotha Fockers  vs.Like Fine Wine  CCC

Scores, Box Scores & Write-Ups

Regular Season: Week 2

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5v5 Draft W22 Basketball League

Commentary by JAMIL & CO...

Motha Fockers 49  Eagle Fang 54

Fang Takes Motha to Town in a Second-Half Thriller

WHEW, this game would start off slow. There was no score and sloppy play through the first 3 minutes while everyone was out there warming-up, but that’s what you get with these 6:00 games. Pretty sure half of these players were worrying about if they sent their boss the email they’d promised by end of day. Once the juices got flowing midway through the first, we were in for a pretty good one, though.

Rossetti would put an end to the early drought with a nice little putback, followed by an immediate answer from Clasby to make it 2-2. A couple more minutes of sloppy play would follow, and then we had another point trade between Dwyer (3pt) and Corrigan (and-1), 7-7 with 15 to go. After a timeout by Eagle Fang at around 9:45 left, the MFers led 10-9. Five more minutes would pass and we’d have a grand total of 27 points, with Harry’s squad taking a commanding 14-13 lead. Absolute rockfight.

With two minutes to go, I was getting bored and tallied up the first half assists so far: 4 (I missed at least one), and Eagle still had the lead, 19-15.

Motha would hit a nice jumper(!) and trade a basket with Eagle Fang before Robel would make his presence known in the post with an insane travel/spin & finish. It was egregious, but 2 points is 2 points! 21-19 Fang with 45 seconds to go.

Tola hit the deck hard with some sort of injury at around 18 seconds, and Tenney would cap the half with a 3 at the buzzer, bringing the lead to 6, 25-19 Eagle Fang at half.

I felt like the play in the second half was much better. Each team scored roughly 30, but the turnovers and general rust looked like it had been worked out. Right away, Dwyer drained a 3. Dwyer isn’t exactly a selfish player, but I think he realized at halftime that he needs to shoot more if his team is going to be competitive with the better teams in this league.

Beato would drop-in a layup on the other end to start his half before watching Tola dime-up Nahuel in return. Nahuel was quiet in the first, but really turned it on in the second half. He only socred 4 second-half points, but filled-out his 2nd half line with 4 rebounds, 3 steals, and 2 assists.

I made a note at this point that there were a lot of bad called and missed calls in this one. There’s always some difference of opinion, but I was getting frustrated just watching from the score table. It was happening on both ends, though, so no one has an excuse.

With around 14 to play, Tenney cashed another 3, and Eagle Fang would score 5 more unanswered to stretch the lead to 11 (41-30).

Motha’s team wasn’t going away, but there was some quick back-and-forth for the next couple drives. Beato hit Gus for a bucket, Tola found Dwyer with a nice pass for another one, and Liam would find Gus for another 3-ball. BAAAANG, 44-37 Eagle Fang with 9:00 to play.

Motha Fockers would then put together an impressive run to take the lead back, and the momentum change was in full-swing! Nahuel found Dwyer for a quick bucket, then Rossetti found him for another, and just like that the gap was closed to 3 in under a minute of play.

But they weren’t done. Rossetti hit a monster 3 to tie the game at 44, and then Nahuel would come up with a big steal and assist to his guy Nick for the 46-44 lead. Eagle would finally answer with a bucket, but big Jeff Motha came right back down with an and-1! 49-46 Motha.

Beato wasn’t hitting in the second half, but his confidence wasn’t shaken. He’d calmly splash a three to tie the game at 49 with 3 minutes left.

Then surprise, surprise, a very questionable travel call against the MFers with 1:30 left. Tola was losing his mind about 5 feet from me at midcourt. I wish I remembered what he kept saying, but it was to the tune of utter disbelief.

Clasby would hit his only shot of the second half at a big moment, giving Eagle Fang the lead with 16.6 left.

I don’t know what happened next, but my notes say this: “Questionable foul under hoop… 1&1 up by two, Clasby 1 of 2”.

Off Clasby’s miss on the back-end of his 1&1, the MFers would come up with the rebound during the scramble, down by 3. One last chance to tie this thing up. Right away, Gus made a terrific steal and ran the court to seal the game with a layup.

FINAL: 54-49 Eagle Fang


Grades & Lines:

Motha Fockers

Jay Ball (B+): Much better than his last game. Didn’t record a stat in the second half, but I don’t think he played a ton. 2-4-1 on 1-5 shooting (0-2 3pt)

Joe Dwyer (B): Average Dwyer game, very consistent scorer and rebounder. 14-11-0 on 5-15 shooting (2-5 3pt)

Jeff Motha (C-): Missed a lot of close looks at the basket which would’ve been huge in retrospect. 6-2-1 on 2-7 from the field.

Robel (C): I felt like he got more post opportunities in this one, but really couldn’t make much of the majority—specifically in the first half. 4-7-1, 2-9 FG (0-2 3pt)

Nick Rossetti (B+): Made a nice splash for his team in the second half. Should be happy with his performance. 8-9-2 on 3-7 shooting (1-4 3pt)

Tola Balogun (C+): Decent game from Tola, but his shot seemed a little off. 8-6-2 on 3-11 FG, 0-3 from deep.

Nahuel Palomeque (A-): Team’s heartbeat in the second half. First half wasn’t great, but hit 50% in the second and had a ton of big plays. 8-4-2 on 3-9 FG, 1-2 3pt.

James Lindsey (B): Guy doesn’t get much time out there. I don’t think I even saw him on the court in the first half. Hope his team is supplementing his CAC fees. 0-1 FG


Eagle Fang

Casey Tenney (MVP): I’d dock him a half grade or maybe even a full one for not registering an assist, but he’s the game’s MVP. 16-12-0 on 5-12 shooting with 3 steals and 2 blocks to boot. 3-6 3pt

Dan Clasby (C+): Dan and the whole league knows he can shoot better than this. Off-night, not worried. Had a big bucket down the stretch. 8-4-1 on 3-10 shooting and 0-2 from 3.

Gus King (B+): from 0-4 in the first half to 3-4 in the second paired with the game-sealing steal/layup? B plus for the Gus Bus. 8-7-0 on 3-8 FG, 2-6 3pt

Harry Demakes (F): Came at me on Twitter last night. Honestly though, a good performance by Harry with yet another underrated defensive showing. 0-5-2 on 0-1 shooting

Liam Corrigan (C): Like Clasby, his normal shot just wasn’t falling. He actually was looking like me out there with some questionable fade-aways. 7-3-3 on 2-9 FG, 0-4 3pt

Richard Beato (B): Kinda chucked this game, but had some good plays and hustle o-boards in the second to give the team some extended possessions. 12-8-1 on 5-14 FG, 2-10 3pt

Scott Glynn (C-): Scott’s shot just wasn’t there either. Had some good looks, but couldn’t convert. 3-1-0 on 1-7, 1-5 3pt.

Motha Fockers
Jamil Ball231100000NA 200%
Jeff Motha61111003267% 100%
Joe Dwyer1492000022100% 5240%
Nahuel Palomeque731230000NA 2150%
Nick Rossetti86321102150% 4125%
Robel Ghebremichael461101000NA 200%
Tola Balogun842220022100% 300%

Eagle Fang
Casey Tenney168403204375% 7343%
Dan Clasby83112004250% 200%
Gus King843010000NA 6233%
Harry Demakes050201000NA 00NA
Liam Corrigan721310033100% 400%
Richard Beato1244110000NA 10220%
Scott Glynn310000000NA 5120%

Almost Famous 54  New Era 51

Almost Famous grind out another W to stay undefeated

This defensive slugfest was a back-and-forth affair from start to finish. 

Tied at 10 - 10 after 6 minutes neither team was looking budge. 

Tyler Masone picked up where he left off last week, pacing Almost Famous with 12 points in the first half. 

While Ini continued to exert his will on both ends of the court pacing his New Era squad. 

With 12 minutes left in the first half, the game remained tied at 17 - 17. Tyler decided enough was enough, going on an 8 - 2 run by himself to give Almost Famous a 25 - 19 lead. 

New Era called a time with 7 minutes remaining in the first half to re-group after the lead extended to 8 (27 - 19)  With Almost Famous leading. 

After the timeout, Jonathan Abreu helped bring New Era within shouting distance. Almost Famous would go into the half up 5 (30 - 25). 

To start the second half, the New Era squad looked completely different. Jonathan led the way they managed to tie the game at 34. 

Despite early struggles, my fellow scribe Joel had a run of his own breaking the tie and extending the lead back to 5 for Almost Famous. 

Manny accepted the challenge embraced the challenged and hit trey, after trey, after trey. I knew he was due for a big game and he hit big shots when they matter most. 

Manny and company were able to reduce the lead 2 down 46 - 44 with 2 minutes left, but it wasn’t enough as Almost Famous managed to win this close matchup in the final meetings to the tune of  54 - 51. 

New Era 

  • Amal Mukalel (B): Amal played with solid energy, effort, and hustle. The New Era team is still working to develop chemistry, but I expect his output to increase as he gains more confidence and experience. 
  • Henry Morris (B-): Henry was much more assertive this week despite struggling with his shot. Had solid contributions defensively and I can see the chemistry with his teammates growing. 
  • Iniobong Udofia (A): Ini does everything and then some.  15 points, 18 rebounds, and 4 assists. Xavier and Ini set the defensive tone for this New Era squad. If they can get their teammates to embrace that defensive enthusiasm, they're going to be tough to beat when it matters most.
  • Jonathan Abreu (B): After struggling from the field in week # 1, Jonathan shots an efficient 50% from the field going 5 of 10. In addition to accumulating 10 points, he had 2 steals, 7 rebounds, and 1 assist. 
  • Kola Olugbade (B-): Kola completed Ini well in the pain grabbing 8 rebounds, collecting 2 steals, and blocking 1 shot. Solid game, only graded him a B- because I know he’s capable of more. 
  • Manny Reynoso (A): Many broke out of his fun shooting when his squad needed it most, converting 4 of 8 treys at a 50% clip. In addition to scoring an efficient 16 points, he had 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and a crucial steal. My guy played a helluva game, despite the tough loss. 
  • Xavier Abreu (B+): The box score doesn’t quantify Xavier's contributions to this team. His gritty defensive effort is contagious along with Ini, his unselfish play really instills confidence in his teammates. He’s getting good looks at the basket and eventually, they will start falling. 

Almost Famous 

  • Calvin Stahl (B+): Despite his struggles from beyond the arc, Calvin played extremely well and impacted this game in a variety of ways. Calvin is thriving in Ian’s fast-paced offense and is overdue for a breakout game in the coming weeks. 
  • Dan Capra (B+): Dan has a solid all-around effort accumulating 6 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and a game-high 4 steals. He works really hard on both ends of the floor and will only get better in the coming weeks. 
  • Eric Pan (B): Eric scored his first points of the season and played with a ton of energy on the defensive end. 
  • Frank Malsbenden (B+): Mals does what Mals does! He brought energy, effort, enthusiasm, and hustle. 
  • Ian Cundall (B): Ian struggled offensively, but contributed 6 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals. A solid strategy and rotations resulted in Almost Famous moving to 2 - 0.
  • Joel Shaffer (B+): Joel's second-half effort really helped Almost Famous get over the hump, as their opponent came roaring back from an early deficit. We all know what Joel is capable of and I have no doubt he’ll find his offensive groove in the coming weeks.
  • Sam Packard (B-): Solid all-around effort. Sam’s biggest contributions came on the defensive end. His energy and effort are there. Looking forward to seeing Sam assert himself more next week.
  • Tyler Masone (A): Tyler willed this team to victory. I mocked him high because I knew this kid could play. I’m glad Ian was paying attention.  Nothing flashy, the left just gets it done week after week. The stat line speaks for itself, 22 points on 8 of 15 shooting from the field which equates to 53% field percentage.

Almost Famous
Calvin Stahl124231019556% 7114%
Dan Capra61224004250% 100%
Eric Pan30200002150% 00NA
Frank Malsbenden221000200NA 300%
Ian Cundall042430100NA 200%
Joel Shaffer8520011200% 400%
Sam Packard12000002150% 00NA
Tyler Masone224113027229% 6233%

New Era
Amal Mukalel010010000NA 00NA
Henry Morris320000000NA 4125%
Iniobong Udofia15162412110330% 00NA
Jonathan Abreu1043120400NA 200%
Kola Olugbade4620212200% 00NA
Manny Reynoso1633310200NA 8450%
Xavier Abreu3514203200% 3133%

N95ers 62  You Got Tibbs'D 61

Luther Joseney outlasts AJ in thrilling victory

The marquee matchup of the night didn’t disappoint. This was absolutely a heavyweight PPV-worthy battle between Luther and AJ. 

Both teams struggled from the field early on with You Got Tibbs’D jumping leading the way 11 - 8 12 minutes into the game. 

Hollister Elliott came out gunning in his B 5v5 draft debut leading the way 14 points in the first half and helping You Got Tibbs’D to a  6 - 0 run extending their lead to 17 - 8.

Jack Niemann went down for the You Got Tibbs’D with what appeared to be an ankle injury with 6 minutes left, which was huge because we all know the impact that Jack can have on the game. 

Despite offensive struggles, the N95er squad now let up and their effort never wavered. 

Going into the half, You Got Tibbs’D lead 33 - 25 and AJ was heating up after struggling early on to find his shot.

To start the second half, the trio of Tousey, Guzzi, and Luther battled back and reduced You Got Tibbs’D lead to 1 point (35 - 34). 

These fellas, fueled by their captain Pranam played suffocating defense and absolutely killed the You Got Tibbs’D on the offensive glass. The N95ers were not going down without a fight. 

AJ and Hollister were up for the task and went on a run of their own to regain the lead (55 - 49) with 4 minutes left.

But it wasn’t enough, when the lights were the brightest, Luther put his squad on his back scoring 8 consecutive points with 1 minute left in the game. 

With under a minute left and the score of 61 - 59 You Got Tibbs’D leading the way, Garrett Tousey scores the game-tying basket with 9 seconds left in the second half. 

It’s AJ and Hollister time with 9 seconds left. AJ communicates to his team they are out of timeouts aka DO NOT call a timeout. You Got Tibbs’D inbound the ball, N95ers employ a full-court press and You Got Tibbs’D called a timeout resulting in a technical foul.

N95ers take a 1 point lead with 2.0 seconds left after Luther connects on 1 of 2 clutch technical foul free throws. 

N95ers run out the clock and upset the heavily favored You Got Tibbs’D squad.

What a comeback fellas!


  • Garrett Tousey (A): Garrett continues to stuff the stat sheet with and dominate around the paint. His game-tying basket was huge in this comeback win!
  • Kevin Liao (A): Kevin really stepped up in tonight's game after struggling in Week # 1. His effort on the defensive end really stood out with 7 rebs and 2 steals. 
  • Luther Joseney (A+): This comeback win was 100% a team effort, but Luther played the leading role. There’s not enough superlative to describe how well he played. The grit, the effort, the determination, and the hustle cannot be quantified through a stat sheet.
  • Nate Guzzi (B+): While Nate has struggled with his shooting over the first week, he’s done so many other things to contribute to the team. I’m only giving him a B+ because he’s has a whole other level once he hits his stride.
  • Pranam Chatterjee (A): My guy Pranam came in with a game plan and implored a strategy that set his team up for success. Smart rotations empowered his team to be successful while maximizing the rotations. He played excelled defensively and really controlled the pace of the game. Kudos to you my guy!
  • Ryan Glynn (A): Ryan continues to look like a stud out there. He in my opinion is definitely the steal of the draft. How the hell have you kept your Player Rating so low for this many seasons?
  • Tommy Ng (B+): Looked way more comfortable this week. Ng made contributions on both sides of the ball and had himself a pretty solid night for the winning team. 

You Got Tibbs’d 

  • Jack Niemman (N/A): Missed a majority of the game due to injury. I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you post-game, but I hope you’re ok! From my angle, it didn’t look good. 
  • AJ Gotthelf (B+): AJ played well in spurts, but he struggled shooting the ball consistently. Overall he shot 35% from the field going 7 of 20 and making a huge impact defensively.
  • Chris Cavano (B+): Cavano did the most with the opportunities that were afforded to him. Didn’t force much and let the game come to him. This team might benefit more by increasing his overall usage. 
  • Nico Knight (B+): Nico had a helluva bounce-back game to the tune of 12 points and 10 rebounds. This dude creates scoring opportunities throughout the game with effort and hard work. I love the attitude! Keep working young fellas!
  • Christian Balcerzak (B+): My guy works extremely hard on both sides of the court. Does the little things that don’t always show up in the stat sheet.
  • Carlos Morla (C+): I’m still looking for here. Carlos hustle and works very hard on both ends of the court. I’d love to see him gain more confidence on the offensive end.
  • Ghali Lemtiri-Chlieh (B+): Ghali made a solid debut. He can do a little bit of everything and handled the ball extremely well. I look forward to seeing him in the next couple of weeks.
  • Hollister Elliott (C+): Hollister had a solid debut scoring 19 points. You can tell this dude is going to be a monster, but he’ll have to improve upon his 28% field goal percentage as he shots 7 - 25 overall. This includes 5 of 11 from distance.

Garrett Tousey13952191100% 2150%
Kevin Liao261220000NA 00NA
Luther Joseney278222236467% 11545%
Nate Guzzi994431033100% 00NA
Pranam Chatterjee211000000NA 300%
Ryan Glynn740110000NA 200%
Tommy Ng240100000NA 200%

You Got Tibbs'D
AJ Gotthelf2034120100NA 11436%
Carlos Morla000010000NA 00NA
Chris Cavano793421000NA 11100%
Christian Balcerzak032210000NA 00NA
Ghali Lemtiri-Chlieh022220000NA 200%
Hollister Elliott1930200000NA 11545%
Jack Niemann320000000NA 11100%
Nico Knight1282210022100% 00NA

Primetime! 57  Like Fine Wine 42

Fay and Muccio put B5v5 Draft League on notice

After struggling in week # 1, I knew Fay was due for a monster game and he didn’t disappoint, scoring all 12 of Primtetime!’s first points. 

With 13 minutes left in the first half, It was a close affair 12 - 10 with Primtetime! Leading by 2 -points. 

After struggling the previous week, Muccio, Evan Valcourt, and Keith Andrews played with a level of intensity and effort defensively that overwhelmed a very talented Like Fine Wine team. 

Their defensive effort led to a 14 - 4 run, which gave Primtetime!’s 26 - 16 lead with 1 minute left to go in the first half. 

Despite doing all the right things (i.e., good ball movement, playing with pace, and taking good shots) Like Fine Wine really struggled to make a basket. Weinstein, Fraher, Will, Jeff, and Killian were a combined 7of 22 from the field. It’s hard to win a game when you’re starting five is shooting 31%.  

At the half Primtetime! led 27-19. 

Starting the second half, there was no evidence of complacency for the Primtetime! Squad. After 12 minutes of play, they extended their lead 42-26. 

Like Fine Wine began doubling and tripling Fay and he responded by finding open shooters. Keith Andrews and Kevin Gillooly were certainly up to the task, combining for 14-points in the second half. 

With 4 minutes left in the game, the lead ballooned 57 - 36, and the primetime! squad never looked back. 


  • Abiel Norville (B+): Abiel had a solid game with 2pts and 5 rebs off the bench. He eclipsed his production from the previous week and continues to look more comfortable out there. 
  • Andre Jones (A): Another impressive all-around game for Andre. He finished with 6pts, 8 rebs, and 3 asts. When he’s on the court good things happen.
  • Evan Valcourt (A): After struggle week 1, Evan responded with a monster defensive effort while collecting 13 boards. His impact on this game went beyond the numbers. Way to bounce back big fellas!
  • Jack Fay (A): The stat line reads  25 pts, 7 rebs, 2 ast, and 2 steals. His unselfish play and willingness to pass the ball make his team better. Very efficient game 8 of 13 from the field = 62 % field goal percentage.
  • John Muccio (A): Muccio didn’t shoot the ball well tonight, but my guy did everything else. His effort defensively is absolutely contagious and he does not take plays off. 8pts, 7 rebs, 1 stl, and 1 blk.
  • Keith Andrews (A): Keith had an absolutely monster game on both ends of the court. 8pts, 14 rebs, 2 ast, and 2 stls. He took everything the defense gave him and didn’t force a thing.
  • Kevin Gillooly (B+): Gillooly played really well totaling 6 pts and 2 steals. I still think the best is yet to come. 

Like Fine Wine

  • ​​Chris Ott (B): Ott had a solid game. Struggled from deep, but made solid contributions defensively.
  • Jeff Yeakley (B): Jeff struggled from deep, but his effort and motor were consistent throughout the matchup. I know he’ll bounce back next week with a monster game.
  • Killian Bartels (C+): Killian really struggled offensively and this one, but it was not due to effort. This guy hustles his @$$ off on both ends of the court. He’s another guy that’s going to be an absolute problem once he gets more comfortable.
  • Michael Weinstein (C+):  Weinstein struggled to get anything to fall tonight going 3 of 12 from the field. We all have off nights and I’m sure he’ll bounce back next week.
  • Mike Fraher (C+): Similar to Weinstein, Ghost could not buy a basket going 1 of 8 from the field. More often than not those shots are going to fall.
  • Owen Trippe (B): Owen looked a lot more comfortable and confident this week. His impact was felt on both sides of the ball.
  • Taha Jennings (A): Taha in limited minutes, played extremely well and efficiently. Finished 4 points (2/3) and 8 rebounds.
  • Will Steeves (A): Will was the lone bright spot for the Like Fine Wine team. He finished with 19 pts, 17 rebs, and 2 blocks. This guy’s motor is off the chart!

Abiel Norville232000000NA 300%
Andre Jones6533000300% 100%
Evan Valcourt276211100NA 00NA
Jack Fay257022126583% 8450%
John Muccio852211200NA 800%
Keith Andrews8113223100NA 100%
Kevin Gillooly611220000NA 100%

Like Fine Wine
Chris Ott031010000NA 200%
Jeff Yeakley114021012150% 5240%
Killian Bartels044220200NA 00NA
Michael Weinstein6523101200% 200%
Mike Fraher242200000NA 00NA
Owen Trippe021220100NA 200%
Taha Jennings462100000NA 100%
Will Steeves1961102225360% 00NA

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Points Per Game
1Luther Joseney
2Jack Fay
2Hollister Elliott
You Got Tibbs'D
4Tyler Masone
Almost Famous
5AJ Gotthelf
You Got Tibbs'D
5Joe Dwyer
Motha Fockers
7Jonathan Abreu
New Era

Player Rater
1Iniobong Udofia
New Era
2Garrett Tousey
3Nate Guzzi
4AJ Gotthelf
You Got Tibbs'D
5Luther Joseney
6Casey Tenney
Eagle Fang
7Will Steeves
Like Fine Wine
8Tyler Masone
Almost Famous
8Jack Fay
8Joe Dwyer
Motha Fockers

Rebounds Per Game
1Iniobong Udofia
New Era
2Garrett Tousey
3Will Steeves
Like Fine Wine
4Casey Tenney
Eagle Fang
5Chris Cavano
You Got Tibbs'D
6Nate Guzzi
7Keith Andrews
7Joe Dwyer
Motha Fockers

3s Per Game
1Hollister Elliott
You Got Tibbs'D
2Jack Niemann
You Got Tibbs'D
3AJ Gotthelf
You Got Tibbs'D
3Luther Joseney
3Jeff Yeakley
Like Fine Wine
6Jack Fay
7Gus King
Eagle Fang
7Joe Dwyer
Motha Fockers
7Manny Reynoso
New Era
7Jonathan Abreu
New Era

Assists Per Game
1AJ Gotthelf
You Got Tibbs'D
2Iniobong Udofia
New Era
2Nate Guzzi
4Michael Weinstein
Like Fine Wine
4Liam Corrigan
Eagle Fang
6Calvin Stahl
Almost Famous
6Chris Cavano
You Got Tibbs'D
6Xavier Abreu
New Era
6John Muccio
6Jamil Ball
Motha Fockers
6Andre Jones
6Nick Rossetti
Motha Fockers
6Tola Balogun
Motha Fockers