5v5 West Coast Rankings

This is what you’ve all been waiting for.  In case any one was wondering if this league would take over the mantle of Red-headed stepchild, have no fear, for Tibbs is here.  There will be no repeat of last season’s A2 (I just don’t like Fizzle) and this league will get the same attention, love, and bashing as every other.  I just had to wait a week, as 6 of the 8 teams are new entries, which is why we had to create it in the first place.  Apparently we are continuing to spread the seed of our CAC all over the city of Boston, as new ballers continue to sprout up all over our gyms.


FTR – The team of multiple personalities is back for another go, this time they should own the West Coast League with Salih holding down the paint.  Big Tree Rollins has gotten the entire crew back together. Mountain Time Mickel, The Rifleman Phil Davis, Brian Gomes and Troy Seymour should be able to talk all the trash they want as the walk through the regular season.  But in the past, the postseason has been their greatest weakness, and we know to get the respect, youíve got to have the Belt.  Is this their season?


CTown Fire- An impressive debut lands the CTown Fire near the top of the rankings.  This team isnít just a one trick pony.  Basil Ward is going to overwhelm some of the opposition that chooses to focus on Jamal Camah.  Focus on Basil, and many of the other guys will overwhelm you as well.  This is a face paced team that will look to break the spirit of their opposition by pushing the ball down court on every possession.


Telemundo – This is the only other squad in the West League that is returning from last season, so they have an inherent advantage in the rankings.  Tommy Gun leads a veteran squad that made it to the semi-finals in a stacked league last season.  This time around, given a couple new parts Telemundo should challenge for a top overall seed and set themselves up for another deep playoff run.


Clutch – Not sure what to make of these guys.  Will they have enough offense to hang with what could be some really high scoring teams?  Manny Mendez fields a team with a couple familiar faces and a bunch of new guys.  But again, defense wonít be the problem, putting the ball in the hoop and getting used to that court will be priority # 1.


The Corporation – This squad seems to have a very balanced offense, but will a go-to scorer emerge to take the reins when the going gets tough? An opening win is a step in the right direction, but this is another ranking based mostly out of ignorance, as one game is too small of a sample to adequately rank a bunch of guys Iíve never seen play before.  Itís like seeing Darko in a pre-draft workout.  Sure he looks good now, but will that be the case when the action gets heated up?


Prime Time – Dartanyan has tossed some of his boys to the wolves and they looked sluggish in their opener.  Thankfully they have enough parts to compete in the West Coast.  Raheem Al-Kaheem will be able to score anytime he wants, while Stan Ocitti will be able to own the paint against most of the teams in the league.  The offense just needs to get unhinged and theyíll be rolling.


Reil Splitters – Hopefully these guys have more than just 6 guys on the squad, as they will be in danger of running out of gas on a weekly basis.  There are some positives here, as Chris Kerr is well known and can hold down the paint.  With a little scoring touch from the outside, this team will be able to hang around and pull off a couple upsets.


BFTFT – In all fairness, this ranking is based on seeing only one game, and against one of the better teams in this division.  Plus I have yet to see there entire team, as Carmino DeMercurio (formerly of a little B1 East fame) and some of his guys werenít available for week 1 action.  Paired with Justin Johnson, who we know can score, they may make one of the most deadly 1-2 punches in the League.  But we wonít know until they get together on the court at the same time.