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The WINTER 2024 league sign-up and payment information is now updated. We are starting the season on Tuesday January 16th. Between the busy holiday season and new year, that’s right around the corner. Don’t hesitate to sign yourself or your team up early to make sure there are spots in the league on the night you want to play in. CAC Basketball’s web presence is continuing to undergo major changes so see below for any questions you might have. Reach out to with any other questions

Key Dates
Sign-ups Open – NOW
Draft League Payment Deadline – WEDNESDAY JANUARY 3rd
Draft Week – JANUARY 4th-9th
Team Payment Deadline – WEDNESDAY JANUARY 3rd
Winter 2024 Tip-Off – TUESDAY JANUARY 16th

By registering and paying online each season, the CAC Basketball leagues will be more user friendly and hassle-free! To sign-up yourself or your team, or if you have any questions, please email

1. CHOSE: All available options for both teams and individuals are listed at the following link:
2. REGISTER: everyone must create a new account if it is their first time on the site, or log-in to their existing account if they’ve played at CAC Basketball since 2023.
3. PAY YOUR INVOICE: You spot in a league is guaranteed once you have paid your invoice. You do not have to pay at this time, however paid teams/individuals are given priority over those not paid.


Q – Are any of these FAQs different?
A – We’ve got a whole new sign-up process, so yes, everything has been updated. That being said, there will be issues that pop up using this new system for the first time, so please, please send me a text (617-921-7851) or email ( and let me know if something isn’t working correctly

Q – So no time for small talk this season?
A – Nope, let’s get right to it!

Q – Wait, is that a new email address? 
A – It is! While I will still be checking and responding to the gmail account this offseason, we are growing up and getting new email addresses. Here’s how you can reach us.

Jason (Tibbs) Tibbetts –
Josh Smith –

Q – So what’s the deal, what else is changing?
A – Everything. Everything you know is about to change. There will even be an app! For the first time since 2004 our database and website will be completely overhauled. Will there be some bumps in the road? Definitely. Will it be worth it eventually? Absolutely.

Q – Most importantly, are any league fees changes?
A – Starting Winter 24, individual league fees are $225 while team fees are $1,600. This does not include the credit card processing fee added to each transaction online. This fee (3.9% of a total invoice) goes directly to the credit card companies.

Q – What happened to the “Hold My Spot” $100 team fee?
At this time, we have removed the team deposit, as it caused issues with later payments being split between team members. Team captains (or one other designated player) must pay the team fee in full prior to the deadline.

Q – How do I avoid these new fees?
A – You cannot completely avoid these fees, however you can reduce them. You now have the option to pay for league fees via ACH transfer directly from your bank account which will lower the total fee to 2.0% of the total invoice, meaning the fee is reduced by half when paying with ACH transfer.

Q – Is the Multi-League Discount for Draft Leagues coming back?
A- It is! If you’re playing in multiple Draft Leagues you receive a $50 discount ($400 instead of $450 to play in two leagues). I’m thrilled we were able to bring that back to reward our most dedicated CACers for coming back time and again and putting up with Harry’s rambling in B Draft, 5v5, and Franchise. When you register for a league, there is a “Coupon Code” box during your sign-up, enter “Multi-League Discount” and you automatically get $50 off at check-out. This only applies in multiples of two. Playing in 3 leagues is just one discount of $50. Playing in 4 (you crazy animal), that’s $100 off.

Q – Ok, but really, how do I do this?
A – Alright, first things first, everyone playing in the upcoming season MUST sign-up for a new account through our new Playbook overlords. This is what will allow the app to be customized to your leagues, teams and schedule. It’s at the top of the page to the right. Then you can pick a league. Draft Leagues are filed under “Programs” and Team Leagues are filed under “Leagues”. Pick the one you want to sign-up for and sign-up for yourself. There are a number of boxes to fill-out / check (emergency contact is optional) but step by step you’ll get signed up

I know change is hard and change can be scary, but you’ve got this!

Q – What’s this about uploading a photo?
A –  This is YOUR profile. It will be connected to the app where you will see all your teams, games, schedule, etc. We’ve got some fun things planned, so yes, please upload a head shot!

Q – I get an error message after creating an account while trying to sign-up for the league. What can I do?
First, let me know (, and then close your browser, open a new one and log-in to your account. If after trying to register you still can’t, I should be able to add you on the backend. 

Q – Can you please make the waiver sign-up easier?
A – We can! After you register for a league you will directed to accept the waiver before paying your invoice. Please click the red arrow to expand and read the invoice.

Q – If a League doesn’t happen, what steps do I take to get a refund?
A – You’ll be refunded within 5 business days of the league being cancelled.

Q – How much are jerseys?
A –  Glad you asked because we now have a CAC pop-up store! You can order your jersey directly from our online store, pick your size and jersey number and have it shipped directly to your house! You don’t have to go anywhere prior to your first game, wonder if we will still have your size/number combination available, or anything else like that. Oh, and if you want any gear with the new CAC logo? We’ve got your covered, check it out!

The store will close on December 15th so make sure you put your order in by then!

All players are required to wear CAC jerseys to games. 

Q – I’ve been playing for a few seasons now, can you just hook me up with a free jersey?
A – Sorry, to control inventory and avoid raising league fees for everyone (for one more season anyway), anyone who needs a jersey should order one online and pick-up any other CAC gear they want to rock.

Q – I constantly ruin/lose/leave my jersey behind at the gym. What can you do for me?
A – Nothing, I can do nothing. I can’t even do anything for myself, come on guy.

  1. Make sure that you wash your jersey in cold water, not hot
  2. Do not put your jersey in the dryer
  3. Have you tried building a time machine to go back to 2019, find your jersey and leave your past self a cryptic note about 2020? Not too specific that it ruins the space-time continuum, but just clever enough that you give yourself a heads up about what’s to come.

The dryer (and the 2020s) is the cause of every ruined CAC jersey ever. This will never change. Simply hang your jersey up to dry (or ask your parental unit/significant other to do it for you) and it will last for years and years. I have still been hitting the peloton pretty hard the last few months and the first chance I get I’m going to squeeze into my vintage 2005 CRFC jersey. Then I’m going to try on the old high school one too. To me there’s nothing like the maroon of the Quaboag Cougars to really get the competitive juices flowing. That and the Christian rock I had to listen to back then. I was a weird kid…

Q – I want to pay as an individual, can I do that online?
A – If you’re playing in one of our Draft leagues an invoice will be created for you and you can pay that online.

Q – Follow-up question, does that mean I can MY portion of my team fee online instead of paying my captain, right?
A – That’s still incorrect, but thank you for asking that very important question. We are currently not giving teams the ability to split out the team fee into individual payments. We make give the league that functionality in the future, but we are not currently. The team captain that signed up the team online must pay the invoice for the team in full. Everyone has Venmo now, stop ignoring your captain’s request, the notification is RIGHT THERE. I know I still have a red dot from 2017 from my sister trying to collect on beer money for beer she willingly gave me! You can’t send a venmo request for that a week later. She’s never seeing that $48 and I’m never getting rid of that notification.

Q – I paid the fee online, is the spot for my team saved?
A – One of the great things about our new system is that if you are able to register online, that means there is a spot for your team! If you have any questions email (