A 5v5 Awards and Playoff Week 1 Game Lines

Great season, everyone. It is finally that time of the year for awards. Hopefully everyone logs on to view them and I am not doing this for nothing…

MVP: Mike Crotty (15 PPG, 8.6 RPG, 8 APG)
Crotty was almost a triple-double machine all season and Middlesex Magic finished 9-0. A postseason run will need to happen through him.

Offensive Player of the Year: Derrick Woods-Morrow:
Woods-Morrow may not have been productive every contest, but he did lead the league with nearly 24 points per game and also added 11 rebounds per contest.

Defensive Player of the Year: Royce Henry
It was a close matchup to see who would win this award, but Henry averaged 2.3 blocks and over one steal per game to lead all defensive stats.

First Team:
Royce Henry
Mike Crotty
Derrick Woods-Morrow
Lew Finnegan
Darian Reid-Sturgis

Second Team:
Michael Kearney
Jason O’Keefe
Phil Barera
Bryan Lambert
Tony Gallow

Game Lines:
6 p.m. Middlesex Magic vs. Twerk Team – (+11.5)
Twerk Team does not have enough fire power to take down the top-seeded squad.

7 p.m. Market vs. Living The Dream – (-2.5)
Living The Dream has been playing well of late and should be able to take down a tough Market squad late.

8 p.m. Game Theory vs. Zards – (+4.5)
Game Theory led both contests at the half against Zards, but let both leads slip away. That can’t possibly happen a third time?

9 p.m. Brickhouse vs. Boneyard – (-7.5)
Boneyard will have to continue shooting the ball from distance well to win this contest.