A 5v5 Fall 2011 Preview and Rankings

By BRoach

Hey everyone,
most of you know me form last session, but to those of you who don’t: I am Brian Roach and I will do my best to keep sanity in this league. I will have everyhting in on time and will be doing lines starting next week for the the games at the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club

Nate wanted to say this for the BSC-Wellington teams as well as the rest:

Hey all,
I’m Nate Weitzer- Celtics fanatic and statistics enthusiast….My writing style is somewhat stream of consciousness and a bit unconventional so don’t expect many formulaic write-ups about the games. As far as playing style goes I’m deep like a poet- dell curry can’t beat me in horse, trick shots and deep three balls are the short man’s version of a highlight dunk sooo i got that going for me. Sounds like we should have very competitive games down at BSC Wellington so I’m looking forward to scorekeeping in the A league.


10-5. SHU Program, Who’s Next, Hand Down Man Down, Middlesex Magic, Invasion, Market Boston: I do not know much about these teams, but once I do I will make sure to do a midseason rankings list.

4. Zards: They did well last season, but do they have enough firepower to keep with the best teams in the division.

3.Boneyard: I saw them in another league and they look pretty tough so maybe they can make some noise in the A 5v5.

2. Charlestown: They lost in the Championship game last session and maybe they can make it there agian.

1. Grown Man Move: They won it all thanks to MVP Royce Henry, but can he be clutch again?

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