A 5v5 S12 Season Preview

By BRoach

Sorry this is a day late everyone, but I wanted to get a look at the teams before ranking them. The league is down to six teams and two newcomers will need to find their rhythm in order to break through before being a powerhouse in this league.

Power Rankings

1. Living The Dream: With the athletic abilities of Lew Finnegan and Andrew St Claire, Living the Dream is the team to beat in the A 5v5 S12 league.

2. Game Theory: They still have the usual threats of Royce Henry and Tony Awad, so watch out when this teams gets on the floor. They have struggled to hold leads, but they are still a great team.

3. Market Boston: In Week 1, they struggled with no reserves and from three, but don’t expect that to happen every week.

4. Bad Boys: The newcomers to the A 5v5 league have great defense and have some speed that could help them down the stretch run.

5. Millrats: It is safe to say that it is tough for many of the players that Ralph Allen finds to show up every week and that costs him wins most weeks.

6. Halstead Insurance: Another new team that had limited bodies in Week 1. So maybe they can make some noise come Week 2, but we shall see.

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