A 5v5 Winter 12 Preview and Game Lines

By BRoach

Welcome back to the best league in the CAC.

Those of you who are new, my name is Brian Roach and I will be doing the stats and write-ups for the game at the Charlestown Boys and Girls Club. The league starts on 1/24/2012, so it is time to get the ball rolling on Power Rankings and game lines for Week One. Without Charlestown contending, it is a free-for-all in this league and all nine spots are up for grabs.

Power Rankings:

1. Grown Man Move: Still what I believe to be the best team in this league with the likes of Royce Henry, Dan Duggan and the underrated Tony Awad. I see them definitely making the playoffs and winning it should be no problem if they can get great chemistry going.

2. Zards: Michael Kearney leads the way for this team and will be the main factor in deciding how far they make it.

3. Middlesex Magic: A surprise team last session, but this time can they be better?

4. Invasion: If David Mok is not on this team, then they can still win, but I don’t know if they can win it all.

5. Flipmode: Sherrard Robbins is a beast on the glass and he will be what place Flipmode gets this session.

6. Millrats: After being on break for a session, Millrats will be back and if all the players can show up for their games, then there is no telling what this team will do.

7. Boneyard: Another tough team fighting for a title, but can they do it on a weekly basis?

8. Living the Dream: Don;t know much about this team at the moment. I will do a mid-season power rankings once I see them enough.

9. Market: Only one player on the roster so far, hopefully there are more to come?

Game Lines for 1/24/2012

7:00 p.m. @ BSC-Wellington – Invasion vs. Millrats (+4.5)

This game will be an intriguing match-up to watch as Millrats return with player-coach, Ralph Allen, and the many players who can play, but just can;t commit to this league on a weekly basis. Invasion will win this one if they have enough subs.

8:00 p.m. @ BSC-Wellington – Market vs Middlesex Magic (-6.5)

The only big factor here is that Market has just one player on its roster. Middlesex Magic is a really good team and I see the, winning this even if Market does get more players on the court.

8:05 p.m. @ Charlestown Boys & Girls Club – Zards vs Living The Dream (+3.5)

This will be my first game seeing Living The Dream, so it should be an interesting mach-up as Zards comes up against a team that is new (to me at least).

9:05 p.m. @ Charlestown Boys and Girls Club – Boneyard vs Flipmode (-2.5)

This will be the closest game of the opening week as both teams can score and defend. Flipmode will rely heavily on their key payers such as Robbins and Jamaal Woods to get the job done.

I am looking forward to a great season with these group of players and refs and make sure to sign up for the message boards asap to see my game lines on a weekly basis. Also, be sure to watch for the write-ups early Wednesday afternoons.

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