A Conversation With Co-ed Legend NIBS THE BALLER

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Paul Nimblett…CAC Co-ed’s All time Leading Scorer

As a player/staffer at the CAC for the last five seasons, I’ve been privileged to meet, play with and write about some awesome co-ed players and personalities.  One personality has stood out amongst the rest.  He sings, he dances, he raps, has a heart of gold and NEVER saw a shot he didn’t like…who else…but Nibs The Baller.  I may be biased, because NIbs and I go back as far as Little League in Londonderry, NH.  When we were 14 years old playing AAU basketball together, our moms sat with one another at a game and after exchanging names for 90 minutes (no, not insults), they determined that Nibs and I are distant cousins (third or fourth…maybe twice removed?  I dunno).  I’ve played with him, I lived with him, and I love him, so again…maybe a little biased, but there is not a more intriguing person in the league than the one joining me today…the walking sporting goods store, Paul Nimblett, Jr a/k/a NIBS THE BALLER!

RD:  Nibs, with the amount of history between us, I don’t even know where to begin.  I guess we’ll start at the CAC, because you and our good buddy Nate Dogg were the ones who told me about the CAC when you played in the Sunday Morning League a couple of winters ago where you promptly became a fixture on the “All Chucker Team”.  How did you find the CAC, and can you single out any favorite moments on the court or at any league sponsored events?

NIBS:  I live and breathe CAC right now. Nate Dogg and I actually heard about CAC through our buddy Paul who got us in the SML.  Some favorite moments on the court are going all the way to the finals with Game Blouses undefeated, going back to finals and winning with JLAI (coming back this Spring!) and sharing MVP with Nate Dogg!  It was great hitting the 1000 point milestone and achieving offensive player of the year a couple sessions.

Off the court, I loved doing karaoke in the beginning at Sunset, first CAC league night out, JLAI outings, Bruins winning the Stanley Cup at Sunset, and most of all building lasting friendships with fellow CACers.

RD:  All together now, “Awwwwwwwwwww!!!”

Nibs, you’ve never met a person you couldn’t befriend.  One of your many admirable qualities.  You’ve become famous for your style both on the court and off the court…give us your secret…how do you look so damn good all the time?

NIBS:  Haha, well the secret is simple I just let it go and let it flow!!!!  I love accessories on and off the court whether its the arm sleeve or the fadora you know I’m rocking it.  Socks, wristbands, ect…. I used to work at Finishline back in the day and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of gear. I’ll never forget this past Halloween when “The Minotaur” (a/k/a Matt Roberts) dressed as my double.  The very next Monday, the whole Raindance team had arm sleeves, wrist bands and headbands. I have a unique style but it makes me who I am!  Balling and shot calling!!

RD:  Do I smell a N.T.B. sports clothing line in the future?

NIBS:  Why not?  How sick would that be maybe a T-shirt.  If the people want it why not give it to them?!?

RD:  As if you don’t have enough t-shirts!  I’ve never known ANYBODY that had as many as you!  Still, I think we’ve stumbled upon something great here, but we’ll put it on the backburner for now.  Let’s pretend you had an opportunity to pick your career, and I’ll name four of them for you.  Give me the order in which you’d want to do these and why…

Calvin Klein model, NBA Player, Grammy Award winning rapper/singer, World famous dancer…go

NIBS:  First off, basketball is my love.  If I was 6’6” and could sky I would play for like 8 to 10 years. That would put me at about 30.  Then I could still model, rap, sing and dance!!!  Diversification is the key to being successful in life.

I feel like the CAC gives me my own version of these I ball on the court, I rap on the boards, I model my clothes on and off the court and sing and dance when we all go out

1.NBA(CAC all time)

2.Grammy singer and rapper(check out nibs the Balla youtube and the boards)


4.Dancer (check out Nimblett break dance YouTube)

RD:  The man with the plan!!  I hope you know that I’m gonna put you on the spot for a rap verse in a little while.  Let’s talk teammates.  You’ve had some great ones over the last two years in the co-ed ranks.  It would be a dumb question to ask who your favorite teammate ever was at the CAC, because I think I know you well enough to know that its you’re best friend…hell, I went to kindergarten with him.  Mr. Nate Brigham a/k/a Nate Dogg.  Give me the starting five of the best co-ed teammates you’ve ever had…three guys (Nate is one), two girls…and no…I will NOT be insulted when you omit my big slow ass.

NIBS:  Wow talk about a tough question.  I have had so many teammates in CAC that I have enjoyed playing with.  You definitely hit it on the head with Nate Dogg.  We have been playing together soooo long that we just click on the court.  He knows where I have hot streaks, and knows how to distribute it to me laces up.  Another is Jane Stockton (a/k/a Steph Glennon Baran).  We started playing together long before CAC and she motivates me to do my best.  She is a CAC legend. Then there is The Minotaur.  We had the pick n roll down to a tee the seasons we played together.  Can’t forget about one of the best post players I have played with…Kelsey Simond.  The girl can flat out play ball and she is such a team player. There are others too that didn’t make the top 5. You of course, Forthrizzi, Alleigh, Tristan, and L-Kelly to name a few.

RD:  League Night Out is around the corner (APRIL 6 AT TOMMY DOYLES – HARVARD SQ!!!).  I feel like at some point in the night a dance circle will inevitably form around you.  If you could call out anybody in the league for a dance off, who would it be?

NIBS:  I absolutely love to dance in the past I have had dance offs with Meg Driscoll among others.  If I could choose anyone in the league for a dance off it would probably be Loren or Marino, but I will entertain all challengers.

RD:  Hopefully they’ll be lining up for a piece of the action!  The Nimblett Dance Off at The Lex a couple of years back is one of my favorite memories with you and kid brother Tommy Nimblett.  Now, I don’t want to make you blush, but you’ve been a great sport here.  In addition to being a CAC Co-ed Legend, you are a single, handsome and in the words of Vince Vaughn in Old School, a very disease free man.  For all our female readers, tell us what you’re looking for in the future Mrs. Nibs The Baller.

NIBS:  Well she definitely has got to be outgoing and like to dance of course.  At least have some interest in sports, like to travel, caring, easy going, sweet, cute and hopefully athletic.  A CAC girl would be a plus but not a must haha.  Someone who is looking for a genuine great guy who lives his life to the fullest and likes to have a good time!!!!

RD:  I love it.  Ladies, don’t be shy, and don’t procrastinate…I got a feeling somebody is gonna scoop this baller up quick!  Nibs, you’re a great sport and I appreciate you taking a little bit of time for us.  I’m not going to let you go without spitting something for us…and bring the A game, none of that weak shit.  Let’s go!


No info, for the, C-A-C

Federal agents mad cause Kervin’s flagrant

Tap the Celli, and the Keg at T-Doyles Basement

My team supreme, stay stream

Triple beam lyrical scheme, I be that

Cat you see at all the lines bet

CAC in bolsters girls on my shoulders

Nate Dogg, I told ya, bein nice to me

Bruise too much, don’t lose, that much

Step on stage the girls don’t boo they touch

I guess it’s cause we run with “Thats What She Said” sooooo much

Me lose my touch?  Never that

If I did, ain’t no problem to get the stats

Where the true CACers at?

Throw yo arm sleeves in the sky

Wave em side to side and keep your hands high

While NIBS gives your girl the eye, player please

Lyrically, CACers see, N.I.B. be flossin

Pic on the cover is scorchen

Five double-o, here’s my phone number

Your man ain’t got to know, I got to go

Got the flow down Shaka, platinum plus

Like macka, dangerous

On flacka, leave your jersey b…


I don’t know what, they want from me

It’s like the more coed CACers we come across

The more problems we see


Mo CACers no problems!!!

RD:  CAUSE HE SPITS HOT FIRE!!!  Who are the five best rappers of all time?  Move over Dylan, because it’s Nibs…Nibs…Nibs, Nibs and NIBS!!!

Thanks again to Nibs the Baller for taking some time out of his hectic teaching/coaching/balling/rapping/dancing schedule.  He is the very definition of a true Renaissance Man.  We’ll see if he has what it takes to win the CAC co-ed leagues greatest prize for the second time just a few weeks from now.  Good luck to Nibs and everybody else involved in CAC Co-ed Madness!!