A Day in the Life: Thursdays with Tibbs

As most of you know, I work a pretty flexible schedule (be jealous ya’ll). I don’t go into the office on Thursdays, so let’s take a look into how I spend my time while ‘working from home’ in this first installment of ‘A Day in the Life’.

6:30 AM – Roll over and doze back off as Gripp makes as much noise as possible to let me know that she’s jealous she’s got to do the heavy lifting in supporting this marriage.

8 AM – Alright fine wake up. I take a look at my phone, drain the lizard and head right back into the comfort of the king size. Pulling out the ipad at this point is a must. I can check the twitters, facebooks and emails without actually doing something. This is about the time I also rip through an Awakening or two

Easily one of the most visually stunning games for the iphone/ipad and although it rehashes that same Hack N Slash game play as the first 2, i’m a big completest and am not disappointed with the third installment of this series.

9 AM – Briefly think about writing a review of IBIII before playing yet another Awakening only to die at the final boss for the third straight time.

9:30 AM – Ok now it’s time to get out of bed you lazy asshole. Check the little front lawn. Did I ‘forget’ to figure out how to turn off the sprinkler system again last night? Darn it, can’t mow the lawn for a few hours then.

10:00 AM – Begin the process of making an overly complicated breakfast for the next half hour or so. These usually involve slicing and dicing potatoes and whatever veggies are on hand for a hash (which takes way too long if I’m cooking off some bacon prior to give the potatoes a nice bacon grease sheen #fatkid), a french press (no drip here!) and the occasional poached egg. God I hate boiling water, it takes soo long. Always delicious results though..

10:30 AM – Halfheartedly send out a text to make sure everyone is good to go for the night’s shifts. They freaking better be. After the near disaster the first 2 Thursday nights were, its good to see Said et al on their grind. Staff has been ON POINT the last two weeks, making my job even easier than normal.

11 AM – Internets

Noon – reheat whatever is left in the french press. Guys, I think i’ve developed a severe caffeine dependency these last 6 months. Ever since I started this gluten free diet, which I’m still mostly doing unless I go out in public, my body is craving caffeine.  Like, I can’t go an hour without thinking about a dose. I may need to check into rehab, but I prefer Lamar Odom’s preferred treatment…denial

12:30 PM – I swear, this is the week I’m going to get my inbox down to just 12 emails. That used to be the goal each week, to only have a handful of outstanding issues that needed to be resolved. Everything else should be taken care of and filed away with the appropriate label. Yea, today is definitely the day I get back on that horse.

12:35 PM – Realize how many emails that would require sorting through. Begrudginly start chipping away at the pile.

12:45 PM– Internets

1 PM – Around this time some crazy idea always pops into my head about the leagues. This week it was after reading about the FA Cup. I’m going to spend the next hour flushing it out. Every.Single.Week. If I think it’s a good enough idea to pursue, it will be leaked to Sam Boyer who will promptly lose his shit. He’s the best unintentional promoter I have on staff.

2 PM – Realize Gripp will be home in less than 2 hours! If I run the dishwasher now, it will just barely be done before she gets home. I have no problem burning my hands on freshly steamed dishes to make it look like I did something today.

3 PM – Was I specifically asked to do something today? If I was I better hurry the hell up and do it!

4 PM – Seriously these dishes are f’ing hot

4:30 PM – Follow up with Boyer, his child-like optimism is still intact. Because he’s a child. He’s great to have on staff, really keeps the spirits up.

5:30 PM – Head to Kennedy for another great night of #B25v5West coverage! This week, the league better hope I have the write-ups posted by Noon on Friday, otherwise who knows when they’ll go up (I’ll be at the Sox playoff game you see).  It’s 4 hours of making gifs, live tweeting and missing Thuy’s stats on purpose.

10:30 PM – Rush home only to put in stats and outline writeups for the next day. Make some gifs, have a piece of pie. Man Thursdays never actually feel like a day off. Did I really not leave the house once?! Stupid internets.