A Draft 4v4 Summer 2011 Preview

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First off, a lot of us call it the A1. It’s officially the A 4v4 Draft league, no problems there…but I’m calling it the A1 unofficially. And that’s that.

Also, Tommy Doyle’s is our league sponsor and they have hooked it up with the drink specials. On Tuesdays, they have a $9.99 draft beer/burger special that’s just insane but on Monday nights…click out the TD’s link down on the left side of this page and check out the deals. Opening night will have some post-game beers (and yours truly) for all players to come enjoy after the last game. It’s summer, they have a patio, you can hang out for an hour and talk about how I stiffed you on assists in the stat sheet and then make fun of me to my face.

Onto the preview. I kept this basic for the first run to promote discussion, but then I added rosters and some other interesting things to promote the talk on A1. Also, let’s face it…the emphasis should be on the quality action on-the-court, it’s where the real meat and potatoes are had. There will be some incredible games that will live on the edge of glory for years to come this summer.

Here are the rosters and each teams’ predicted finish for the end of the year.

Preseason Ranks:
C = captain, # = pick number, * = CAC rookie

#8. X-Men.
C: Raj Singh, Malcolm Green* (8), Tim McCarthy* (16), Chris Shaughnessy*(17), Adam House (32), Gregg Dennis* (33) (Like the prequel this season, the people are unconvinced. If the McCarthy-M.Green chemistry can show up against elite talent, watch out. Over/Under on Raj vacation weeks this summer: 6.5. Shaughnessy was a MAJOR stretch as a rookie pick here as the Green pick was as well. At least the McCarthy (former Harvard hoopster) complemented the all-in bet for Raj here. If anything works out here, it’s the pick of House at 32, which is an absolute steal if House keeps up the playmaking (and not the thatching of too many 3s) for this squad. Attendance and banking on four rookies may be too big a project for one season.

#7. Reach For 6.
C: Tom Covert a.k.a. Covert Ops, Brad Mulholland (4) Trevor Wissink-Adams* (12), Pete Wilson (21), Trevor Holt* (28), Hinks (37) The word ‘around’ is missing from this team’s name. BMul at 4? Darko at 2? Come to think about it, they do look alike. Does Covert double up as Wolves GM David Kahn? The real key here is how good will the Trevors be? Wissink-Adams looks like a tried/true playmaker with Raging Bull approval while Holt looks like a 3-point artist. Add Pete Wilson, who may be the most competive guy in the league and who’s a legit 15-7-5 every game and the cagey Hinks to the mix…the potential for a winner’s here. And, yes, Brad really was awesome last season as he played out of his mind. If he gets enough help, Covert won’t be retreating to the dartboard at Spirit on Monday nights with tail between legs. Loaded league says TWA has to be damn good for Six to come true.

#6. Anaconda ‘Whooo’ Liquors
C: Nate Mendes aka Extreme Speed, James Bartelle (5), Xavier Holland* (13), Greg Barr* (20), Dylan Cashman* (29) Noah Spaulding (36)The Rookie/Newbie Squad. Total X-Factor team and we’re not talking Simon Cowell. Incredible height on this squad. Can The Bartelle Experience lead to winning games this time around? Xavier Holland looks like a Rookie of the Session here as it’s all rookies outside of Bartelle and Noah. With this all height, it begs the question…who handles the rock and spreads it out? I’m curious to see the distribution tactics here, but this is probably the highest-scoring team in the league here.

#5. Serge Is An Idiot
C: Serge ‘Chunky Lemming’ Gottschalk, Billy ‘B-Dubs’ Durbrow (1), Brandon ‘Raging Bull’ Dorey (9), Chanel ‘No. 3’ Wright (24), Mike ‘The Ghost’ Fraher (25), Paul Podymaitis (40) A naval fleet of ballplayers may be on this squad with Gilligan’s Skipper leading the way. Also, has Billy’s season away harnessed him a jumper a la Rajon Rondo? (A: No) Raging Bull’s my MVP pick here this season. If No. 3 and The Ghost can knock down open jumpers and Paul P can be a playmaker to set up everyone else…the sky is the limit here. Unfortunately, the team name says it all; still this group can overcome their Captain Albatross if they band together.

#4. You Got *BLEEP*’D
C: Jono Edwards, Adam ‘AB’ Biehler (7) Ian Tosti (15), Brett Armstrong (18) Alex Karrat* (31) Nick Ellis* (34) AB’s a 1st-round pick and he has a good team? By the way, the world is ending tomorrow. Sorry, Biehler…this won’t count for anything because we’re all D-E-A-D, brother. (OK, so that psuedo-religious crap ended up being untrue, no wonder why the world doesn’t take us seriously anymore…thanks to the American media.) This team will be THE energy team in the A1. BArms slipped all the way to 18? (Egregious.) Tosti’s back to pop 3’s from half court? (Check.) Jono can score and hit the big shots (Yup.) AB will be a maniac on the court. (Oh hell yes.) I can’t wait to play this team!

#3. Free Hat.
C: Cheese, Sean O’Cal (6), John Carpin (14), Kurt Knepsheild (19), Alex Levere (30), Dan Jenkins (35) Best team name. Cagey vet captain secures Masssoit CC stud and Grunge leader for paint. Waiting to see if a lawyer can bring his A-game back. Height, skill combo, and team basketball IQ is downright scary. Caprin and Kurt are HUGE inside. The rookies Levere and Jenkins are unknowns…but if they can blend in with the starting four (esp when O’Cal’s there)…they just have to hit shots when Le Playmaker sets ’em up. Still, we all know the Monday night league is at its best with O’Cal in the fold. The kid’s a winner. This team could be scary good, one of three legitimate title winners in my eyes.

#2. I’ve Got Your Grapes.
C: Frank Malsbenden, Majic (2) John Mulholland (11), Mike Kuzdeba (23), Paul Green (27) Chris Belletti (39) Could have been #1, but team depth and John Steinbeck have smoted them down to #2. Don’t discount Majic acts EVER. Ahhh, but the others. JMul may make grapes into wine, but he’s enraged Big Brother. Big season needed from Kooz and Mals here, but the two do play so well in the complementary role to Majic. Belletti will score a little when he shows up, but Paul Green could be a rookie sleeper, though points taken down for being friends with AB. Still, it comes down to Majic. If he can get 30 a game off his 20 3s and the other guys score enough…frightening. JMul really is the perfect complement to Majic as he will track down a ton of boards and guard the other team’s best big. A potential DPOY in the making here. These guys are gonna be hard to knock out in a do-or-die game.

#1. The Immortals.
C: Mike “Five Hard Fouls” Gerrity, Scott Mulholland (3), Dan Ollquest (10), Will Silton (22), Kap (26), Dan Hutchinson (38)Heavy is the king who wears the crown. Three men are on a mission to avenge a bad spin of Fortuna’s wheel. They have added some quality pieces in Silton, Kap, and Hutch to round out the roster. If Silton can hit 3s like Ollquest has proven he can (48 in a playoff game vs. Majic?!?) and if Kaplan can add some scoring punch as the 4th option…this team’s gonna push 85 a game. Also, Hutch looks like a bonafide robbery at 38 as a complementary smart/hustling energy guy. Sure, I’m biased here. But I just don’t see how this combo with Ollquest picking up where he left, SMul wreaking havoc on the glass, and Silton/Kap/Hutch just bombarding the basket can lose at the end of it all. We may not go undefeated, but I’ll gladly bet on this Mucho Macho Man (RIP, Randy Savage) of a horse to win the Preakness.

In order to get immortal, one must conquer the sea and manipulate the media. Take notes on how it’s done, gentlemen.

In a rare burst of seriousness, here’s a toast to good health and good basketball this summer. It’s basketball time!!!!

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