A Draft Week 1 Legend of the Week!

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Week 1 of the F11 A Draft season is in the books and we had a great slate of games Monday evening. The action was so exciting that Pete Wilson was quoted as saying to me “you are way too excited right now.” I guess I wasn’t hiding it that well. What’s even more exciting though is that I get to give out my first ever “Legend of the Week” award! There were several stellar performances in week 1 that could have taken the honors but after much deliberation I came to my conclusion. I am pleased to award this week’s Legend of the Week honors to Malcolm Greene and Tommy Kahana who will be sharing the honors for this week. Playing for the same team in Greene Machine (misspelled on the site, good jobTibbsGreene and RoY put on a true show against Raj’s X-Men.

Greene was an absolute monster this week. This guy is ridiculously strong and he was a beast taking the ball to the rim and converting some high difficulty layups. STAT’s frail body had no answer for Greene when he trucked his way to the basket, deflecting wimpy defenders off with his strength. He made his presence felt from the 3-point stripe as well though. Going 5/9 from deep in the game Greene proved to be completely unguardable in this one as he led his team to an easy victory. He had some help from RoY though…

RoY took some time off from A Draft, but made his comeback last night in LEGENDARY fashion. The guy was just strutting his stuff all game long draining some of the craziest threes ever. One time he dribbled the ball up right into Nate’s face and pulled up right in his eye. Of course, it was a swish. RoY went 8/13 from deep in the game and really had the stroke going all game long making people on the balcony think he was actually good. RoY really played well off Greene, asGreene put RoY in numerous positions to succeed from deep. A truly sensational shooting performance gets RoY the Co-Legend of the Week honors.

Also Considered:

THend – 15 pts, 11 rebs, 5 assts, 6 blks, W

Ouellette – 18 pts, 5/10 from deep, W

KAP! – 30 pts, 11/12 from the line, also out rebounded Tibbs, W

Nestler – double double in A Draft debut AND hit GW shot with under 1 second left, W


Week 1 Notables:

1. We brought turnovers back to A Draft last night and I think for the most part people had fun with them. I know I did!

TO Leaders from the first week…

Kap: 7


Cheese: 6

Strange: 5

Wilson: 5

Remember guys…turnovers are a huge part of the game and hurt your PR!

2. Covert’s preseason #1 team (Overrated) really surprised me in the opening week looking completely lost and out of sync. Sure, everyone is rusty and Kerr hasn’t played in years, but the bottom line is this team has obvious chemistry issues. Covert better right the ship fast.

3. Majic with 6 steals!? What the hell? Yeah we all know ten guys tipped the ball before it ended up in his hands thus giving him a steal. Still, 6 steals is 6 steals and I have to think this is a career high for him.

4. Is someone going to tell Alex Levere that half court 3s usually go in at a low percentage? I mean he is KILLING his team with these wilds jacks. Move in or don’t shoot. C’Mon Man!

5. Best Rookie Performance: Joe Hoerner – Yes I know his team got crushed but this guy made an impression in week 1 grabbing 10 offensive boards and flat out hustling all game. He played hard all game and should be credited for his efforts.

Congrats to Malcolm and Tommy on the Co-LoW honors and good week 1 to everyone else. Keep up the good action and activity on the message boards. Write ups to come throughout the week!