A Draft Week 2 Legend of the Week!

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After 2 weeks of A Draft action we are left with 2 unbeaten teams. Green Machine cruised to a blowout win against Free Hat while CAC Elite took care of business against Just One Ball. GM and CAC Elite figure to be the two best teams through 2 weeks and for CAC Elite this is largely due to this week’s Legend of the Week, Terry “Mike Tolbert Is A Legend Too” Henderson.

So at first Terry called me out on the boards for pulling a Tibbs (saying you are going to do something and then not doing it) so I said Terry was not eligible for LoW. However, he followed up with a plethora of Kap love so all is forgotten. Bottom line: Terry had a HUGE game this past week as he really played a solid all around game against of all people Tibbs AND Majic. Terry had a monster stat line to the fine tune of 34 points, 17 rebounds, 6 assists (ASSIST!) all while going 3 for 6 from deep. When Terry is hitting 3s you know he has it going on. Terry played a great game and did a nice job getting his teammates involved (4 people in double figures) as he led CAC Elite to an unblemished 2-0 record to start the young season.

Also Considered:

Xavier Holland – 27 points, 18 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks, W

Brandon Dorey – 18 points, 4/7 from deep, W


Week 2 Notables:

1. Turnovers were significantly reduced this week with Xavier Holland leading the league with 5. He did win the turnover poll so it’s not like people didn’t see this coming. Keeping track of turnovers is definitely cleaning up the games a bit as I expect the turnovers to decrease as the season goes along.

2. Brandon Dorey was sensational from deep this week against Moose Knuckles going 4/7. Sure, 4/7 by itself is nothing special but he was able to bury dagger after dagger late in the 2nd half to put away Moose Knuckles and lead Overrated to a much needed win.

3. If the season ended today we would have a 2-horse MVP race. Malcolm Green and Terry Henderson have played great basketball through 2 weeks and look poised to lead their teams on a title run.

4. Brad Mulholland grabbed 18 rebounds in week 1 only to follow it up with 3 in week 2. What happened here? Maybe it’s just effort or maybe the ball just didn’t bounce his way, but I have to ask if he isn’t hitting threes (3/20 on the season) and isn’t rebounding what exactly is this first round pick doing out there?

5. Khalid put on a ridiculous shooting clinic this week draining 6 of his 7 3-point attempts. Not only did he hit 6 treys, he hit 6 treys that were all swishes. Khalid was locked in big time this week and it’s really too bad he had to miss even one.

Congrats to Terry for winning the week 2 Legend of the Week award. This was certainly earned and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Terry’s name pop up here again. Look for lines to go up sometime Sunday as we head into week 3 and start to get a feel for which teams are legit and which are not.