A Draft Week 4 LoW!

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Week 4 is in the books and we are officially at the midseason point as we look forward to week 5. It truly has been an awesome and fun season thus far and I hope everyone is enjoying the league as much as I am.

So far, this week’s Legend of the Week award has been the toughest to decide hands down. Too many people went above and beyond to help their teams win and part of the reason this post comes so late is because I was putting off choosing a winner. Part of me wanted to give the award to myself but when you’re a legend everyday it kind of defeats the purpose. After much deliberation and back and forth battles with myself I have decided that the Week 4 Legend of the Week Award should go to…Adam Nestler!

Week 1 LoW: Malcolm Green and Tommy Kahana
Week 2 LoW: Terry Henderson
Week 3 LoW: Brandon Dorey
Week 4 LoW: Adam Nestler

First let me preface this by saying everyone should know my rule by now. No one is going to get LoW 2 weeks in a row. It’s just not my style.Dorey was ridic this week and had a terrific game but I will give him his due later in this column. Additionally, there were many factors I took into consideration and I felt Nestler deserves the attention this week. Now I get to talk up my fellow Badger. Where do I begin here? Nestler was all over the place last week and while I could have given this accolade to anyone on Hurricane Season I felt Nestler was the guy who made the biggest impact. Talk about timely plays, Nestler came up with big play after big play. No, he didn’t drop 40 and didn’t hit a huge 3 but he did grab some tough rebounds that allowed some big shots to be hit. Not only that, Nestler was a 2nd chance point machine hitting some HUGE put backs late in the 2nd half off 2nd chance opportunities. His defense was also superb as he did a really nice job playing TEAM and HELP defense especially. I will say this right now. After seeing Nestler play 4 games it is clear to me that he is a POOR MAN’S (for now) SCOTT MULHOLLAND. Yes I said it. Nestler is basically SMul minus the title and anger issues. Seriously though look at his averages: 10.8 ppg, 16.6 rpg, 2 asstpg, 1.8 blkpg. That is a SMul line if I ever saw one. Keep an eye on this rook as he is a super sleeper in this league. People who do the little things to win titles = always overlooked and Nestler is one of those guys. Nestler was outstanding this week and based on this post should get more attention in the coming weeks.

Also Considered:

Ryan Ouellette – 36 points, 26 rebounds, 7/16 from 3, L (only person to ever be considered in a loss)
BMul – 22 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists, Game Tying 3 at the end of regulation, W
Jono – 34 points, W
Pete Wilson – 19 points, 14 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 steals, W, Beast defensively
Kap – Yes I really did consider myself ONLY because Tibbs said it in the write up, 36 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists, W
Chris Maciejczak – 30 points, 10 rebounds, 7/19 from 3, W

Week 4 Notables:

1. Week 4 saw 8 players go for 30 or more. Dorey, Vladi, KAP, Ouellette, Strange, Jono, Xavier and Majic each dropped at least 30 this week. Can anyone say defense?

2. Brandon Dorey has been downright absurd this season. I have been playing with him for several seasons now and he has taken his game to another level through 4 weeks. In the last 2 weeks Dorey has scored and 37 and 40 points while shooting a combined 10/22 from deep. If Dorey keeps up this type of play he is looking at his first (right?) ever MVP award.

3. Free Hat newcomer Gael Frouin looks to be a solid add for Cheese’s bunch. Gael played solid defensively and grabbed 16 boards in his A Draft debut. His toughness and inside presence should give Free Hat some life on defense.

4. Green Machine with Khalid = 2 – 0. Green Machine without Khalid = 0-2. Just sayin’.

5. Vladi and Ouellette combined for 72 points, 35 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals, 2 blocks, 16/17 FTs and 14/34 from deep. From two players I call that some serious production. Say what you want about them having no subs and having to play the full game with Bells andSerge. Those numbers are crazy.

Congrats to Adam Nestler on taking home the Week 4 LoW award. Week 5 is on the horizon after the bye week as we head into the 2nd half of the season. Stay tuned for some week 5 lines and my first MVP watch of the season in the coming days.