A Draft Week 5 LoW!

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Brought to you by a Legend

Week 5 in the A Draft saw some pretty good action as Free Hat got it’s first win, Elite remained elite and One Ball and X-Men combined for 89 three-point attempts. As usual we had a lot of legendary performers this week but there can only be only be one winner. Thus, in honor of Free Hat’s first win of the season I am pleased to announce week 5’s Legend of the Week…Brandon Olszew!

No Brandon didn’t have a huge statistical game, but I have to tip my kap to the rook. I don’t even know if he reads the boards or whatnot but the bottom line is this guy was sensational on Monday. It pains me to admit it, but Brandon straight up schooled my team this week and he is very deserving of this award. Brandon hit some very difficult threes having his best game of the season going 5/10 from deep. The most impressive 3 Brandon hit was late in the 2nd half when crossed up JMul and hit a step back 3 in his face to deliver the dagger to Team Moose Knuckles. A very impressive and clutch for performance from Brandon gives him this week’s Legend of the Week honors. Congrats.

Also Considered:

Mike Strange – 26 points, 11 rebounds, W
Chris Kerr – 28 points, 20 rebounds, 4/8 from 3, W
Vladi Nechev – 20 points, 6/12 from 3, W
Ian Tosti – 34 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, W

Week 5 Notables:

1. Some interesting stats from the 3-point contest that was Just One Ball against X-Men. Just One Ball shot 13/43 (30%) from deep while X-Men shot 11/46 (24%). That’s a combined 24/89 (27%). Tosti led One Ball with 21 attempts while Mendes led X-Men with 16. All in all this one was painful to watch.

2. Nestler held his own personal block party on Monday collecting a single game high for this season with 7 blocks. In fact, he was only 3 blocks shy of a points, rebounds, blocks triple double. How come SMul never gets that kind of block production?

3. Free Hat wins! Could this be the start of a winning streak? Probably not…but it’s 1 in a row for now!

4. Xavier actually had more assists than turnovers this week and this might be the first time all season that has happened. In a losing effort Xavier contributed 8 assists to go with 5 turnovers. ASSIST!

5. Sundell had 4 blocks this week jolting him up to 4th in the league in BPG. Not bad for a guard.

Another solid week is in the books as we look forward to the playoffs in a few weeks. Some fun storylines are on tap for week 6 so check out the week 6 lines for more on the upcoming matchups.

Congrats to Brandon Olszew and Free Hat for playing a hell of a game and getting a win on the board.

Over and out.