A Draft Week 8 LoW!

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Brough to you by a Legend

After this week we only have ONE more Legend of the Week award for the regular season and I am astounded that I haven’t seem a Mulhol win one yet. I mean I thought these guys were supposed to be good? I guess not. Anyways, the playoffs are right around the corner and I am pretty excited. Everyone knows the regular season means very little; ask the 2007 NE Patriots. This week we saw some separation between teams as CAC Elite cemented themselves as the team to beat while Overrated, Hurricane Season and Green Machine are nipping at their heels. We still have a lot of basketball left though as anything can happen in the playoffs. Looking back on week 8 we had some pretty solid performances but after watching all 4 games it is hard for me not to award this guy with the Week 8 Legend of the Week Award…Pete Wilson!

In my opinion Pete had his best game of the season as he was a monster against Free Hat. Say what you want about Free Hat being on the bottom of the standings; it doesn’t matter. Free Hat put Hurricane Season to the test and Pete played with a sort of intensity and determination you rarely see at wall ball. Pete hit some really tough shots late in the game as he hit pull up jumpers, finger rolls and tough “lean in” off the dribble layups. What was even more impressive was his effort on the glass. Pete had 19 rebounds and really used his athleticism and “ups” effectively to soar over the opposition. He definitely had help from Jono and BMul but Pete was without the question a standout performer in this game. Without Pete’s efforts, I don’t know if HS comes back in the 2nd half let alone grabs the win. Watch out for HS folks. They have the talent and personnel to make a run in the playoffs and if Pete plays anywhere like he did on Monday I would be hesitant o bet against them.

Also Considered:

Will Silton – 23 points, 7 assists, 4/8 from three, W
Vladi Nechev – 24 points, 4 assists, W

Week 8 Notables:

1. Majic has really picked up his play in the last 3 weeks. In his last 3 games Majic is averaging 32 points and 14+ rebounds per game while shooting an unreal 22/47 from deep (47%). He is getting hot at the right time and this is scary for whoever has to face One Ball in the playoffs.

2. Team Moose Knuckles has lost 4 straight and in those losses they are averaging 60 points per game. 60 points will not get it done most weeks in this league.

3. Malcolm and RoY combined for 5/11 (45%) from deep. This is significantly better than their combined average of 32%. Maybe quality is better than quantity after all?

4. Overrated is 5-0 with Josh Fincke in the lineup. Without Fincke, Overrated is 1-2. Just sayin’.

5. On the “3s Per Game” section of the stats only 3 players are shooting the long ball at a 40% clip or better: Dorey,Ouellette and Terry. The latter 2 play on the same team and possess the league’s best record. Correlation? Perhaps.

We have one week left in the regular season so let’s finish up strong and head into the post season on a positive note. I am notoriously known for putting out awards somewhat late but I am going to try my very best to get them out before the playoffs start. Congrats to Pete on a great performance Monday and I will see everyone this Monday for week 9.