A1 Draft Fall 10 Preview

Leave Me Alone Milkman Scum!

Sure the A1 draft was really, really late this season (games start Monday people!) but we got it done nonetheless.  While the ‘talent’ seems ‘thinned out’ (according to Tommy, O’Cal, Durbrow, and everyone else that decided not to play this season) having a condensed 8 team league really brought it together and distributed the players well. Plus, this season’s wrinkle seems to have worked out for the best, on paper. For those that don’t know, I’m always tinkering with the draft (in truth it’s been tinkered with for the last 10 years, so why stop now?).  This season’s change, to try and balance the teams/captains as much as possible was snaking for one round, after the third.  So we have that, plus the usual story lines:

Macho Picks Majic!
Kap Sucks!
There’s An AutoDraft Team!
Tibbs Went Too Early!

And More!  See below how your teams shake out and what the new ones are, should be a great season!

8 – ATM Machine
Team: Gerrity *C, SMul, Mike Tracey *R, Mike Kuzdeba, MacGregor, The Ghost
I can tell you one thing, this Machine will NOT be cashing the checks that Gerrity’s mouth spews.  I like the core of building around SMul, but where’s the Kahana-like Sniper to open up the post?  I just don’t see it all coming together.  The saving grace is that, somehow, someway, the Ghost was once again a fifth round pick. Don’t ask me why captains continue to sleep on him. Maybe after he absolutely destroys the B Draft League while also holding his own (yet again) in the A1 Draft, someone, somewhere, will give him some respect.  I mean, I know that SMul turned RoY into the MVP (and don’t get it twisted, that’s exactly how it went down) but to expect him to work miracles with Gerrity? That’s asking a whole lot and way outside SMul’s jurisdiction

7 – TBD
Team: Pauly G *C, Mytro, BMul, Ramon, TSpin, Harvey
Just because this team doesn’t have a name doesn’t mean their ranked #7 for that reason. Nah, they’re ranked #7 because this might be the most random collection of CAC All-Stars ever. The MytroCity, The Best B2 Player EVER, Mr. Clutch, The Worst B2 Player EVER and The Easter Bunny.  Yea, it’s quite an odd group and I have no idea what to make of it.  I can’t figure out where they fit into the league.  So here is where they sit.  The good news for everyone (especially me) is that everyone makes the playoffs this season, so it doesn’t matter if they struggle to gel early.  #7, Does It Get Any Better? It can’t possibly get much worse, I mean, its not like Gerrity drafted this team.

6 – Watermelons In Pinholes
Team: Brady *C, Hitman, T’N’Tosti, Superboy, Jono, Belleti
The one thing that the Hitman didn’t want was a Jersey Shore team name, but he didn’t give me any alternatives, so here we are.  Don’t underestimate this team. Tim Brady is back from the dead (or at least NY, which is the same thing) and he’ll provide a spark of life that the CAC Old School Crew (OSC) really needs to see.  I’m hoping that the good karma rubs off on Tosti, as he just has his second hip surgery two weeks ago, and Superboy (Toth) is always an attendance nightmare despite the fact that he works on the fifth floor.  Yea, a lot of IFs on this team, but if they all come together, we have a contender.  Don’t sleep on the Hitman vying for another MVP, sure he’s getting old (aren’t we all?!) but the kid runs 24/7, conditioning won’t be an issue for him, unlike the rest of you fat@$$3$

5 – Most Interesting Men Alive
Team: Chanel *C, AB, BigTicket, Vladi, DPoY (Kaif!), Paoli *R
They should probably be in the top 4, but I’m too biased (for myself) so had to bump someone down lower than they should be.  This will be that team.  Someone pointed out during the draft that Vladi went in the second round in a league that was bigger and deeper.  Apparently his shooting was either so piss poor last season, or he rubbed so many people the wrong way, that he lasted until nearly the end of the third round.  I guess you can call that a ‘steal’.  Kaif is the key here though.  Getting a guy with his defensive intensity and willingness to go all our for all 40 minutes that late in the draft was a savvy move by Chanel.  Someone peg that guy as the early GM of the season!  If I were Kahana I would give out preseason awards, but you’re all lucky enough to get this as is.

4 – Citizen Clown
Team: Cheese *C, Jumpman, Tibbs, Salazar, Wilson, Mok *R
We were the Ruffians, then Cheese rejected all my proposed team names, until we found a common ground (woulda coulda been Milkman Scum).  Ruffians wouldn’t have been a bad choice because the last time I remember a really, really good Ruffians team, Trevor McAndrew went undefeated in the regular season, only to lose to Al Smooth, GFish and the Commish in the Finals. THAT was the sandbaggiest of sandbagging drafts ever Josh.  How many of you other than Cheese and I remember that?! My point is that I don’t have one. Jumpman and I join up (for the third time this season?!) and put the pressure of hitting shots on Salazar and Cheese. I’m not allowed to shoot 3s this season.  I’ve learned my lesson with ranking my team higher than #3, I’m not just gonna do it anymore. No need to give you flucks the fodder you can use all season long.  Have I mentioned how excited Terry and I are to play with Pistol Pete rather than against him? God he pisses everyone off except his teammates. Welcome aboard Pete!

3 – Smokin’ Trees and Strokin’ Threes
Team: Kap *C, Koziol *R, Watson, Eudy, Raj, Vega
I can tell you one thing for certain about this team, I’m not going to get their team name right once this season. It’s just not going to happen.  Sorry Kappa, I like the ingenuity, but yea, I’m a lazy and am going to call you ST2 all season long. GFY.  The problem with this being a top team is that Koz has never played a full 4v4 season.  Hell he couldn’t get through reffing a full 4v4 season with out dropping out.  What makes Kap think this will be any different??  Sure the picks behind him are great, Watosn is value in the 2nd round this season (I swear) and Eudy/Raj combo will thrive next to each other, but if the first pick doesn’t stick you must acquit! Something like that anyway.

2 – Keith Stone All-Stars
Team: Covert *C, Kerr, Lau, House *R, Omar *R, Crotty
Aside from Kerr and Lau losing a bunch of pickup games to a team of players that were all under 5’9” (no seriously – it happened last night) Covert is really, really excited for this squad to get on the floor.  Sure there are a couple rookies (at least one is a ‘friend‘ of Kerr’s) but if Crotty doesn’t show (or if he does) this team is set front to back.  I mean seriously, Kerr hasn’t had a 20 point scorer since I was on his team, and THAT was disastrous.  I will remind you that Serge played 40 minutes in the playoff game and we got blown out  I blame Kerr, as I am want to do.  But look at this roster, even he couldn’t F that up.  I’m kind of upset that Osgood isn’t around this season. He’d totally tell everyone how he’d run this league!  Good luck to all the rookies in this league, I hope you all stick and can live up to your player profile info!

1 – Pour A Little Liquor On It
Team: MACHO *C, Majic, Ragin’ Bull, Dan O *R, Kurtzer, Mals
Who else is excited for the return of the Tombstone?!  I certainly am, and if means Macho will finally return the Brick that he’s been holding hostage since Write-It-Off ran the table undefeated, that’d be a nice bonus.  This is the best team because it’s the first time that Dorey has slipped to the second round. That’s right, the Ragin Bul is FINALLY paying with other first round talent, and god damn if he isn’t going to make you all pay.  Plus he’s playing with his boy Dan O (a new one) and if AK says the kid is good, I believe him.  I remember when the Good King thought that about me.  It was so long ago, and so many 3 point attempts ago, that it doesn’t seem real.  Mals is becoming a sure fire handcuff to Majic in the late rounds (so excited for fantasy football by the way people).  Sure the Bull got another one of his players late (The Lefty Kurtzer) but that doesn’t mean they can all mesh. Never the less, this team, on paper, is the best in the league, now it’s time to prove it, starting Monday!