A1 Fall 07 Awards

°No los queremos! °No los necesitamos!

MVP – OíCal, Red Rockets – Sure he doesn’t want it, or thinks he doesn’t deserve it, but the man who powered the highest scoring offense in the league is hands down this season’s MVP.  He made everyone around him better and AK has coined the “O’Cal Effect” to explain the boost in stats that everyone gets from him.  An all around superstar earning his first MVP award, and it’s well deserved.

Runners Up: Majic Man, Jrod, TMac


Rookie of the Year – Chris Maciejczak, Real & Spectacular – It’s not quite the MVP award, but the Rattling AK took a HUGE gamble when he drafted a relative unknown with the third overall pick in the draft.  It paid off in a big way (I blame last season’s RoY, Vladi Nechev, for allowing AK to steal him from me) as the Majic Man had an all around great season for R&S, leading the league in the player rater.  Much, much better than last season’s RoY.

Runners Up: Tim O’Keefe, Jim Rahill, OG


Defensive PoY – Billy Fratelli, West Broadway Brothel – Week in and week out, Billy Fratelli got the toughest assignments to shut down the best scorers that the opposition could throw at them.  He responded on a weekly basis, hounding his man, forcing turnovers and helping WBB unofficially lead the league in points off turnovers.

Runners Up: EBrown, Preacher


5th Man of the Year – Mike Turin, West Broadway Brothel – Mike Tape fought the urge to start himself all season long for the good of his team, and it paid off more than he could have imagined.  Coming off the bench, Hot Sizzle provided his team with a near double double on a weekly basis and even earned a b.good PoW for his efforts.  Perfect production from your player/coach.

Runners Up: Lappy, Brady


Most Improved – Nip Jethi, Red Rockets – Everyone knows they get a bump in their stats when running with the Stallion, but Nip improved in every area of his game this season.  He fought for boards, banged bodies in the post and still found the time to fly around on the break, which is what he does best.

Runners Up: Tim Spinney


Comeback Player of the Year – Craig Bosko, Real & Spectacular – Bosko returned to Wall Ball Arena after nearly 3 years off.  Check his player profile, it’s true.  He made an immediate impact on the league

Runner Up: Matt Wolfe


GM of the Year – Jared Perrine, West Broadway Brothel – He uses MixTape’s #1 pick to draft himself, and the rest is history.  The Hitman, despite giggles from opposing GMs (me) drafted the perfect compliment of players to fit around his game and make sure the Brothel was C.A.C. number one late night stop.  Excellent work, but if you draft a team next season, you can be sure to get the last pick in the draft.

Runners Up: O’Cal, AK


All Defensive Team

Billy Fratelli – Mr. Intensity on the defensive end

EBrown – Swat Master Extraordinare, wait, didn’t I use that last season?

Preacher – C.A.C.ís answer to the Enegizer Bunny

Zack Toth – Superboy is big, tough, athletic, and not afraid to bump uglies




1st Team

OíCal – MVP perks include the 1st team, but no free beers from me

Majic Man – Great debut, # 1 overall next??

KO – Will only fuel his ego

Hitman – Reigning MVP passes the crown, but definitely not because he slipped


2nd Team

Mazz – One man crew once Kurt went down

Local Hero – Ditto, but did it for a whole season

Trevor – Made it a point of emphasis to increase his assist totals.

O’Keefe – Made a splash as a rookie and went easy on the rims


Honorable Mention

Tosti – Wait, 30 ppg and honorable mention???

Jeremy Gall – The main man on an inconsistent squad

Nip Jethi – MIP getting some loveÖíHEíS TALL!í

Karl – Fewest props on a great team, but here are some

OG – Kickiní it Old School never looked so good

Salazar – Still scores and plays the dirtiest D