A1 Fall 2010 Awards

A little late for Majic’s taste (I hope he’s eliminated by the time he reads this) but they will have to do! As usual, head to the message boards to let me know what you think!

A1 Draft League Fall 2010 Awards

GM of the Year: Mike Gerrit
y, ATM Machine – Easiest no brainer so we’ll start off with it. Everyone (read:me) critized Gerrity for his draft plan, but I’ve got to admit, the man had a plan. He know looks like a CAC genius for going with Defense first (SMul) and then surrounding him with complementary offensive players. As SMul did in the Spring, he took a hot-shooting perimeter player and helped lead him to the #1 seed. Doesn’t that technically make Scott MVP? Maybe, just know that Gerrity is the architect of this thing.
Runner Up: KAP

5th Man: David Mok
, Citizen Clown – I could have given this to Mals for the second consecutive season but couldn’t ignore my own teammate. Mok came in as a rookie, started the season on the bench, but thanks to various injuries and attendance issues, got plenty of PT. Over the last month of the season Mok has really picked his game up, all while still coming off the bench. The kid hustles on D, runs the floor and just wants to play. There was no better 5th man this season!
Runner Up: Mals, Raj

All Attendance Team – Gotta give it up at least once for the guys who show up week in and week out and yet I still barely mention them
Pauly G, Macho, Eudy, Mals

Mr Kotter, Welcome Back – Tim Brady, Watermelons in Pinholes – After nearly 3 years living in New York looking for a league as great as the CAC, we were all THRILLED to welcome back the Greatest American Hero into the fold. The first thing he did upon arriving in the Boston Area? Emailed me for league info of course! Brady’s hustle on both ends, and more importantly, his flowing locks, were a welcome site from the balcony this season.

The Tommy “RoY” Kahana Rookie of the Year: Dan Ollquest, Pour Out A Little Liquor – Lots of great competition for the RoY Award this time around but Ollquest takes the cake after all other factors are accounted for. Dorey knew what he was doing when he brought in another friend to CAC and made sure Kurtzer took him early before anyone else realized what they were missing out on. As usual, it takes a few games to get used to Wall Ball Arena (and playing with Majic) but Dan fit in seamlessly, especially when Dorey went down, and kept Liquor in the hunt for the #1 seed. Plus they beat ATM Machine twice, with rookie counter part Mike Tracy.

All RoY Team – These guys would form quite a formidable squad to contend with
Ollquest, Tracy, Dave Mok, Mike Koziol

Bench – Adam House, Omar Brahim

The Scott Mulholland Defensive PoY: Jared Perrine, Watermelons in Pinholes – I’ll continue to name this award after SMul for one more season, but he’s got to step his game up. As usual, this is the award that I struggled most with (since I play no D!) but something about the Hitman’s D really impressed me this season. Sure, his elbows helped knock a couple guys out of games, but that isn’t what I’m talking about. After a slow start to the season WiP rebounded with a heck of a winning streak and the D played as much a role as the O.

All Defensive Team:
JRod, Wilson, Tracy, SMul[/b ]

[b]Offensive PoY – Chris Maciejczak, Pour Out A Little Liquor – You can stop reading now Chris, you didn’t get MVP despite the fact that I know you’re pining for it. You did lead the league in 3 point attempts though. Easily! I jest, Majic had to carry the offensive load for Liquor when Dorey went down and the ship held together well. Leading the league in scoring helps win this award too. Now, let’s hope you haven’t shot 0-12 in the second round before reading this again. We’re going to have to start call YOU Mr. Invisible instead of Vladi.

All Chucker’s Team
 – Like I mentioned in other awards, I actually came up with a formula for inclusion in this team. Those league couldn’t figure it out, can you?
Chanel, Ollquest, Koziol, Salazar

MVP: Mike Tracy, ATM Machine – I assume Majic stopped reading once he saw that he was OPoY. Process of elimination lead everyone to know it was Tracy after that, right?! For the second straight season a second round guard paired with SMul steps his game up (at least, we assume Tracy did since he’s a rookie) and tore up the league. Consistantly flirting with TDubs, shutting down top scorers and leading the oft-critizied Mike Gerrity to the #1 record in the league is almost too much for one player to do. But Tracy did it all this season, easily winning the Fall 2010 A1 MVP Award!

All-Star Squads – Some controversial decisions here, some solid picks, as usual, A1 was able to shake things up and provide great drama and match-ups throughout the season. Don’t like who I picked?! Head to the boards and let me know!

1st Team
Tracy, Majic, Henderson, AB

2nd Team
SMul, Mytro, Jared, Watson

Honorable Mention
Kerr, Tosti, Ollquest, BMul