A1 Preseason Rankings

A1 Preseason Rankings ñ Ok my fellow CRFC junkies, time for the Preseason rankings. Right now is the best time of the year, everyone thinks their team is the best and will be hoisting a banner to the CRFC walls in 3 months. Now statistically, with 6 teams this season, every teams chances of winning have increased dramatically, but realistically, I only see half the teams in this league with the ability to be championship caliber squads. Hereís my rankings, feel free to disagree, argue, or throw a drink at my car as I leave the parking lot, for putting your team in a place you donít like.

1.The Window Shoppers (-1) – Thatís right, call me a homer for favoring my team, but name a more solid starting 4 than Salazar, West, Slobs, and myself. Salazar is one of the top three scorers in the league, while West and Slobs are two of the toughest big men. Throw in a decent bench with John Edwards and rookie big man, Quintin Walsh. Plus me running the point and you got a championship caliber team.

2. Junior Mafia (+ or -1) – Excellent core with Tibbs owning the paint, Ian launching 3ís from perimeter and newcomer to A1 Jay Satoriís ability to hit the 3 and step inside as a threat. The wildcard that could make them rank higher or lower is Ian Olmstead. Ian is a big man that sounds like he could be a huge factor, if he can hold his own in this league. He comes from the land down under, no joke, and was able to play a little hoop, at the college level. Their bench is probably the strongest in the league with the always scrappy Chris Machado and the board machine, Michael Eisensteein.

3. The Haters (+1, +2, or -1) ñ Depending on teams ability to shut down the hands down, best player in A1, Al Smooth, the Haters could have a difficult team to defend if Championship MVP Gary Fisher and former A1 live wire Mike Kaup can support Al. Like always, some questions arise. Will Kaup and Al Smooth play nice? Technicals any one? Brett Leary is solid at the point, and Mike Louca can knock down some open 3ís, but does the Surgeon have enough strength to keep this team together. There could be some chemistry problems here. .

4. Bingo Long (-1 or -2) ñ Dave Kichen makes his A1 draft debut at the fourth spot. Depending on whether or not former A1 MVP, Kurt Knepsheild hit up the krispy kreme diet in his hiatus, this team could struggle. But if he is in his MVP form, this team will be made up of some of toughest players in the league. Kichen, Thompson and Kurt all play ridiculously hard, and if rookie, Stephon Osborne, can handle some of the load, they will be competitive. Their bench should be helpful with Maverick and Mark Gonsalves, but not much height

5. Passing Ruffians (+1 or -1) ñ I love Cheeseís team, but I donít see enough height to compete with the top teams that have quick big men. Cheese is one of the best pure point guards in the league and he drafted players that could possibly get him 15 assists each game, but I donít know how many wins it will produce. Jim Meldrim is always an MVP candidate in every league he plays in, but there are a few questions that I wish I knew answers too. Mike Roache is one of the smartest players in the CRFC cage, but during his absence from the scene, has he been playing or has he been doing the 16 oz curls? Neild Montgomery can be a twenty or a two point scorer on any given night, but will he get enough shots in to get in a groove. Jon Lewis and Dart Dainer coming off the bench give the Ruffians a lot of defensive and hustle support, but I just see the Ruffians battling each game to control an up pace tempo.

6. Jim, Jack, and Old Gran Dad (+1) ñ Although this team ranks #1 in team name, they fall down to 6th in the actual playing rankings. I know Turin is printing this out right now and taping it to his mirror for inspiration, but I donít think it will be enough. This team has possible chemistry problems written all over it. Ramon will have to be the one to not only run the point, but be able to make Dirty play the team game. Thatís a lot for one man to handle, but if anyone can do it, I know my man Ramon can. Brady and Turin will definitely be top ten rebounders, while Tom Covert has quietly become one of the best 5th men in the league. I donít know Dave Fortuando and unless he is a superstar, this team might finish dead last.