A1 Spring 09 Awards / Round 1 Lines

Some names may change, but the vets are here to stay!

It’s been another great season in the A1 draft league, and if you want to get involved, simply shoot me an email at CACBasketball@Gmail.com to save your spot for next season! Here are the Spring 09 awards brought to you by your humble and faithful scribe. I’m sure I damaged some egos and riled up some guys for the playoffs, but that’s what I’m here for.  You can head to the message boards to make your voice heard about all-star snubs, who you think should have gotten the MVP, and who’s winning the Brick!!

MVP – Jared Perrine, Harvey’s Wallbangers – Oh man am I going to hear the wails of protest about this one, the gnashing of the teeth, the rendering of the garments, the sacrifices to false idols.  Wait, when did I transport myself into the old testament? Anywho, the Hitman’s case is simple, he was the singularly most important player on a top 4 team. The dude put up 30 points a night. In fact, his numbers are eerily similar to the last time he won the MVP award, two summers ago, check out the two lines and notice the two slight upticks in his stats.



A1 Spring09 10 29.5 6.6 3.8 4.7 2.1 1.2


A1 Summer07 12 28.3 6.3 3.8 3.3 0.8 1.1

That’d be Assists and Steals that were the only markedly different categories.  And they were both up by a good amount (42% and 163% respectively).  All in all another great season from the Hitman and it can still get better if he carry’s the WallBangers to post season success.
Now, let me make my quick case against the runner’s up.  Preston and Mytro, if they don’t have each other still lead a contender, while Dorey had the edge over Kerr, they’re also both important to their own team.  And I’ve been carried to a 6-4 record before, so unless O’Cal can deliver that ever elusive brick and playoff mvp honors, he’ll have to settle for his All-Star nod. Oh and the Jumpman’s team went 4-6, but he makes them dangerous in the playoffs.
Runners Up: Preston/Mytro, Dorey, O’Cal, Henderson

RoY – Jonah Mytr
o, Write It Off – As much as I try to spread it out, Write It Off could be about to sweep every other major award from here on out.  Do I even need to explain Mytro’s case? One of only 3 guys with a PR in the 70s, an absolute beast on both ends of the floor and helped carry a team to 10-0 in A1.  Despite the fact that it’s now happened two seasons in a row, it’s incredibly difficult to do so, and a rare feat.
Runners Up: Ceddy, Greenberg

GM – Chris Machado, Write It Off – For the second straight season, the Macho Man has an undefeated squad heading into the playoffs.  That’s freaking ridiculous, two 10-0 seasons?!?! He obviously got lucky with Mytro this time around, but damn man, we might need to re-name any draft league GM awards after Blue Steel.  Plus, as a GM, he motivated Macho the player to come out and have a career season!! Which leads me too…

Most Improved – Chris Machado, Write If Off – Look at that, MACHOOOOOO taking his second straight award.  It wasn’t really a surprise to anyone who saw him bomb away from downtown this season that Macho had a lot more swagger in his step with this squad.  Macho has been so dominant in the above two awards that they don’t even have Runner Up consideration, everyone else was put on the tombstone!

Offensive PoY – Terry Henderson
, Beer Muscles – I was sick of the Write It Off run so switched it up a bit.  The Jumpman was easily the most important offensive player to his team, as they severely struggled the weeks he was out nursing his hammy or whatever the hell he hurt that month.  Dude is the most injury prone player I know, and I’ve met myself once or twice in my life. Anywho, they’re a completely different team with Arthritis on their side, and he even found his free throw/3point stroke this season!!
Runners Up: Mytro, Tosti, Macho

Defensive PoY – Kaif Thompson
, Air Jortan – I tossed and turned on this one for about a week.  I mean, there is some solid competition as you’ll see on the All-Defensive Team.  However, Kaif still empitomizes both one v one defense and help defense.  No one in the league can do both at such a high level and have an aboundant amount of energy left for when there are 2 minutes remaining in the game and you’ve got to really clamp down.  I have no idea how he does it and I’ve played with him twice.  All in all, it’s about time he got this award!

All Defensive Team
Kaif, Greenberg, O’cal, Kerr

All Star Teams – These guys will be playing in the All-Star game on 8/24 at 9PM – I’ll be sending out an email to confirm attendance and then we’ll split up the teams on the message boards leading up to the game!

1st Team
JRod, PStone, Dorey, Mytro

2nd Team
Majic, Henderson, O’Cal, Durbrow

Honorable Mention

RoY, Kerr, MacGregor, Biehler

A1 Playoff Lines!! 7/27
7:10 PM # 6 Beer Muscles vs # 3 Air Jortan (-5.5)

I’m not saying a single bad thing to Greenberg today in hopes that he doesn’t absolutely own me the way he did the first time we played these guys.  That was just embarrassing.  I went home and cried into a bowl of ice cream, I wish I was making that story up.  Thankfully, surrounding me is a squad determined to get to the Finals, and we’re not letting Ceddy the Reffing Teddy go off like he did last time around.  I mean, that’s as many points as he scored in most two game stretches, he did to us in one.  If Air Jortan can slow him down, it won’t matter how much Lee neutralizes me, we’ll find enough offense to barely take them out and send Terry home packing, he better bring the Brick back tonight!!

8:00 PM # 2 Weapon X vs # 7 Stimulus CACage (+9.5)
It’s good to set up the post season so that if you come a game early or stay a game late you’ll be able to see who you’re playing in the next round. I do that whenever possible.  Plus I need AK to cover my game.  Now, Majic claims to have NEVER lost a Wall Ball Arena game to Chris Kerr, and while I can’t verify the complete validity of that statement, if you ask Majic, I’m sure he’ll tell you, in stunning HD detail, about each and every game.  He’s good for that. But the CACage has had a rough end to the season, losing twice to the WallBangers without their full squad.  Can they reintegrate Vladi Daddi quick enough to make a difference and bring back their high powered offense.  When the 3s are falling, this team can run with the best of them, but if not, the offense, especially since Superboy has been MIA all season, has been painful to watch.
Weapon X is looking to bounce back from a shocking end of the season loss, but it didn’t hurt their seeding, so I’m sure they already forgot it happened.  To win the BRICK Weapon X needs to figure out a 6 man rotation.  Most of the season they ran with 4, max 5, but now that everyone is showing up, they need to find a way to get everyone into a groove and into the game.  They’ve got as good a shot as anyone NOT named Write It Off

8:50 PM # 1 Write It Off vs # 8 Conquer By Breeding (+25.5)
So Durbrow AND Kurt pull a no-show last night, and now they’ve got to be ready to knock off one of the best A1 teams ever assembled?! Yea, I don’t think so.  At least Frail got to the playoffs.  For the second straight season, a Sophmore GM, who won the Brick in his Rookie Campaign, bombed out in Round 2 and didn’t even qualify for the post season. How has Spinney following in Dorey’s footsteps NOT gotten more air time?!? Anyway, this is about the teams that are left, not the ones that couldn’t pass muster.  CBB is in for a long night, I’m sure PStone and Mytro are miffed at the MVP award snubs and my bet is that Preston comes out swinging harder than Chris Brown.  CBB will be lucky to only end up with a battered face and then have PStone apologize 5 months later for it. Write It Off is definitely the Odds on Favorite to take home the BRICK!!

9:40 PM # 4 Harvey’s Wallbangers vs # 5 Poker Face (+11.5)
This should be the best game of the night.  JRod is coming off his second MVP award and doesn’t want to go out with a first round flame-out.  Wrobz is pissed he’s not on the All-Star team (again) and Harvey will bring his rebounding shoes.  Poker Face, meanwhile, has gone on a hell of a run to end the season and make a playoff push. It helps that they’ve added Turin to the mix seemingly full-time with his ability to make the late games very, very helpful.  It’s added a sub, kept Biehler out of foul trouble and added a much needed physical presence on the inside.  Whether it’s enough to slowdown and play a little help D on the Hitman is yet to be determined.
I feel like both of these teams are legit Dark Horses to take out Write It Off in the second round.  Regular season record be damned, in the post season, the offenses are always slowed down to a near halt, teams play more physical, in your face D than the regular season, and everyone really really wants to win. Who’s coming out of this game to give Write It Off a run for their money!?!?