A1 Spring 2010 Awards

And Round 1 Playoff Lines

Playoffs start today! It’s time for your end of the season wrap-up, you didn’t think you weren’t going to get one did you? Oh right, I’m out of hte playoffs, so you wouldn’t been surprised if I was bitter and going to withhold this out of spite (and because of who won this season’s MVP Award). No, I’m thinking about greener pastures and the Fall 2010 Season, and you should be too! If you want to play in the fall here’s the link (Fall 2010 Info). Send an email to


to save your spot!

Let’s get on with the awards, shall we?!

A1 Draft League Spring 2010 Awards

MVP: Tommy Kahana, Scrotacoats – It’s been a long time coming, but RoY can finally add MVP onto his extensive CAC resume. The ultimate hired gun, willing to go to any team for any price has found his true home in A1, able to rotate teams each season and provide maximum impact. His eyes lit up as this team was being drafted, knowing he’d be relied upon to provide a bulk of the team’s offense. He didn’t disappoint, accounting for at least 61% of his team’s offense (points + assists) on any given night. Is that enough of a rub to get his nuts off? I think so, great work Tommy!!
Runners Up: Chris Kerr, Roger Lau

RoY: Dan Watson, Kiss My Volcanic Ash – That feel good to win an award where you had very little competition?!? I bet it did, I’m actually kind of jealous. Coming in, most of us knew Watson would have a big impact on whatever team drafted him, and going to Ash in the third round was the perfect fit for him, as he was able to launch 3s and not be the focus of a defense every week. Quite the change from B2 and a hell of a season!

Offensive PoY: Sean Osgood, Kiss My Volcanic Ash – Osgood easily took the points title this season, breaking out from my restrictive offense to lead the league with 34 points per game. Plus 5 assists!?! I don’t buy that. How is he on the leaderboard, you all need to pass more. Selfish. Sadly he’s going to get an all-defensive team nod, it’s only a matter of another season or two before I take him seriously in the MVP race isn’t it?! I guess it wasn’t such a stretch for Raj to take him in the first round after all!

All Chucker’s Team – No explanation needed right?!
Osgood, Majic, RoY, Kerr

The Scott Mulholland Defensive PoY: Billy Fratelli, Up In Smoke Tour – Hey if Kaplan can use the excuse that SMul has gotten the award in 9 out of his 11 seasons at CAC, I’m pretty sure I can do. It’s about damn time we just named this thing after him already. This is more of a ‘lifetime acheivemnt I’m sorry for overlooking you award’ but I’m sure Billy will take what he can get. Whether it was locking down the best guards in the league or playing help D against a top big, BFrat was everywhere all at once. Didn’t matter if his lung capacity was at 50%, Billy was going 100 and this award wraps up another great season from him. Now if Up In Smoke goes out in the first round, I reserve the right to change my mind about this award.

All Defensive Team
Billy Fratelli, O’Cal, Sean Osgood, Scott Mulholland

GM of the Year: Brian Sundell, Scrotacoats – He took the plunge and was the rare GM to not worry about nabbing a guy that can score 25+ ppg in the first round (Gerrity was the other – talk about teams at either end of the spectrum) and it paid off handsomely. Anytime you can grab the MVP in the second round and gamble on a guy that was guaranteed to miss the first 3 weeks of the season in the fourth, AND have it all pay off, well you’ve got the Midas touch. Sundell is also looking to be only the fifth ever ‘rookie’ gm to draft a team that wins a title. Elite company that would be!

Most Improved PoY: Pete Wilson, Pau Gasol’s Beard – Not necessarily “Most Improved” as much as Most Aggressive, or Most Assertive, something like that. Pistol Pete’s numbers are up across the board and he’s a big reason that PBG snapped Dorey’s 3 season long playoff drought in A1. With as good a shooting touch as he’s ever displayed at CAC, Pete was a great second fiddle to help the Bull back into the post season. After this season he’ll be shooting up most captain’s draft lists, at least, he should be!

5th Man: Frank Malsbenden, Evil Majic Rod – Mals already has the championship experience under his belt and in his third season at Wall Ball Arena, it’s about time he got some recognition! Week in, week out, you know Mals is going to provide energy off the bench, get the team extra possessions and capitalize on his chances to score. He’s turning out to be a steal in the latter rounds, and the savy captains who snatch him up know he’s going to help bring a team to the promised land.

All Attendance Team – Gotta give it up at least once for the guys who show up week in and week out and yet I still barely mention them (mostly because I don’t like Spinney!)
Kurtzer, Kaplan, Lee Eudy, TSpin

All-Star Squads – Some controversial decisions here, some solid picks, as usual, A1 was able to shake things up and provide great drama and match-ups throughout the season. Don’t like who I picked?! Head to the boards and let me know!

1st Team
RoY, Kerr, Lau, Majic

2nd Team
Jrod, Osgood, Durbrow, BFrat
Honorable Mention

SMul, Hall, Terry, Dorey

Playoff Lines! 

For once, I think every team has a shot to win and the A1 playoffs are wide open people!!

6:50 PM # 3 Up In Smoke Tour vs # 6 Wolfpack of 6 (+2.5)

I almost had the balls to pick the first game of the A1 playoffs as the upset special of the week. This is absolutely the worst case scenario for Up In Smoke as they face a team that has absolutely no problem scoring in bunches. Of course, with the early time slot, who knows if Lanfear will show up late, at the half, or at all. I hope Chanel told him the game was at 6 PM, that way he may get here on time!

7:40 PM # 5 Evil Majic Rod vs # 4 Step Daddies (-3.5)

Another game that should be close, very competitive, and pretty high scoring. Daddies took care of business in the regular season match-up, winning 99 to 91, and I expect about the same level of defensive intensity in this one. Both of these teams could be problematic for the Coats in the next round, but they have to take care of business tonight first! Let’s see if Lau can shake his disappointing 3rd place finish in the MVP voting and take out his frustrations on a tired and hungover (landing via redeye from vegas this am) Kaplan. He should have a field day.

8:30 PM # 1 The Scrotacoats vs # 8 Kiss My Volcanic Ash (+7.5)
I actually thought this was a great first round draw for Volcanic Ash, then Vladi informed us all that he’d be living it up in Vegas for the week. Way to go d!ck, if you wanted to grow your legacy and try to compete with the Best.4v4.Guard.Ever (tommy) you needed to be here. It would have been a perfect opportunity to dethrown the MVP and grow the legend! As it is, now Osgood is g oing to have to do it by himself. Where has Watson been the second half of the season?!

9:20 PM # 2 Doin’ Work vs # 7 Pau Gasol’s Beard (+6.5)
I’ve got a good feeling about this game for PGB for some reason. Maybe it was the fact that Durbrow had a downright difficult weekend playing ball (being up at 3am probably had something to do with that, right Billy!?) but I feel like PGB can grind this game to a halt and have a chance to pull it out. With Dorey on your side, there will be enough defense (as long as SMul isn’t around) so we’ll find out. And yes, I’m completely discounting any impact DRuff will have on this game, when was the last time he had one?!