A1 Summer 07 Awards

Another A1 season is in the books, and that means itís time for the awards! Despite all the protests about the preseason preview (hereís looking at you Edwards) if you will go back and review, I still know what Iím talking about.  Mike D lived up to his promise to prove me wrong, and his squad grabbed the top record this season.  There were a lot of great breakout players, rookies, and returning players to keep the summer swoon interesting.  Be sure to sign up for next season so Josh isn’t hounding you for the next month plus.  On now, to the awards!


MVP – Jared Perrine, Sofa King – This one has been a long time coming, and with me handing out the awards, Iím sure the Hitman never thought heíd see it.  But in leading Sofa King to within a game of the top seed, in holding them together when Lau went down, and in having more trust in his teammates, heís earned this MVP.

Runners Up: Trevor, KO, E Fizzle


Defensive PoY – Kenny Rivera, Love Explosion – Kenny played lock down D all season and set career highs in both steals and blocks.  Heís always played with the same aggressive style, itís just that this season he has the numbers to prove how valuable to a teamís D that he really is.

Runners Up: EBrown, Preacher, Salazar


GM of the Year – Mike D, 6 For the Ride – Most, including myself, scoffed at the notion of a one guard offense.  But Mike D made all the right draft moves and played his rotation perfectly in the absence of his top draft pick.  Theyíre the # 1 seed, and if Steve O is back for the post season, theyíll be heavy favorites.

Runners Up: Tibbs, OíCal, AK


Most Improved – Quintin Walsh, 6 For the Ride – Q took a year long hiatus and came back to CRFC jacked up and ready to play.  A much improved scoring touch around the basket has allowed him to play a key role in the offense for his team.  Add to that the tough D, and heís easily this seasonís MIP.

Runners Up: Macho, Kenny, AK


Rookie of the Year – Vladi Nechev, 6 For the Ride – This one was a no-brainer, as most of Vladiís competition came from within his own team.  The steady, outstanding play from the point led the league in assists, and he still found the shots to drop 20 a game.

Runners Up: Mike D, Greenberg, Noah


All Defensive Team

Kenny – PoY headlines a list that would be tough to score on

EBrown – Swat Master Extraordinare

Preacher – Always shut down the top scorer

Salazar – Sure it may be dirty, but he gets away with it



This season, weíre going to have an All-Star Game!  It will be on Monday, August 13th @ 8PM, or immediately following the A1 Championship game.  There are 7 guys per side, and this is always a run ëní gun ëní fun affair.  Let us know if you canít make it, as there are plenty of deserving alternates.

1st Team

Jared – MVP, MVP, MVP – thatís all he needs to hear

Trevor – Led the league in PR for the second straight season

E Fizzle – His Old Man would kill me otherwise

KO – What didnít he do for Love Explosion (psst, work on those FTs)


2nd Team

Kurt – The Straw that stirred the Rum & Coke

Jeremy Gall – Came out of nowhere to surprise a lot of people with his khaki shorts

Karl Sattlmair – Came back to CAC with a vengance

Vladi Nechev– RoY bumps him up to second team, played more consistently well than anyone in the L


Honorable Mention

Wrobel – Serge took a gamble and he paid off nicely

Erik Brown – There is no one more intimidating when heís already there and youíre driving to the baskets

Tibbs – Bit of everything for HSA

JaySar – If only heíd have shown up more often

Tosti – Led HSA in scoring, fouls and techs

Roger Lau – When your season includes a 50 point game, youíre in.  His injury replacement: OíCal


Teams are as follows:
Blue – Jared, KO, Vladi, Wrobel, EBrown, Karl, Tosti

White – Trevor, Kurt, EFizzle, Gall, Tibbs, JaySar, OíCal