A1 Winter 09 Awards

Draft League Variables

I know you guys have been oh so paitently waiting for these awards, so here’s a little something to think about before tonight’s games!

MVP – Chris Maciejczak, Boner Pants – Best player on the best team, as well as one of the best across the board in the league, this was as easy a pick as it gets. Majic led the league in scoring until the final week of the season, grabbing boards at a ridiculous rate, and ended 2nd in the Player Rater. All this in a season that had every team in the league unsuccessfully trying to knock them from their undefeated perch. And if you ask him, he’ll tell you that because his teammates played so well, he was able to do the things he loves best, jack 3s, push people around in the post, and make the long outlet passes for assists. A great all around season for the Majic Man, and one that he hopes will culminate in a championship.
Runner Up: Preston Raymond, Jared Perrine

RoY – Adam Biehler, The Love Guns – You know what, I went with an actual rookie, rather than someone who has been around C.A.C. and just decided to try a new league. Not that I’m trying to discourage that in any way, I’m just rewarding Biehler, that’s all. There were literally tons of candidates for this award, and there’s not even enough room to list some of the deserving ones on the ‘runners up’ list, which I always cap at three. But enough of everyone else, this is celebrating Adam’s contributions to the Love Guns and the league in general. He came into the league just looking for a chance to play and once he got on a team, took advantage, averaging over 23 ppg and significantly up-ing his draft stock for next season, making some captain look good for grabbing him early. Without Biehler, the Love Guns aren’t heading into the post season as one of the teams with a shot to win it all. If you can’t contain him, you’re not beating them!
Runners Up: PStone, Marsh, Jono

GM of the Year – Chris Machado, Boner Pants – I was going to reward the sandbagger for his shrewd moves to get all his friends on his team, but then thought better of it. Macho, for drafting a team that went undefeated, gets the nod here. Plus, the GM Chris Machado, had to make the tough decision to bench the Player Macho when it was for the good of the team. And look at that, he’s got a team that’s undefeated in the regular season and a chance to snap his 3 year old title drought. A good position to be in if you ask me, even if it means a reduced number of minutes on the floor. Now if we could only get him to post more on the boards again…
Runner Up: KO

5th Man of the Year – Collin Crotty, Huge in China – Also a rookie, Collin made an immediate impact off the bench for HiC, knocking down 3s and playing hard defense. Even when thrust into starting roles, Collin was able to thrive, the mark of any great first man off the bench. He’s got to be able to do it all, and did. Next season, let’s see if this helps to raise his draft stock and keeps KO from taking him late.

Most Improved – Tim Spinney, Love Guns – Despite my constant needling, and being the fourth option on a really good team, TSpin set career highs in nearly every category this season. And yea, that includes a couple seasons playing with O’Cal, who we all know gives everyone an artificial boost in their stats. So yea, he was one of the main reasons that the Love Guns were able to play as well as they did this season. Now I hope his head doesn’t grow bigger than his hat size with this award. I wouldn’t want that bald dome to look uglier than it already does!

Offensive Player of the Year – Brandon Dorey, Weapon X – On a team that was absolutely demolished by injuries, the Ragin’ Bull stepped up to keep his team afloat and in the playoff hunt by winning their last two games of the season. And he did it by scoring at will. Every team knew he was going to be shooting nearly every time he touched it and they still couldn’t stop him. Ok, I shouldn’t say every time he touched it, Dorey did a great job of getting his teammates involved and the ball in spots where they were able to score. After all, Wall Ball is a 4 man team game, not just 1. But if there was anyone in the league that you would give the ball to, with the game on the line, Dorey is it.

Defensive Player of the Year – Todd Marsh, Huge in China – There will be the most howling, whining, and complaining about this award more than any other. Marsh led the league in blocks, but that’s not the reason he won this award. He’s getting it because more than any other player in the league, he impacted how the entire opposition played against his team. Everyone had to change their games when they were going up against Huge in China and it was because Marsh was sitting back in the paint, waiting to challenge anyone who dared come near the hoop. For every block he didn’t get, he altered more shots, drives and passes then one lone statkeeper could possibly hope to count. That’s the reason why he’s winning this award and headlining the all-defensive team.
Runners Up: Kaif Thompson, O’Cal, Pete Wilson

All Defensive Team
Marsh – DPoY headlines a team that would be impossible to score on
Kaif – Should have the team re-named after him
O’Cal – Shut down every team’s lead guard
Pete – Wilson’s energy gave Cold Revenge a chance in every game

All-Star Teams – These are the 12 that will represent the A1 in the All-Star game on 4/21 (two weeks!) I’ll be sending an email to everyone to see if they can play. For every roster spot that opens up, an alternate will be chosen to fill-in, and the teams will be split up the day of the game!

1st Team
Majic – Who would challenge the MVP’s spot on the first team?
PStone – The Man that tried to do it all, and nearly did
Henderson – Jumpman was more of a teammate than any of us dared to hope he’d be
Jared – Carried Gran Turinos to respectability

2nd Team
O’Cal – Mighty Mite continues to get it done
Dorey – OPoY was impossible to stop
Durbrow – EZ Breezy, the Playboy, whatever you want to call him, he makes playing ball look good
Rahill – Was the true ringleader for Huge In China

3rd Team
Duncan – Top Dog led MGE throughout the season
Kerr – 60+ PR always gets you on a team
KO – But as always, KOs stats carry him!
Finn – Triumphant return to A1 ends in an all-star nod