A2 Awards – Winter 11

The best of the best

A2 Awards Winter 11

MVP – Lew Finnegan, Genzyme – It took until the final week of the regular season to actually clinch it, but when Genzyme clinched the #1 seed, so did Lew grab the MVP award. The capper was a 56 point effort against PiaB that summed up his season.  He’s a great shooter, rebounds better than anyone in the league, and even passes the ball to guys like Kap with faith that they can hit shots.

RoY – Ryan Patendaude, Party In a Body – Ryan’s spent a whole lot of time in the 5v5 leagues (the good ones) and made a splash in his debut at Wall Ball Arena this season. I’m still not sure he really likes the style of play, but he goes all out and produces @ CAC.  Hopefully this is the first of many season for him here.

GM – RoY, PiaB – He put together an all-star cast of guys that hadn’t played together before and made it work (for half the season), even taking on a lessor role when it was needed (which is often for Tommy). Now don’t let it go to waste by flaming out in the first round!
Runner Up: Scott Mulholland

OPoY – Tim O’Keefe, Genzyme – It’s a wonder Genzyme lost any games with the MVP and OPoy on the same team.  Oh right, attendance. Anyway, we usually think of Tim as a volume shooter, but this season he led the league in percentage (55%) AND makes per game. A rare double dip.

DPoY – Bobby C, ManBearPig – Does anyone really play D in the league?  Bobby C and O’Cal at least try to.  ManBearPig improved greatly when Bobby finally came back to the team midway through the season. Sure his offensive numbers weren’t up to his usual high standards, but if there’s one thing Bobby gives a crap about it’s going all out on D.  He never fails to do that.

All Defensive Team – Bobby C, O’Cal, Lew, SMul

5th Man – Matt Kaplan, Genzyme – Whatever you want to call him, be it Legend or Troll, one thing was undeniable, he contributed to this loaded Genzyme sqaud.  It pains me to admit that, especially since Tang and I coveted this award since the start of the season, but KAP earned it.

All-Star game next week @ 8 PM? We should have it after the finals.  I’ll email the 12 of you.

1st Team
Lew Finnegan, Jon Press, Tim O’Keefe, Jim Bailey

2nd Team
Greer, Henderson, Kahana, Murray

3rd Team
Pat Fidler, Ryan Patendaude, Drew Legare, LeBlanc

Playoff Lines

7:20 PM – #2 Party in a Body vs #3 ManBearPig (+11.5)
I have no idea who is showing up for ManBearPig in this one, so they’re double digit dogs despite beating PiaB in their last meeting. With everyone playoff eligible, I assume the trio of Mazz, Drew and Jim will all play together for the first time (second at most, I’m too lazy to do the necessary research).  PiaB isn’t exactly playing well heading into the playoffs, having lost their last 3 and gone just 3-3 since the acquisition of O’Cal.  I thought that would make them better, but apparently not.  Even still, with ManBear banged up they should win pretty handily.  Otherwise they were JUST as overrated as Matty and I thought back in week 5.

8:10 PM – #1 Genzyme vs #4 Bed Intruders (+29.5)
Vladi isn’t kiddign when he says that this would be one of the biggest upsets in CAC history if BI were to find a way to win. But I’m on the squad, so it’s not like that’s going to happen. Plus I’m having a couple beers with lunch. My teammates are praying that Cousins shows up for this one.
If they don’t, we are no where near athletic enough to keep up with the likes of Kap, let alone Lew or Tim.  Plus we don’t play D or trust each other on offense. Yea if we all show up sober this will be a rout by halftime.

While everyone probably *wants* to see PiaB vs Genzyme in the finals, I’m rooting for ManBearPig to make it, they have more of a shot to beat Zyme, have you seen the pathetic effort PiaB put up 2 of the last 3 weeks against them? Just awful.

As for next season, the goal is to bring A2 back on Thursday nights, but we clearly need some new blood! Where are all those ‘good’ B1 teams? Too scared of a challenge?  Oh right, Lew and Mazz already play on stacked squads in that league, I forgot.