A2 Regular Season Awards

Fall 2006

The A2 League is back and better than ever.  After a couple season off, it was necessary to bring the league back, and some great teams once again came out of the woodwork.  We’ll find out who the best of the best is in a couple weeks, but now it’s time to honor the individuals who helped make this league such a great one.  So good, in fact, that we’ll be bringing it back again next season.  Don’t hesitate to put your own stacked team in to come out and compete against some of the best ballers in the gym.  Great job again this season everybody, and if you have any complaints, you know where to find me.

MVP – Brian Scuffenbil  – Scuf is just unstoppable whether or not he has the ball in his hands.  28 points, 10 boards and 4 assists per game are more than enough to have the MVP talk swirl around.  Add to that only one loss that wasnít by forfeit, and weíre got ourselves a winner.  As usual, there were a few possibilities for the MVP award, but absolutely nobody could stop Scuffenbil when it came time to throw down.  Another great season, and we hope to see Cambridge Medical next season, preferably at every game possible.  Runners Up Jon Mazzone, Tim Deihl, Jay Sartori

Rookie of the Year – Fred Barone – Lots of rookies to choose from, and all of them had great seasons, but Barone was the difference maker on one of the best teams this season.  Besides the numbers (16 points, 7 boards, 6+ assists per game) Fredís attitude and hustle were infectious to all his teammates.  Runners Up Chris OíConnell, Jamie Steward, Ethan Chang

Unsung Player of the Year – John Schmid – John held OFF together as they were floundering and struggling to get guys on the floor.  Add to that a break out season in which he averaged 15 points and 7 boards with the big boys, and you have a great season on your hands.  Unfortunately, because of the teamís struggles, John didnít get nearly the appreciation in the press that he deserved during the season, and John, this is our way of making it up to you.  Great work and keep it up. Runners Up Eric Hinton, Chris Adams

Most Improved Player of the Year – Ian Olmstead – Sure we havenít had an A2 league in a couple seasons, and Ian has never played in one, but there weren’t a lot of guys that had.  Ian doubled his career points per game (to date) and pulled down his usual 10 boards a night.  If Ian keeps developing that mid range jumper, and gets some more of those fast break lay-ups to fall, he’s going to be a legit scoring threat in this league.  Runners Up John Schmid, Tim Brady

Defensive Player of the Year – Matt Scabilia – Matt was another rookie that had an absolutely outstanding season.  This guy had more energy than that annoying bunny with the drum.  I mean he was all over the place on every possession of every game. Second in blocks, third in steals, and a number of rebounds each game made Matt a force to be reckoned with.  Their toughest challenge will be the playoffs, where they will need to force teams to slow down even more if they want to pull off a couple upsets.  Runners Up Erik Brown, CPW, Tibbs

GM of the Year – Mike D ñ The Funky Bunch was a very well put together squad that fell just a game short of getting the top seed.  They have a great blend of big guys, guards, stars and role players.  It truly is a well round team that has a chance to be dominant when they are all in attendance.  Fresh off a pair of 3 on 3 victories, Mike D will be looking to add another championship banner to his collection.  Runners Up Tibbs,

All CRFC 1st Team – These guys were the best players in the gym this season.  It goes without saying that Brickman would have been on this list (and been up for MVP) had he made more than just 3 games.

Brian Scuffenbil, John Mazzone, Dave Kichen, Tim Deihl, Jay Sartori

All CRFC 2nd Team – This is a second team? Really?  It looks just as good, as the first in my opinion.

Chris Williams, Ed Finn, Trevor McAndrew, Chris O’Connell, Fred Barone

Honorable Mention ñ- We can only fit so many guys on the first 2 teams, here are the guys that will also be playing in the All-Star game (see below)

Jason Tibbetts, Nip Jethi, Erik Brown, Jamie Steward

All Defensive Team

Matt Scabilia – DPY Award goes to the headliner of this list.  As stated above, Mattís never ending energy and desire to get in a guyís face paid off this season.  Heís like a young Ben Wallace, he just needs to work on the O and he’ll be a beast in seasonís to come.

Erik Brown – This is becoming habit forming.  I didn’t even have to look at Erikís stats to know heíd be on this squad.  The only blemish on the season came from the 50 spot that Mazzone dropped on him.  But really Erik, what were you doing way out there?? Stay in the paint where you can eat guys up!

Chris Williams – Works as hard on defense in the post as he does on offense.  You really have to be on youíre A game, or hope to get lucky, in order to score on CPW.  It was another fine season for Chris despite battling injuries.

Tim Deihl – Once added to the Little Nasty roster, Tim gave other teams nightmares when trying to figure out how to score on the long, athletic wingman.  Tim had an excellent understanding of where his teammates would be for help defense, and never hesitated to slide over when the situation was right.

Fred Barone – His first game on the floor he had great stats, a triple double, but it was his defense that really stood out. He hounded guys up and down the court all season for the Funky Bunch on their way to the second best record in the league.

All Star Team – The Game will be played Wednesday January 10th, Time TBA.  If anyone canít make it, please let me know, we have a list of alternates that will be more than willing to make the jump to the game.

West (Blue) – Starters – Jon Mazzone, Jay Sartori, Tim Deihl, Chris Williams

Bench – Ed Finn, Chris O’Connell, Jason Tibbetts

East (White) – Starters – Brian Scuffenbil, Dave Kichen, Trevor, Erik Brown

Bench – Fred Barone, Jamie Steward, Nip Jethi