A2 S10 Preview & week 1 lines

Look at the A2 getting to 6 teams! It’s almost like it’s a real league. That’s why we suffered with 4 teams in the Winter Season, to bring it back for good, and look at that, a number of new teams have thrown their hats into the fray. That’s what I like to see! Should be a hyper competitive league this season, and now that I’m (rightfully) not playing in it, you’ll actually get your stats/write-ups and won’t have to worry about whether I won or lost that night!

6 – Black Fish
 – This team was dangerous back when PStone was on the roster, but I see him nowhere on the roster (oh yea, and he’s reffing on Thursdays!) so this team could struggle in a very, very strong league. Carl and Hayden making their return to Wall Ball after a long lay-off, but they’re guards, it’s all about the SIZE in this league. Good luck boys, you may need it.

5 – Saugus #2 – Again, if it’s all about the size, Saugus #2 is going to struggle. KO is the only big body I see, and going up against this league, you’ll need more than that. Maybe Todd Marsh can sign a one year offer to play in the summer if someone picks up his bar tab. Gotta negotiate these things! The back court may be the best in the league with Rahill and Paul Z, but then with those guys, who’s passing the ball?!? “Z FOR 3!” will be the rallying cry all season long, and I may go hoarse by the end of the first week of the season. Yea, he shots a lot is what I’m trying to say, it’s the point of this presentation. Togs will have to reel him in, but then, won’t he be shooting just as much?!

4 – Rodge Murdoch, Co-pilot – Originally M(azzone)GFY(you figure it out), this team under went a name change (thin skin!), bumped themselves (with a little arm twisting) to A2 and here they sit. The biggest addition to make them A2 ‘worthy’ was the addition of Jon Press, who should run the show on this squad. But of course, Mazzy and his ego won’t let that happen. Bermont will know what it feels like to actually play against guys his size and not run around WSNS against B2 comp!! Ha, we’ll see if he can step his game up, along with Doyle and Cleary. They’ll be ok, they’ll still be in most games. This isn’t Big Nice people, don’t expect them to run over the league, especially not with the teams ahead of them.

3 – Genzyme – It’s nice to see they kept the Mulhollands on the roster as ‘token’ genzyme employees on the team. Have you seen who else is on this squad? BDubs, KLid, and the Jumpman. That’s 3 of the 4 starters NOT working for Zyme, just along for the free post-game drinks and to be in the mix to win a title. I can’t really blame them though, because who doesn’t like free beer? Apparently I don’t, as my morals are in place so that I’ll NEVER play for any sort of Genzyme/Evil Empire/Gang Green affiliate. Despite BFab’s begging. That’s right, begging. But anyway, this team will be good, we all know that. They’ve now got SEVEN banners as an organization, going for # 8.

2 – Saugus Sachems – The consensou preseason #1 when I polled everyone (except Genzyme). Screw those guys though. This team is loaded and ready to make a run at the banner and were more than a little upset when Big Nice moved to B1 East 5v5. They’ll deal, it’s still a tough league. OD as put together an old school roster. Maybe I should just say Old. He, Filosa, Chise and Mike D aren’t exactly getting any younger. Nor are JaySar and Steve O, are they even going to bother to show?! We might as well just call this the drinking league this season, you think Preston will let us get away with it?!?

1 – Situation – The returning Champs of COURSE are #1 going into the season. Sure they might only finish 3rd in the standings, but as we learned last season, you better not count them out once the playoffs roll around. Kilpatrick can put the team on his back at any time, and will do it. Bobby C is STILL complaining to me about those missed blocks from two years ago, but at least he actually tries on D, will anyone else this season? Its about time Bayley got a starting role, right? I mean, he destroyed everyone in the playoffs, get that man the rock!! The defending champs will definitely have a tough go of it, but coming into the season, they deserve the #1 spot in the preseason!

Week 1 Lines
5:30 PM Genzyme vs Rodge Murdoch, Co-pilot (+7.5)

Rough first game for Murdoch as they try to feel the league out. Genzyme is loaded, as stated above. But will they all ‘show’?? Durbrow didn’t get drafted by BFab in A1 this season, so apparently he actually LIKES the little man yelling at him for 40 minutes.
Try not to embarrass yourself Freddy.

6:20 PM The Situation vs Black Fist (+9.5)
Until I see Black Fist’s roster, they’re going to be huge underdogs every week. Especially against the defending champs. Man a lot of lopsided games week 1 – who made this schedule?!?!

8:50 PM Saugus #2 vs Saugus Sachems (-11.5)
I don’t see how anyone on Saugus #2 (seriously guys, get me a team name!) can shut down the Chise. If KO is guarding him, who’s on OD and the Wolverine?!? Exactly, should be a blowout. But do they really care? All they want to do is go out drinking afterwards. I don’t blame them, it’s Thursday night! ! As long as they meet up at Tommy Doyles ($10 Pitchers!) to help add to Genzyme & Bfab’s tab, that’s all that matters.