A2 Winter 08 Preseason Preview

Really, Greatest Ever yet Again!?

So I’m kicking off the season with a preview, but unfortunately will not be covering either the A2 or B1 East Wednesday night leagues this season. This is the first time since the Fall of ’05, when I first joined the gym staff, that I haven’t covered my favorite league.  I will be leaving you in the very capable hands of Caitlin ìGet a Grippî Vestal.  She just didn’t know all the teams before seeing them, so youíre stuck with my preseason preview.  She’s a former MVP, while I’m a former RoY, so needless to say, it’s an upgrade.

Iím not going to lie, I really donít think that any team will be able to match up mano-a-mano with the Killers, but thatís just because Iíve been drinking tonight.  On the court or off the court, I think weíre taking the cake.  Unfortunately, I have to ìrespectî the skills of those that went DI and still happen to roam the A2 this time around.  On then, to the rankings!!


1)      Genzyme – The returning champs heard rumors of teams loading up to make sure that they were taken down, and BFab responded in kind.  Adding yet another D1 player might be seen as going a tad overboard, but Fabry is GM for one reason and one reason only, to win ëChips.  Brian Darcy only played back-up center at Harvard for a few years.  Have I mentioned yet that heís 6í8î?? So heís got the size (you canít teach height!!) and the smarts to absolutely pick apart most of the teams in this league.  Of course, the main concern heading in his how long will it take for him and Dolla Dolla Billet to get on the same page?  My guess isnít long and the rest of the A2 teams should be dreading facing these guys.


2)      Legend Killers – One of the main proponents in fueling Genzymeís sandbagging was the signing of the Majic Man in the offseason paired with the return of Bryan Sweeney.  Up until this point, bsweens had easily been the Killers best player, but heís had trouble staying healthy.  Paired with the Majic Man, this one two punch will cause match-up nightmares for every opponent they face.  Bringing in a potential 20 point scorer like Z off the bench is pretty dangerous and would be starting for every other team in the league. It looks like the Legend Killers are loaded for a serious title run.  Of course, AK would say I ranked my own team a tad too high, yet again.


3)      Gym Shoes & Jersey – A tough loss in the playoffs last season put a slight tarnish on Gym Shoes inaugural season, but they still had a great run, and Iím certainly glad theyíre back for another go ëround.  This time around theyíve added just one new player, could he possibly be the difference?? Teams learned to key in on Lohmiller as the season went on, but that wonít be enough this season as theyíve added yet another quality player.  I tell you what, the Legend Killers vs Gym Shoes games wonít be nearly as enticing without an LNO to build it upÖ.can we get someone on that?? Please, someone with some pull??  WaitÖ.


4)      Count It – Count Itís fairytale run through the post season came as a surprise to most, but for one who saw them play pickup before the season knew that they were capable of some quality ball.  This time around theyíve got the same nucleus plus some quality that no one in this gym has seen before.  And really, thatís the key, just surprising your opponents and getting them to underestimate you before stepping out onto the court.  Weíll see if and when Count It can compete next season, but at this point, theyíre both an underdog and a team that is favored to go farÖhmmÖweíve got a conundrum on our handsÖweíll just put them at 4 and hope no one complains too much.


5)      Vance Refrigeration – You know what, I really like these guys, except for the fact that you never know if the Reihl Deihl will actually show up or not.  The PK Broiler is back full time but can the rely on Deihl to give them the size and athleticism that is sorely needed in this league?? Iím not going to lie, a team with AK at the controls and Vataha and PK running the show is dangerous, but whether or not they have the muscle to contend will be the on going question and problem.  Iím skeptical, but they always seem to be able to rise to the occasion, only time will tell, but I have many, many doubts.


6)      CTC – Last season in the B1 East, CTC finished with the # 1 overall seed only to get bounced in the second round of the playoffs by a highly motivated Nappy Headed Bros squad, who dropped 97 points on their head.  As they were moving up to the A2, they knew they needed another scoring punch to be able to score that many points on a nightly basis.  So whoíd they add?  Just the author of that upset, Tommy K.  If you canít beat them, throw them on your team the next season could be C.A.C.ís new mantra.  With the B1 East MVP Tony Awad and Pistol Pete also on the roster this team will be very formidable.  Awad will have his full range of skills on display every night and need to give 100% for CTC to be competitive.


7)      Black Fist – Preston’s squad comes back with the same guys after a solid regular season but early playoff exit.  Itís not going to be enough to hang on a nightly basis this time around unless the offense runs through Preston every time down the floor.  I mean theyíve been playing together for almost a year now, you think they would have picked that up by now.  Theyíre definitely at their best when they pound the ball inside and then get open looks with Pres kicking it out to them.  Until they learn that lesson, theyíre going to have a hard time winning on a regular basis, especially in this stacked league.


8)      TBD – Iíve heard that there are roster adjustments imminent for TBD this season, but I havenít seen any yet.  As a result, theyíre ranked here because they will continue to have the same problems that they had last season.  Mainly, that they donít have enough size in the paint despite their high speed offense.  Now these guys play at the same breakneck speed that a team like the Suns does, so they donít need a Tim Duncan type center.  They need a Amare type that can run the floor, shoot the rock and get enough rebounds as to not give the opposition too many second chance.  Until that happens, this is where theyíll be, struggling for respect and wins.


9)      Pau Gasol;s Beard – Sorry guys, youíre new to the league and have the unwanted privilege of being ranked last in the preseason rankings.  All I know about these guys are that theyíve played together while haunting the intramural leagues on the BC campus in their heyday.  How that will translate into the friendly confines of C.A.C. is anyoneís guess. But take heart, the last team that I ranked here because I didnít know them ended the season as the # 1 overall seed after running through their regular season schedule (Gym Shoes), and are ranked # 3 just a season later.