A2 Winter 09 Awards

Even the Red-Headed Step Child needs Love

So A2 will be taking a break for the Spring 09 season, but let’s look back and appreciate all that the Winter 09 season brought us before tonight’s final!

MVP – Jon Mazzone, Big Nice – Was there ever really a doubt? Just one loss, a top 4 PR despite a 7 man roster and numerous blowouts, there’s a reason that Big Nice is in the finals every season of the A2’s existance, and it starts with the Mazzone. I’m running out of things to say about him, since it seems like he wins at least one MVP every season he plays at Wall Ball. He may be in for a surprise in the B1 Awards, but in the A2, he takes the cake as the most important player to his team’s overall success. No one can argue that.
Runners Up: Majic, JHall

Rookie of the Year – Mamady Tonguino, Pau Gasol’s Beard – The Ragin’ Bull had to find a replacement for the lost services of Mulcahy, so he turned to the Tank, who after adjusting to Wall Ball Arena, became a force to be reckoned with. Dude is huge, can’t be moved out of the paint, and is a ferocious defender on the block. And the sweatpants or snapaways just put him over the top every single week. With Duncan leaving in the off-season, let’s see if Pau Gasol is going to stay together or fall apart. If they’re coming back, Mamady could be a big reason for their success in season’s to come.
Runners Up: Ryan Kelley, Chris Smith

GM of the Year – Me, Shut Up Tibbs – That’s right, who do you think through this team together last minute?? I needed some way to take down Big Nice, and I’ve continued to tinker with rosters and players until I get the right mix. Is this the season? Maybe not, but a #2 spot in the regular season and a chance to take them down in the finals is worth the price of coming off the bench, as I should be anyway.

Defensive Player of the Season – Sean O’Callaghan, Big Nice – The man nuetered more opposing guards than I care to count, held guys well below their average in points and did it all while playing on the team with the best offense in the league. They didn’t have to slow guys down, but O’Cal went out of his way to completely put the clamps on any chance the opposition had of winning a game. Even held one of the best scorers in the league without a single point for 40 minutes. I’m not even mad, I’m impressed!

Offensive Player of the Season – Jeff Hall, Off In Your Face – The man who accounted for the highest percentage of his team’s offense takes this one away easily this season. Hall was a man of few words on Sunday nights, but he let his game do the talking, leading OIYF into the A2 a season after they won the B1 Championship. 25 points, 3 O boards and nearly 3 assists a game does all the talking he needed and he was a big reason for OIYF’s success this season, nearly taking out Big Nice in the second round of the playoffs.

5th Man of the Season – Tom Kahana, Shut Up Tibbs – The Man finished 3rd in Offensive PR despite coming off the bench for much of the season, ok he got a few starts too, but that’s an impressive feat on a team full of chuckers. Kahana’s only comp, JaySar, was hampered by a 7 man rotation, while SUT could hardly ever get a full 6 to games. It never mattered to RoY though, he just played the game when he was called upon as hard and as well as he could. It led to a lot of good things for his squad, namely a 7-2 record and a rubber match with Big Nice in the A2 finals.
Runner Up: JaySar

Most Improved – Chris Cunningham, Off In Your Face – The numbers may not seem to back it up, but Chris stepped up to A2 from B1 like the rest of the OIYF guys and his numbers are very similar. That’s because he came out more aggresive this time around and attacked the hoop since the opening tip of the season. Against bigger and better competition, he didn’t back down, he took it as a challenge to be over come and went at everyone. Nice work Chris!

All Defensive Team – Who says I only give love to the bigs?
O’Cal – Always in your face and trying, that’s so annoying in an offensive league
Bobby C – Another guy that’s going to be on your from the moment you get the ball
Zarmon – Always put on the oppositions greatest threat
Dorey – Physical and will try to guard anyone, no matter their size

All-Star Teams – For those that don’t know, we will be having an All-Star game on April 22nd. We’ll split up these 12 guys into two teams (and replace anyone who can’t make it with my ‘snubbed’ list) and let the two squads go at it! I wonder if any team of All-Stars could even take down Big Nice? I guess we’ll never know…

1st Team
Mazzone – MVP, again, huge surprise!
Majic – Led the league in PR on a deep squad
Jeff Hall – Runner up MVP, OPoY, it was a good season for him
Duncan – the final hurrah

2nd Team
Jon Press – Maybe the most effecient scorer in the league
Josh Bruno – Carried the Firm through tough times and the good
Ryan Kelley – Breath of fresh air for the Redeem Team
O’Cal – Toss up between the DPoY and Fizzle

3rd Team
Dorey – Ragin’ Bull continues to never let a team down
Bobby C – Put on some sick shooting displays
Greg Polin – Beastly for OIYF downlow against the big boys
RoY – Is there anything he hasn’t won?