A2 Winter 11 Preview

This should be fun…

Yea it’s a little early, and I still have the Corporate 5v5 Preview to bust out before Monday, but I couldn’t resist pumping up this solid 6 team league just a little. Should be a HELL of a season, with loaded rosters and good games every week.

Matty Bells and I will be splitting coverage of this league, so you *should* be in for a treat. Provided either one of us do our write-ups of course. This league is stacked, and ready to take back the mantle of “Best League @ CAC” from the SML, who only think they own it. Hmm a lot of cross over between the two leagues. Coincidence, I think not!

Let’s see what we’ve got, shall we?!

#6 Oh My Gaaad – Sean Murray, Bill Buckley, Pat Fidler, Mike O’Neil, Mike Doe
These CTown kids are no slouches. The Boom King (Murray) and Fidler are capable of taking over a game at the drop of a hat. With Billy the Kid bombing 3s from all over the court, and beyond half court, they have the offense to stay with anyone in the L. The problem is they don’t have the height, or the D, to stay for long. Will they upgrade the roster at any point, maybe add a 6th (and some size) or roll with what they’ve got? Could be a long season for these guys.

#5 Warrior Country – Mike Greer, Mike D’Alelio, Mccoubrey, Andrew Worden, Mike O’Brien, Marc LeBlanc, Mike Flynn
Greer and Kid Flash are taking a jump up from B2 4v4 to join the A2. They say their roster is beefed up, but honestly, i don’t recognize any of those M names. Let’s hope they know what they’re getting into. KF will be just fine in this league, he’ll still be the quickest guard hands down, but what about everyone else?? I’m very excited to ‘let’ Greer whoop up on me now that we’re playing in the same league. He’s had to take an entire year’s worth of unprovoked venom in the B2 write-ups and on in the Twitter-verse. It’s not going to stop now, that’s for sure. Now that he’s in a man’s league, let’s hope he can step his game up a little bit.

#4 ManBearPig – Bobby Collantino, Ryan Kelley, Mike Cadman, Kevin Tang, Dan Delicata, Drew Legare
This team looked a lot scarier last season. Maybe it was because mine was weaker, I don’t know. Now? They’re just a run of the mill squad. Sure they’ve changed their name to get rid of the pit stain stank that is the Situation trying to creep on Vinny while he’s in the Smash room, but is it enough to turn their fortunes around? Did you see what I did to them in the playoffs last season? I don’t know how any team could recover from that. Just an embarassing defensive effort by one of the teams that’s supposed to pride themselves on D.
I expect a solid regular season, hell maybe a top 2 record, but a playoff flame out. Get’cha brooms ready Bobby!

#3 Party In a Body – Tom Kahana, John Stott, Jon Press, Jim Daigneault, Ryan Patenaude, Rich Cody
I had this team at #2 until O’Cal bailed on them. He is the heart and soul of every team he plays on, so that’s a devastating loss for this squad. Yes, I know they have Jon Press and a whole bunch of fringe A 5v5 talent (more than any other team in this league), but how long will it take for the roster to gel? Do you have any idea how hard it is to play with Tommy Kahana?!? Dude is a menace, pulling up for a threepointer on a 3v1 fast break, stealing rebounds, pointing out assists to the balcony. Playing with O’Cal would have made this less difficult, but now that Tommy is the unquestioned leader of this crew?! Good luck boys.
Oh and please don’t go above and beyond in your posturing, no one likes that, especially in a league designed specifically and because guys like to posture and make grandiose statements. Reign in that attitude Tommy!

#2 Bed Intruders – Terry Henderson, Chris Burke, Andrew Cousins, Vladi Nechev, Jason Tibbetts
This team, by far, has the strongest bench in the league. I’m talking about myself people! When I play A2, my team is almost GUARANTEED to walk into the finals, before losing horribly because everyone underperforms. HEY, that sounds like what happened the last time Burke and Cousins got to the Finals! A match made in heaven, it really is. Aside from my awesomeness off the bench and terrible finals record (up to 3-7 now, thanks Terry!) this team is versatile (minus me), athletic (minus me and I-225) and likes each other (minus me). Should be a GREAT season. How the hell am I supposed to rip Burke in the write-ups if he’s on my team? Oh right, that’s what the boards are for.

#1 Genzyme – Scott Mulholland, Lew Finnegan, Tim O’Keefe, Ryan O’Keefe, Khalid Lakenwal, Marc Frail, Neal Grabowski, Matt Kaplan
The defending champs from B1 last season, with the A2 roster, these guys are the team to beat, and with a giant target on their backs. Sure the bench is MUCH weaker this season with the addition of Kap and Frail, but at least they won’t worry about forfeiting this season. Gone is super sub Scott Bailey who made sure Genzyme had enough players at each game to qualify for the playoffs and not forfeit 2 games during the season. But the starting cast of Lew Finnegan, the O’Keefe brothers and Khalid (or Scott) should have no problem racing out to leads to let their scrubs play! Genzyme is too good, too deep and should be unchallenged on their way to yet another title. Unless of course, Kap brings this team down too. He hasn’t won a title since ’05. Why would you want that stench of loser on your team coming off a title?!