A2/B1 East Winter 08 Awards

Guest Blogger: Gripp

Wednesday night’s best scorekeeper has finished her much anticipated award selections.  She’s new at this, so if you like anything about these awards, send the praise my way, as it was probably due to my suggestions.  If you don’t like anything, scold her, it’s probably because she’s a noob.  Enjoy!


MVP: Todd Billett, Genzyme  If someone has a good reason as to why it shouldnít be Dolla Dolla Billett again this season, let me know, maybe I should have put this up for a vote but when youíre averaging near 40 points a game and 7 assists AND your team is the top in the league, then its hard to not call you the MVPizzle.

Runners Up: Preston Raymond, Black Fist, Jason Lohmiller, GSJ


Rookie of the Year: Brian Darcy, Genzyme In a league chock full of Rookies, this was probably the toughest one to pick but Darcy definitely made the biggest impact for his team. Without him, Genzyme would likely not have stayed on top all season.

Runners up: Nick DS, Count It, Tom Duncan, PGB


Defensive Player of the Year: Preston Raymond, Black Fist, Preston is good, and not only at offense.  While scoring 26 points a game he also managed to play stellar defense keeping big guys under control in the paint and making people look foolish for attempting full court passes.  Unfortunately his hard work didnít pay off for Black Fist this season.

Runners up: Dan ìThe Enforcerî Adamnson, Mustard Gas, Mike Albert, GSJ


5th Man Award: Brian Wadman, Mustard Gas Definitely the kind of player you want on your team as he often came up with the big plays.  A nightmare to guard and a beast on the boards, Wadman was the easy choice for this oneÖ.especially if he holds true to his plan to ìnot get mad at the refs anymoreî.

Runners Up: Kip West, CTC, Matt Peredna, GSJ


GM of the Year: Jason Tibbetts, Legend Killers Your resident player president and Clown made a key move in drafting the Majic Man to his already strong Legend Killers squad this season.  Despite ending the season on an 0-3 run, his addition put the Killers at the top of the league.  Some may question his decisions from time to time, but this one was worthy of GM honors and not just cuzí I date him.

Runners Up: Kip West, CTC for adding ROY to his team


Most Improved: Carl Clary, Black Fist A bump in numbers across the board, as well as some extra aggressiveness put Carl at the head of this list.  Theyíre just another solid contributor and another season away from being back at the top of the league.


All Defensive Team: Preston Raymond, Black Fist, Tim Deihl, Vance Refrigeration, Dan Adamson, Mustard Gas, Todd Billett, Genzyme



1st team: Preston Raymond, Black Fist, Todd Billett, Genzyme, Tony Awad, CTC, Paul Krezanoski, Vance Refrigeration

2nd team: Tommy Kahana, CTC, Jason Lohmiller, GSJ, Chris Maciejczak, Legend Killers, Tim Diehl, Vance Refrigeration

Honorable Mention: Mike Albert, GSJ, Tom Duncan, Pau Gasolís Beard, Nick Dutton-Swain, Count It, Brian Darcy, Genzyme, Sean Murray, Mustard Gas, Mike Sweeney, Legend Killers


Funniest Moment:

-Mike Albert throwing shoe

Biggest Upsets:

-Count It beating Legend Killers TWICE

Biggest Fall from Grace:

-Black Fist started out hot and it was all downhill from there…

Best CAC Addition:

-Pau Gasolís Beard, a competitive team and it looks like a few of them have already contracted the CAC disease (yes, itís contagious)


B1 East:

MVPMJ Dinh, TBD Itís becoming clear, MJ Dinh is trying to wrap up MVP honors in every CAC league as he has now claimed it for B1 East as well.  Heís the all around go to guy for TBD who is looking their best yet this season.  For all you A1 Captains out there, you might wanna snatch this guy up if the rumors are true that heís headed to the A league next season.

Runner Up: Matt Forelizzi, Kutol


Rookie of the YearMatt Forelizzi, Kutol Itís always tough when there are a lot of newbies to a league to decide this honor, but given this entire team is new, Matt is more than worthy of winning this award.  Leading the league in the player rater and averaging nearly 30 points a game is quite impressive.  He never looked phased being a new addition to the world of Wall Ball.

Runner Up: Ahaidh Javeri, TBD


Defensive POYMatt Scabilia, Scot Pollard Scabilia was all over the court averaging 14 rebounds, 3 steals, and 2 leather sammies a game as he was key in Scot Pollards transition play.  Always fighting hard on the defensive end and quick outlets put him at the start of SPís fast break offense.

Runner up: Dave Lynch, Beantown Ballers


5th Man Award: Matt Rollinson, Silky Johnson  Weíve all seen him do it in pickup and now the B1 East got a glimpse of the Matt Rollinson jumper as he joined the Silky Johnson squad. Matt was the guy coming up with the big play when Silky needed it most.  Definitely a good addition to Silky Johnson.


GM of the YearDanamal OíConnell, Scot Pollard  Low on numbers, Danamal made the executive decision to sign JaySar to a mid season contract resulting in a stellar 2nd half season performance by Scot Pollard.  They are only in 2nd place but likely to take home the crown come playoff time.  Everyone wants the Born Gamer on their team, but Scot Pollard got him.

Runner up: Ricky Ng, TBD


Most ImprovedAndrew Peterson, Hopefully Sober Petie really stepped up his game this season which shows in Hopefully Soberís much improved record. They started off on a 4-0 run as he took the reigns and controlled the tempo of their play.  They suffered a tough end to the season but it was nice to see Leroy get some help.


All Defensive Team: Matt Scabilia, Scot Pollard, Dave Lynch, Beantown Ballers, Cheese, Silky Johnson, Monty Hankin, Bulging Conj



1st team: Matt Forelizzi, Kutol, MJ Dinh, TBD, Kyle Sachowitz, Scot Pollard, Leroy Robinson, Hopefully Sober

2nd team: Ahaidh Javeri, TBD, Pat Smith, Kutol, Adam OíConnor, Silky Johnson, Chris OíConnell, Scot Pollard

Honorable Mention: Mike Ambra, Bulging Conj, Jay Sartori, Scot Pollard, Brian Greenburg, Chest Rockwell, Mark Zermani, Beantown Ballers