A5v5 2010 Fall Preview

The mighty A5v5 league is kicking off for the fall session on Tuesday nights in Charlestown at the High school and the Boys & Girls Club. One of the city’s best and brightest leagues is bound to shine again with an impressive group of teams looking to claim the bragging rights and the prestige involved with winning the A5v5.

Let’s take a quick look at the teams:

Middlesex Magic: Stacked like IHOP. Mike Crotty, Basil Wajd, Jon Beerbohm and Todd Billet are on the roster. A lot of talent here, the big question is: how cohesive will they be? Will everyone get theirs in the scoring column? Paper champs, for sure. However, they do have to play in all the games. Should be fun to watch.
Prediction: #1. Surprising if anyone else wins it all. Consider this the CAC jinx.

MKT: The defending champs. Sercan Fenerici and his crew have retooled. Sure, Adio Ashafa and Gerry Corcoran have moved on, but Finals MVP Tony Barros remains while Andreas Vasiliu bolsters an already strong team.
Prediction: #2. Not the best, but damn close. Barros is one of the 2-3 best players in the league and there is a good core built around him. Plus, they’re the champs!

Living The Dream: #1 seed last go-round. This team mastered efficient play most of last session until they got upset in the playoffs. Still, the size of Andrew St. Claire and Colin Brahe will be tough to cover, while Jesse Roth’s playmaking abilities help drive this ship.
Prediction: #3. A hungry bunch with a mission to avenge last season.

Campus Police: The question mark team. This is the team that could finish anywhere between the two and the seven slot. Royce is the captain of the squad, but he has trusted lieutenants in Ben Max, Preston Raymond, Ian Kilpatrick, and Dan Duggan. The question is: Will Royce stop shooting threes so guys like Kilpatrick and Duggan can hit the triples?
Prediction: #4. If this team’s smart about their aggression, sky’s the limit. Question mark on the consistency of how they will all play together week-to-week.

Millrats: Paper lion, in flux. Mainly due to the recruiting prowess of Ralph Allen and the Millrats feeder system straight outta N.H. that sees a lot of talent. The roster looks incomplete right now, but Robert Taylor and Benn Cluff are building blocks that do the dirty work.
Prediction: #5. Just for fun, really. Depends on who shows up on a weekly basis. Especially if a guy with the last name of Brewington. (Hell, Mike Chamberlain was pretty good, Ralph.)

Charlestown: Gamey veteran squad. Reppin’ The Town in grand fashion. Led by perennial stallion Hugh Coleman, Ian Urgquhart and the Gallagher brothers, this team will be in every game because they know the ropes. Whether they can stay with the younger and the faster is the proverbial question here.
Prediction: #6. This team will take advantage of opponents’ weaknesses. Should be in the middle-of-the-pack.

vitaminTHICK Flying Squirrels: Hopeful Sophomore Jump. Most likely. Elliot Curtis did a nice job at PG for this team last session and he added college teammate Terrell Hollins to the mix here. Oh yeah, and Kenny Smalls looks to be a scorer. Add these guys to a good mix with the high-flying Devero and this team will probably be the heatseeker.
Prediction: #7. Only 1 win last year. They will get AT LEAST 4 wins this session. Sleeper team.

TNS: Rookies. Damian Ruff has put in a squad. He’s grabbed some elite talent in Sherard Robbins and Kenn Fass along with hot-shooting big man Chris Maciejczak, maybe you’ve heard of him. In reality, they’ll be a very good team, but let’s see how this pot-luck dinner of team comes together before we christen them as paper champions.
Prediction: #8. Like most things in life, pure speculation. Maybe this is a motivator?

Ray’s Band: Unknown quantity. Zak Ray’s on this team and he played a strong PG at Bates. Phil Jackson and Craig Griffin are also ‘rumored’ to join this team.
Prediction #9. Joined the league a day or two before the seasonal commencement. Potential name change could be in the works. I’m going off gChats I had literally minutes before posting this. Adam Schefter, I am not; thankfully, I don’t Twitter.

In conclusion, all of you players should be aware that Tommy Doyle’s is our league sponsor. They have two great locations in Kendall Square (1 Kendall Square, Cambridge) and in the courtyard on Winthrop Street in Harvard Square. We’ll be doing some food/drink giveaways throughout the year where you can go anytime the week of your game. This is ideal for meeting some lovely Harvard co-eds before they hibernate in October when you tell them you play in a basketball league that keeps statistics. Smart.

Check the website for information: http://www.tommydoyles.com/

Hope everyone enjoys a great season at CAC for the A5v5, where the best and the brightest ballplayers in Boston come to shine.

p.s. Fabry & Duggan, this one’s for you. Somebody listens.

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