A5v5 2010 Spring Preview

Known as one of the absolute premier leagues in the entire Boston area, ’twas only a matter of time that the A5v5 League got a preview on our fine website. The level of skill and creativity in this division of CAC’s Basketball league is arguably harder to find anywhere else in Boston, especially coupled in with a great atmosphere of guys that just love to play the game. With games every Tuesday night at the Winter Hill School in Somerville and at the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club, Tuesdays this summer will be off the chain when it comes to high-flying and hot-shooting basketball action.

So, my writing name is Five Hard Fouls and I’ll be covering these league along with fellow staffer DRuff. I got assigned a nearly impossible task in assigning a preview for this season. Since I have seen only a small handful of these teams play before, a fun spin is put on this preview that relies on my memory banks from past CAC experience around our other leagues and a Google bar. And let’s face it, the crushing weight of expectations with false information really isn’t something that anyone wants to have as an imaginary burden. So with that, I’ll give some quick pointers on each team, so you can read up on them for possible scouting or, maybe, just basketball-related entertainment if you’re a total hoopshead like me.

Here are our teams with the current info available on the Internet tubes:

Uncle Ruckus
CAC veterans and UMass teammates Royce Henry and Ian Kilpatrick have been around the block before and surely Royce’s size and Ian’s scoring abilities will be on display here. Preston Raymond has shown his worth as a solid scorer/rebounder, making this team solid on the inside. Chris Coffey will get his scoring, getting 20PPG in some other CAC leagues. Ben Max has been around these parts as an All-CAC PG as he’s a guy that can make the pieces all fit together. Dan Duggan’s a guy that can light the 3-ball up. Royce is a Boondocks fan, can’t go wrong there.

VitaminTHICK Flying Squirrels
First off, we have a veteran team that’s excelled in other leagues around here, including a championship across from the Garden. And they have some pretty fly jerseys. Elliott Curtis clearly is a slick marketer and he played some point guard before at Carnegie-Mellon. Damion Presson (Franklin Pierce) seems to be a guy that can score points. Cody Travaligni and Lance Devoro both have track records of playing at high levels. Organization and lookin’ fly will take you places.

Ralph’s a Basketball Maven. So our champions, Badman Soup, aren’t back for the summer. With normal stallions like Basil Wajd and Jason Tardio in the house, this squad would be a contender to win A5v5 every season anyways. But the twist is adding Badman Soup’s John Beerbohm. Holy crap, we have a team that should score in bunches.

Marquis Victor’s fresh off being a B1 4v4 Champion here at CAC, after some overseas experience. Former Friar Jamal Camah will add his expertise to the mix along with Emerson alums Ben Chase and Sammy Newman-Beck. Oh yeah, and some guy named Tyronn Lue, who played in the NBA and won a couple of rings with the ’00 and ’01 Lakers. NBD, right?

Big Daddy Doomsday
Brandon Monteiro, Matt Abbott, Shane West, Mike McClure, and Keenan Burke-Pitts are all teammates from the Wentworth Institute. Right there, that’s an eye-opener for talent with cohesion to back it up. Framingham State standout Josue Almodovar looks like a scorer.

Newbies with talent. Andreas Vasiliu (Mount Ida) will likely fill up the stat sheet scoring while Reggie Guy (Lafayette) looks to be a premier stopper. Still need to find out more 411 on this squad before any conclusions are made.

Brett Dickson (WPI) and Jeff Dickson (St. Anselm’s) serve as another potent brother combination in this league. Add Brett’s college teammates Jim Marois along with Bentley front-court stud Jeff Holmes and Worcester Tech’s Steve Furber to the rotation.

The hometown team (for 2/5 of the games) has to be a sentimental favorite for the locals. Gamers like Ian Urquhart and Hugh Coleman and The Gallagher brothers will be a tough, cohesive bunch to play, especially around the rim.
*Newsflash: Basil Wajd is being reported to jumping over to this team along with Wheelock stud Sherard Robbins*

Van Buren Boys
Another CAC vet squad here. The Van Buren Boys have been in the A5v5 finals once in the last six months. They’re back to win the whole enchilada. Tony Awad and Shayne Cranmore make any team dangerous. We’ll see what VBB can do against this competition.

Living The Dream
Ithaca Bombers in the house. And yes, we’re all L-I-V-I-N’ the dream here at CAC with the amount of talent in this league. Ryan Patenaude, Jess Roth, Brian Andruskiewicz, are former Bombers as Bentley alum Greg LaCasse is part of the mix here. Also, my favorite team name of the bunch.

Obviously, after a few games, we’ll have a true gauge of how the talent levels and the cohesion of each team stack up with each other. We should have updated stats up (because you know you look!) on game night every night on the website and some quick recaps up 48 hours after each game. If you have any questions, comments, predictions, or anything you want to promote, shoot me an e-mail at fivehardfouls@cacbasketball.com.

Best of luck to all players and teams for what should be a great session here at the CAC Basketball League. I’ve got a premonition that it will be an insanely competitive and really fun league for some awesome basketball for the next few months!!!

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