A5v5 Summer 2010 Awards

By DRuff & FHF

(*Major props to DRuff for getting this together about a month ago. These went up on the boards yesterday and I’ve already heard some gruff from Royce. So if you’re in the A5v5, pass this on to your teammates and let the discussions about what we got right and my delusional rantings emerge…Thank you to all of you A5v5’ers. We hope to see you all next season for a reloaded league, which kicks up in September. Until the next one, keep ballin’. -FHF)

Sorry for the delay people. These were actually done awhile ago, I was just waiting for the final blessing from my partner 5HF. Well I got what I needed yesterday so here you go…..

MVP      Brian Andruskiewicz – Living the Dream

Brian has been the most consistent player on a Living the Dream squad that finished the regular season as the #1 seed. His achievements are: 4th overall player rating, 5th in the league in scoring, and 1st in rebounding.
Runner Ups – Basil Wajd – Charlestown, Alvin Lewis – The Millrats
RoY    Alvin Lewis – Millrats

To be eligible, one must not have ever played in the CAC league before.
The winner is clearly Alvin. He’s obviously made an impact this season as The Millrats finished as one of the top teams. He’s their leading scorer based on games played and The Millrats don’t lose when he is there.
Runner Ups – Phil Barera – Living the Dream, Sherard Robbins – Big Daddy Doomsday

Defensive PoY     Royce Henry – Uncle Ruckus

Last session Royce was disappointed he didn’t receive it but this year he earned it. 1st in the league in blocks and 3rd in the league in steals. Just try and score on this guy, it won’t be easy.

GM of the Year    Jesse Roth– Living the Dream

This team played together where they had three inside scorers and then shooters to make the D pay when they pack the paint. Just a fantastic chemistry and the #1 seed proved to be the fruits to their labor; hopefully they’ll come back to contend for the title in the fall.

High Riser    Lance Devero – vitaminTHICK Flying Squirrels

This is a new award I’m creating based on some of the nice dunks or attempts I saw this year.
The winner is Lance Devero from the vitaminTHICK Flying Squirrels. Whether it was an alley oop or on the break, Lance is definitely a highlight waiting to happen.
Runner Ups – Matt Abbott, Sherard Robbins, Big Daddy Doomsday; Jeff Holmes – BoneYard

All Defensive Team
Royce Henry – Uncle Ruckus
Robert Taylor – Millrats
Shane Brunette – MKT
Andrew St. Claire – Living The Dream
Ryan Flynn – BoneYard

All Stars

1st Team
Brian Andruskiewicz – Living the Dream
Basil Wajd – Charlestown
Alvin Lewis – The Millrats
Tony Barros – MKT
Ian Kilpatrick – Uncle Ruckus

2nd team
Kreg Peerless – The Birdmen
Justin Powell – The Millrats
James Marois – BoneYard
Royce Henry – Uncle Ruckus
Adio Ashafa – MKT

3rd team
Ryan Flynn – BoneYard
Phil Barera – Living the Dream
Sherard Robbins – Big Daddy Doomsday
Lance Devero -vitaminTHICK Flying Squirrels
Andrew St. Claire – Living the Dream

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