Where this Boy Finally Takes Responsibility for His Words

Unlike most forecasters, who just make picks and then hope you forget how horrible they were, Iíll be providing you with a little bit of accountability as the season progresses.  You can pretty much expected it every other week, as I need 2 blog ideas a week, and once I get done with the preseason previews, Iíve got little creativity to fall back on.  Thank God Iíll also have the Adult Friend Finder blog idea to beat to death.  On a rotating basis, that only leaves me with one ëcreativeí thinking idea to come up with per week.  Still asking a lot, but if worst comes to worst Iíll just ask crappy questions to players youíve never heard of.


Allegedly, Iíve got a pretty good track record at making picks, mostly because no one has ever taken the time to audit my work, I just like to point out when I get sh!t right.  To be considered a ëwiní I just had to pick the correct team to win ñseeing is thatís basically what Iím doing when making the lines.  I get no extra points for being right on the money, and therefore donít lose points when Iím way, way off, but still pick the right teams.  You canít expect me to make the picks AND cover do you?? 


So howíd I do?  Well, pretty much exactly how youíd expect for the first couple weeks of the season.  Obviously a terrible record (7-10) in week one having never seen most of these teams play together.  Ok, most of the A1 teams I hadnít seen, but for everyone else I really had no excuse; Iím just terrible at this.  Iíve split A1 down the middle (4-4) the first two weeks but am on the upswing.  How about week 2?  Well much better (8-3) because I made less picks.  But have no fear; Iíll soon be butchering the Tuesday night 5v5 previews to bring the record back down. 


All in all, 15-13 through 2 weeks isnít all that shabby, and you better believe Iím going to keep this going.  Itís a quick blog to bump out,   By the end of the season, I fully expect to be hovering around .750 ñ and if not, well a round is on me at the next LNO*.  We all know Iím a stat geek, and shit like this I find ridiculously interesting after reading all of your bitchy emails and message board posts all day.  I do all the shit that you donít notice or need to recognize, but thatís ok, I can take heat!  So I like a little me time.  Is this blog self-serving? Yes.  Is it entertaining? No.  But guess what, no one forced you to read it. 


Week 1

7 – 10



6:10 PM Cell Exchange vs E-Town (-5.5) 
5:30 PM Genzyme vs. Vance Refrigeration (+11)
 ñ A line of 30 wouldnít have been high enough, but at least I picked the right team.
7:10 PM Black Fist vs. Pau Gasol’s Beard (+1.5)

5:30 PM Nasty Cobra vs Steamboats (+5.5) @ C.A.C.

9:00 PM Full Tilt vs Beefcake! (+2.5) @ C.A.C. 
8:15 PM SNAFU vs WTF (-4) @ C.A.C.
9:45 PM Radio Flyers vs The JailBlazers (Even) @ C.A.C.



7:10 PM Wrecking Crew vs. The Black Donnellys (+9.5)
8:00 PM Real & Spectacular vs. Gang Green (+13) ñ Easily the worst pick of week 1 ñ I feel like Iím going to be blinded sided by Gang Green all season.

9:40 PM 6 For the Wall vs. The Truth (-5.5)

8:50 PM Gym Shoes & Jersey vs. CTC (+6.5)

6:20 PM Kutol vs. Silky Johnson (-4.5)
8:00 PM Chest Rockwell vs. Hopefully Sober (+12) ñ Ok, maybe this was the worst pickÖ 

7:00 PM Cha-Ching vs Raindrops (+10.5) @ Morse

8:50 PM Bump & Grind vs. Shock the Monkey (Even) ñ Clearly a line of ìevenî is just mailing it in, so I gave myself 3 of the 4 losses for it. Iím slowly coming to the realization that I may be a terrible captain despite all my preparation.

6:20 PM NEPC vs Fafafini (Even) @ C.A.C.
9:40 PM Bulging Conj vs. Uh-Oh (Even)


Week 2

– 3



8:00 PM 6 For the Wall   vs. The Black Donnellys (-2.5) ñ Machooooo!!

8:50 PM Wide Open   vs. Hurtin’ for a Squirtin’  (-11)

9:40 PM Together We Can   vs. The Truth (+7.5)

5:30 PM The Firm vs. Raindrops (+11) @ CAC 
9:00 PM Steamboats vs. Full Tilt (-6.5) @ CAC ñ 
With the Curse of the Prez, Iím picking against the Steamboats almost all season long, and like betting against the Dolphins, will rarely fail
6:10 PM NEPC vs. CellExchange (-10.5) @ Morse ñ 
CellExchange gets ìHome Courtî every week over at Morse and will be able to handle business on a regular basis

6:20 PM OmniGuide OGs vs. The JailBlazers (-2.5) @ CAC

8:15 PM SNAFU vs. Radio Flyers (-4.5) @ CAC


7:10 PM Real & Spectacular   vs. Bump & Grind (-5.5) ñ A win for R&S means no Brick for AK, calling it now.
7:00 PM Nasty Cobra vs. Cha-Ching (+4.5) @ Morse ñ Remember that Home Court Advantage thing I was just talking about? Apparently I only take it into consideration when I feel like it. 
9:45 PM WTF vs. E-TOWN (+14.5) @ CAC


*Offer not valid after February 2nd, 2008