An Ode to the MixTape

When one loses a wager, a man of honor always pays up.  In A1, The MixTape and I love to add a bet to our game, seeing as how our teams are always at the top of the league.  Since I am financially flacid, the MixTape and I choose to wager that the loser shall publically praise the winner, usually on the message boards.  However, the message boards get well over 300 hits daily so I ve decided to hide my loss in my blog, where Im sure no one will ever find it.  So without further adieu I give you an Ode to the Icon known as the MixTape.  The man who has perfected the art of being imperfectly perferct:

If the MixTape was a Car, he would be a Rolls Royce…but only have 3 wheels

If the MixTape was a Corporation, he would be a GM….but make Enron deals

If the MixTape was your Hangover, no pain reliever could make you feel better

If the MixTape was your Clothing, he would be a permenantly stained Kasmir Sweater

If the MixTape was a famous painting, he would be the Moaning Lisa

If the MixTape was a famous sculpture, he would be the Straight Tower of Pisa

If the MixTape was a male enhancement pill, all erections would last until the “consult a physician time”

If the MixTape was gold, the world would only value a dime

If the MixTape were a Calvin Klein Scent, it would be named “low tide”

If I lose to the MixTape again, rather than blog Ill choose suicide.


PS.  I hate you Mike.  See you in the Playoffs you “rectal itch” – Van Wilder