Are You Ready for some Football?

9/8 Running Diary

The wife is off to her first class of the semester so I’m going to live blog my evening, which will obviously revolve around the first game of the 2011 NFL season, but other than that won’t have much focus at all.  It’s so much easier to focus on 1 game than trying to post my thoughts through Sunday’s orgasmic line-up of games. Either way I’m only a couple hours from having football back in my life. I’m so pumped.

7-7:30 PM Obama is all sorts of fired up.  He’s got ‘the stare’ going in full effect and his pauses and annunciations are just on point.  That man can give a speech, hopefully something positive comes from this.

7:30 PM Andrew Miller gets taken yard in the second inning. The Sox pitching has just been horrific the last month, and not just the starters. The pen hasn’t been great either, but you knew that already.  What you might not have none is that’s it’s been since July that Wake has been stuck on 199 wins.  That’s in spite of actually tossing a few quality starts out there.

7:30 – 8 PM I flip to Fox News for the post-speech coverage and to mostly get my heart rate up. I cannot stand fox news, but you don’t care about that.  You might care that they’re the only network that’s letting GWB address the nation on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.  Yea I won’t watch that either.  Anyway, the anchors and commentators might as well be giving the president a dismissive wanking motion while giving him their unattractive O face, they’re blowing him off so thoroughly.  Not a single “Mr. President”, “President Obama” or “Mr Barrack Obama” they just refer to the leader of the free world as “Obama”. This gets on my nerves for numerous reasons.

8 PM Enough of that.  Allow me to comment on how well i’ve paired this dry Chianti Classico with my left over enchilada dinner.  It’s really fantastic, trust me.  I’d post a picture, but it annoys me when people do that on facebook, so I won’t rile you up any more than the last paragraph might have.

8:15 PM Anderson Cooper’s steely blue gaze is penetrating through my television.  He can see right through me and know all my hopes and dreams, can’t he.  That is one intense gaze, I’m shocked McCain can’t feel it through his ear piece.

8:20 PM So this is the first year that I’ve played in a pick’em league.  I’ve always made fun of my ex-roommate (hi Bush!) for making seeming boneheaded picks (after the fact of course) when real money and gambling is involved. This is the first time I’ve even remotely put my money where my mouth is.  Sure it’s only $100 for the season, less than $0.40 per game, but the first game hasn’t even kicked off yet and I know I’m going to crash and burn. What a waste.

8:30 PM Anderson Cooper penetrating me (with his gaze) is more comfortable than listening to Kid Rock croak out “Born Free”.  I feel more American being concerned about the president’s address and congress’ reaction to it (i’ve heard he wants them to pass the bill) than I do seeing Kid Rock and Maroon 5 in front of a giant american flag. Man I’m getting old.
You know who doesn’t care about Michele Bachmann’s reaction to the president’s speech, everyone.

8:30 PM I’m done with the political commentary.  It’s almost time for some football!

8:31 PM Al Michaels needs to stop telling me what I do and don’t remember from last season. yes I know the packers almost missed the playoffs, I’m a football fan dammit, and so it everyone else watching this program. Now if only i could forget the jets curb stomping of the pats i’d be a happy camper.  Let’s give the Packers the ball at the 20 and get this game started!
What, we actually have to go commercial, kickoff, commercial still? I thought they got rid of the kickoffs!

8:41 PM – FOOTBALL!!

8:44 PM – I’m sorry but doing something physically impressive doesn’t mean someone is brilliant – stop it Chris Collinsworth, I hate you. That’s unfair, I hate all announcers not named Gus Johnson.  Don’t try dumb it down, it’s football, it’s just a sport, I get that.

8:48 PM Football players should take a cue from guys like Ortiz that take their batting helmets off after a game winning hit.  If you willing leap into a pile of humans (in this case, probably drunk ones) you should probably take off your helmet so your ears aren’t ringing for trhe next half hour.  You know what, F it, give Jennings a concussion.  No, I’m not bitter that I passed on him in every fantasty draft I had this season.

8:50 PM – Even if i didn’t play fantasy football, the RedZone Channel would still be awesome. I’m so excited to just watch that all day since the Pats aren’t on Sunday. Just give it to each team at the 20 and do away with kickoff coverage teams, I dont even care about onside kicks late in games, if you’re down, too bad.

8:51 PM Colston gets me my first fantasy points of the season, by fumbling. If i wasn’t the defending champ in teh CAC league I’d be pissed right now, but I started out 0-5 last season, I’ll weather the storm and not talk about my fantasy team any longer (Duke Silver Trio is a money team name though).  I promise that was it.

9:20 PM The rest of the first quarter passes in a blur as Gripp is home and having me do husbandry things.  As usual, I’m doing them terribly.

9:30 PM Is it sad that it’s only the first game of the season, but I’m already hoping the Saints don’t pick up this 3rd and 14 so the Packers get the ball back, obviously score, and I can switch to the JShore by 10 PM?

9:38 PM Welcome to the 2011 season Saints defense! I think this is their first 3 and out.  You’re not already down 21-10 or anything.  Good to see guys like Jenkins are still headhunting.  Like Obama, sometimes you’ve got to just SET THE TONE!

9:39 PM Who said there’d be no excitement in the kicking game this season!?! The Lightening Bug takes a punt to the big house  as the Saints close the gap.  So much for getting in my weekly dose of GTL tonight.

9:45 PM “Real Steal”? If Hollywood still wonders why they had the lowest summer attendance since 1997 they can look at a pos like that, which wasn’t even good enough to be released in the summer, as the problem.

10:00 PM So in the CAC off-season, I haven’t approved any message board accounts, because, well, my motivational factor to do non-“Fall 2011” things was at about .000001 (which is why you won’t get your videos until 9/19).  I took a look at them finally tonight and I have about 800 new users to sort through.  I’m guessing 870 of them are spam accounts trying to get in (they do slip by me occasionally) but if I miss even 1 of the 30 legit accounts that are trying to sign up, I not only deprive a potential message board LEGEND of their first posts, but I’ll probably get an email by next week complaining that they haven’t been approved.

10:09 PM Comcast, if you show up late when you give yourself a 4 hour window to help me out, a paying customer of over $200 a month, I should get a free month of cable, not a measly 20 bucks back.  If I didn’t hate RCN even more than you I wouldn’t be a customer.

10:20 PM Somehow during this halftime break the remote was confiscated and the Nick @ Nite Friends marathon is suddenly on TV. You know what that means, I must be horizontal.

10:35 PM People care about America’s got Talent? How is that show still on TV?  None of those ‘acts’ are actually ‘talents’

10:55 PM I have the remote back! I’m fairly impressed that it’s 35-27 right now in the third.  If each team struggles on D rather than O to start the season, I think the high-scoring, exciting first few weeks will more than make up for the lockout hell we all went through.

11:15 PM I’ve somehow swam through all those hundreds of sign-ups and I know better now than to let that much time elapse before checking in on them.  A solid 20 new board members though, let’s hope those CACers are more talkers than lurkers. I know most of you just check the boards and don’t comment, but the players are what drives the leagues and the message boards, so make your voice heard!

11:35 PM if the Saints don’t get this onside kick I’m just posting and going to bed.

11:45 PM Thank god I didn’t go to bed even though I said I was going to.  :04 on the clock with the ball inside the 10?! A Saints TD and no 2 pt conversion screws my first pick’em of the season.
I’m rooting for OT.

11:47 PM I love Pass interference in the end zone at the end of games! That’s happened, what, 3 times that you can think of? Officials have been surprisingly competent in this game.

11:48 PM Why you giving it to the rookie running back as your last play? You have Drew Brees! That wasn’t even close.  Ah well, FOOTBALL IS BACK! Hell of a game to kick off the season and a good night to give this a go.