Tycoon of Travels Occupation: Beer drinker extraordinaire on the weekends, Amateur "all-star" athlete during the week. Hobbies: Traveling (on the court, I prefer to stay at home otherwise), Making errant passes (on the court and at women), drinking beer (good thing that's my occupation on the weekend), making a total fool of myself while acting like I know what I'm doing. Age: 29 (feels like I'm going on 40 though) Marital Status: Single and wise enough to know to check a girl's left hand when making an errant pass at her.

Top 10 Basketball Movies of All Time: #’s 1-5

Not sure if you read my last blog with movies 6-10, but you should check it out to learn the criteria I followed when putting this together as well as the movies that couldn’t quite crack my top 5, http://www.cacbasketball.com/top-10-basketball-movies-of-all-time-6-10/ 5. Space Jam I had this movie in the 4-6 range all along and it […]

The Two Greatest Regular Season Coed Teams to Not Win a Title: The Head to Head Matchup

Originally Posted 2012-05-20 The Dance Franchise vs. J-Shore Franchise These two teams have had/had immense success in the regular season, compiling undefeated runs only to fall short in the playoffs. Dance went all the way to the finals to lose by 1 in Overtime and lost to the eventual champ DL White the season prior […]

Rory Duyon: The Exit Interview

Originally Posted 2012-05-10 The day we all hoped would never come has finally arrived.  CAC All-Time favorite and all-around good guy Mr. Rory Duyon is leaving us.  You may or may not know him personally, but either way you’re probably aware of his scorekeeping/basketball playing/message board posting legend.  He is a big reason why the […]

Winter 2012 All Coed Team

Originally Posted 2012-04-26 Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Rory Duyon and myself have always had conversations about who the top men and women in the league are.  There were also some consensus good players, but we really weren’t sure how they fell against the other players across all divisions.  We decided that we should just end […]