Tycoon of Travels Occupation: Beer drinker extraordinaire on the weekends, Amateur "all-star" athlete during the week. Hobbies: Traveling (on the court, I prefer to stay at home otherwise), Making errant passes (on the court and at women), drinking beer (good thing that's my occupation on the weekend), making a total fool of myself while acting like I know what I'm doing. Age: 29 (feels like I'm going on 40 though) Marital Status: Single and wise enough to know to check a girl's left hand when making an errant pass at her.

First Season as a Co-Ed Scribe

Originally Posted 0212-04-08   This was my 3rd full season playing in the CAC, making my CAC debut back in the Fall of 2010 for the now defunct Dizzy Llamas franchise(well I guess they aren’t defunct but have moved on to form their own league).  Having been around for a while I always loved reading the […]

The life of a Chicago sports fan growing up in the 90s: The reason I began playing basketball

Originally Posted 2012-03-27 For those of you who don’t know, I’m originally from the Chicagoland area.  I was born and raised a diehard Chicago fan for the 3 major sports.  I left the hospital in a Chicago Cubs onesie, born into all the heartbreak that comes with bleeding Cubbie Blue.  I was also lucky enough […]

CAC Referee Etiquette

Originally Posted 2012-03-25 Hello Fellow CACers, My name is Dustin, more commonly known as D-Will or D-Willy.  This is my third full season playing in the CAC and my first as a co-ed scribe.  I’ve quickly become addicted to the drug that’s known as CAC Recreational Basketball.  But I fully enjoy my addiction, it’s second […]