A Draft Fall 2011 Awards!

Orginally Posted 2011-11-28 Brought to you by a Legend First and foremost thank you all for participating in A Draft this season. Without you guys the league couldn’t have happened and you are all what made it so great. I had a great time being your commish and despite being stuck with SMul and JMul all season I […]

A Draft Week 9 LoW!

Originally Posted 2011-11-20 Brought to you by a Legend Week 9 was a really weird week and quite frankly was an awesome way to end the regular season. All 4 games were upsets. I only scored 4 points in a win. Tommy dropped 50+! All 4 games were exciting and entertaining and this bodes well as we […]

A Draft Week 8 LoW!

Originally Posted 2011-11-11 Brough to you by a Legend After this week we only have ONE more Legend of the Week award for the regular season and I am astounded that I haven’t seem a Mulhol win one yet. I mean I thought these guys were supposed to be good? I guess not. Anyways, the playoffs are right around […]

A Draft Week 7 LoW!

Originally Posted 2011-11-04 Brought to you by a Legend Week 7 is in our rearview mirror and we saw some great games as Green Machine upset Hurricane Season, CAC Elite took care of Moose Knuckles in a grinder and Overrated put a 2nd half beat down on Just One Ball. Awards are also really starting […]

A Draft Week 5 LoW!

Originally Posted 2011-10-23 Brought to you by a Legend Week 5 in the A Draft saw some pretty good action as Free Hat got it’s first win, Elite remained elite and One Ball and X-Men combined for 89 three-point attempts. As usual we had a lot of legendary performers this week but there can only be only be one winner. Thus, in honor of Free […]

A Draft Week 4 LoW!

Originally Posted 2011-10-11 Brought to you by a Legend Week 4 is in the books and we are officially at the midseason point as we look forward to week 5. It truly has been an awesome and fun season thus far and I hope everyone is enjoying the league as much as I am. So […]

A Draft Week 3 LoW…and More!

Originally Posted 2011-09-30 Brought to you by a Legend If you are patient (Terry…) it will all be worth it… You A Drafters are so lucky. I am so dedicated to giving you top-notch coverage that I am staying in on a Friday night JUST to write all this good stuff for you. Ok, fine […]

A Draft Week 2 Legend of the Week!

Originally Posted 2011-09-23 Brought to you by a Legend After 2 weeks of A Draft action we are left with 2 unbeaten teams. Green Machine cruised to a blowout win against Free Hat while CAC Elite took care of business against Just One Ball. GM and CAC Elite figure to be the two best teams […]

A Draft Week 1 Legend of the Week!

Originally Posted 2011-09-13 Brought to you by a Legend Week 1 of the F11 A Draft season is in the books and we had a great slate of games Monday evening. The action was so exciting that Pete Wilson was quoted as saying to me “you are way too excited right now.” I guess I wasn’t hiding it that […]