Nayo Diggs is the scorekeeper for the always entertaining B2 North league on Sunday Nights and referee in the B2 West. Look for a mix of CAC basketball-related topics and posts about the Celtics ongoing train wreck of a season. [When the Celtics won the finals in '08 I was ecstatic, my favorite memory was slapping a bar table so hard I spilled a pitcher all over myself after Pierce's four-point-play in Game 1]

NBA Playoff Mayhem

The first week of the NBA playoffs sucked. This is indisputable. Even the most enthusiastic fans had to have been disappointed with the home teams winning the first eight games, and the highest seeds looking completely untouchable in their first round series. Then things got a little interesting, as the Celitcs clawed back from the […]

B2 5v5 Unification Finals, Uhhh Ditka.

Stats for the entire Unification bracket here:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ap8yZgk0io8MdG8wWng4ZXBpN1JUa05INGN2OXZkalE&usp=sharing#gid=5 This was an unprecedentedly large B2 Unification bracket, with six divisions and a total of 53 teams competing for those elusive sweatshirts. Aside from the B1 and A Leagues, which require professional-like skills and team chemistry to take home the title, the overall B2 title is the hardest […]

Are The Celtics All Bluster, Or Legit Contenders?

The Celtics are playing better as the regular season winds down, but are they playing well enough to legitimately intimidate playoff-caliber teams? Or just blowing smoke? All grit and balls? Or all bluster? Kevin Garnett, and his trash-talking antics, are back in the Celtics lineup, and his presence has brought immediate results on the defensive […]

The Sox Complete Turnaround Post-Valentine

Never underestimate the importance of motivation in professional sports. We often assume that players with multi-million dollar, guaranteed contracts will do everything in their power to earn that money by producing on the field, but that is not always the case. Despite coming into last season with the best of intentions, the Red Sox were […]

Method To The Madness

Just when you think nothing crazy will happen in the first weekend, aside from Harvard winning a game, the bracket gets completely busted open. But before you crumple up your sheet, or smash your computer screen (too late for that one probably) and forget about the science of picking for the rest of the year, […]