B Draft East & West Winter 13 Awards

By Sam Boyer (and Jeff Rubin)

We have reached the conclusion of the B Draft regular season, which means it is time for the awards. Before we begin, I hate to get all weepy on you fools, but this has been another great season of B Draft, and I can only hope you fellas enjoyed the coverage/TS%, etc. Here’s to another great season in the Summer, and eternity of bad luck towards Noah Spaulding.


For the awards this season, Jeff Rubin, the Sam Boyer of the East, and I have joined forces to deliver the awards for both the West and East in one post. Rubin will get to the lines for the East, and I’ll be posting a video tomorrow for the West playoffs.


Most Valuable Player in the West: Mike Joachin, Two In The Paint

25.1 PPG, 13.0 RPG, 6.2 APG, 2.2 SPG, 68.83 PR, 54.91 FG%


-No need to defend my pick on this one, the guy has been balling all season. He does everything you’d ever want from a player in B Draft, and then some. He’s efficient when he shoots the ball, creates shots for everyone else on Two In The Paint, and is a league leader in rebounds.


Don’t think there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t regret my decision to draft Nestler 6th in the F12 season over Joachin…or the fact that Noah somehow got him…and then went undefeated…and then won a title. On to the next award, now.


Most Valuable Player in the East (in Rubin’s words) : Mike Comtois, Honey Nut Cheerios


The MVP Award for B Draft East this season was really only a two man race, between Comtois and STAT.  Jamil and Hill both had excellent seasons, but they played on two of the worst teams according to their records.  Baker, in his first CAC season, proved to be a very capable big man and scorer, but he did not have the overall season of Comtois or STAT.  McCauley had a great season on the leagues second best team, but his team was very deep, and everyone contributed.  So that leaves us to Comtois and STAT, and I looked at a few things.  STAT had higher assists, granted that Comtois was not the PG on his squad.  They flip flopped as the top two in scoring and rebounds.  Comtois had a better three point percentage than STAT.  Everything between these two was very very close, and the ultimate difference was Comtois leading his team to the top overall seed, and in the head to head game, beat STAT by a whopping 30 points (give or take).  STAT was literally a triple double threat every game, where Comtois was a dominant scorer and rebounder, which was what his team needed from him, as they had a PG and elite defender already.  This was by far the toughest award I have give in a few B Draft East seasons, and it probably could have gone either way.


Sam: The translation here, from everything I’ve gathered…Rubin would lose sleep if he gave STAT the MVP. Plus, he’s looking out for his teammate – I respect that.


Offensive Player of the Season: Mike Weinstein, Fine Stein’s

25.3 PPG, 8.4 RPG, 4.6 APG, 50.79 FG%


-I swear this isn’t because of the fact he created really f’ing nice logos for CAC Basketball – it’s because he’s been on offensive powerhouse all season. In season’s past, it has been easy to label a top scorer in the league as OPoS, but with the TS%, we saw that Weinstein not only scored, but that he scored efficiently. The eight rebounds and near five assists didn’t hurt his case, either.


Offensive Player of the Season in the East


Candidates: STAT (27.38ppg), Mike Comtois (32.22), Jamil (27.29)

Winner:  Mike Comtois


Really…was it even a question?  STAT was dominant in almost every aspect of the game, Jamil was a great scorer (maybe the one game Skeens showed up lowered his average, so it is possible that was the difference maker), but all season Comtois was unstoppable from scoring.  Throw a big man on him and he shoots it at a very high percentage.  Force him out to the three and he will hit 2 to 7 on you that night easy.  Throw a smaller defender on him to try to get steals, and he posts you up and just shoots over you anyways.  Whether it was the league’s leading assist man or Ryan Dixon giving him the rock, Mike was getting the ball in spots he would score, and he took full advantage.


Sam: Jesus, Rubin. Weren’t you pissed on Draft Day that you ‘got stuck’ with Comtois??? Is this your way of making it up to him???


Defensive Player of the Season: Marcel Quetant, Donkey Punchin’ Penguins


-First off, choosing this award was tough, and not because there were so many candidates, but because there were so few. I’m tossing out this award because nobody has had more ‘Get-that-shit-out-of-my-house’ blocks other than Marcel, and I’m easy to please up on the balcony. Good stuff, Marcel.


Defensive Player of the Year in the East:


Candidates: Jon Rosario, Jamil Ball, Rudy Hersh, Cullen Roberts, Marvin Javin,

Winner(s): Jon Rosario and Rudy Hersh


I decided that ultimately, I had to go with both of these guys, so they will split the DPOY Award.  Keep this in mind, the trio of Jamil (steals), Javin (rebounding), and Roberts (all around play) played exceptional defense in many different ways as noted, but it was Rosario and Hersh who did more overall, and really helped top teams to win more games.  Rosario used his strength and athleticism to drive offensive players crazy, whether it was a block, steal, or hard, in your face defense, he was always a pain for offensive players.  Rudy was as well, but his best attribute on defense was his ability to read the ball, create steals, and turn them into scores for his team.  Rudy was a ball hawk against other guards and made it very hard for them to get comfortable at any time during the game.


Sam: Rudy…gross.

Steal of the Draft in the West: Tim Lens, Deep Six

-I hate you Noah…great pick at 22. Hard to believe Flynn had him on his ‘Do Not Draft at 20/21’ List, but somehow Jesse was on it.

Steal of the Draft in the East: Marvin Javin, McCauley Culkin

-At the end of the 2nd Round, McCauley found himself a steal. Marvin does nothing but hustle on both ends of the floor, rebound, defend, and set picks. He’s fun to play with, and you never hear him say a negative thing. He was definitely a HUGE part of MC’s 7-0 start to the season in the East.


GM of the Season in the West: Noah Spaulding, Deep Six


-No offense to Ghost, but his skill set is too good in my opinion for him to be considered for GM of the Season. He was able to do whatever he wanted in the draft because he was so much more talented than a captain like Flynn, Barry, myself, etc – which meant I needed to reward strategy.


On draft day, Nick Barry traded Noah picks 15/26 for 18/23, which gave Barry the combo of Marcel/Mendes and Noah the combo of Kap/Lens plus picks 19/22. Since both teams played each other the final week, I decided to give the winning captain GM of the Season, and because Kap and Ian Cundall were both out, AND D6 won, Noah unfortunately won back-to-back GM of the Season awards. Please, don’t let him win back-to-back titles.


GM Of The Season In The East


Candidates: Mike McCauley, Jeff Rubin, Nate Mendes, Noah Spaulding, Rick Lania

Winner: Mike McCauley, McCauley Culkin


My team had the best record, and that was due to drafting the personnel I thought we needed to be the best team (and we were…), but even with that said, McCauley drafted 6 very good players, somehow, and got possibly the best 6th round pick in the history of Bdraft in Bryant Allard, who can use his length to score, grab boards, or knock down threes.  When you think about the depth of his team and how they play together, he deserves the award.


Sam: “possibly the best 6th round pick in the history of Bdraft in Bryant Allard” – no comment as to whether or not Rubin was under the influence at the time of publication.


Seriously though, I do agree with this pick. The Albere injury costed them a shot a 9-0 record, but that shouldn’t take away from how well MC1 drafted.


Role Player of the Year in the East:


Candidates: Ryan Dixon, Peter Stone, Andy Cayatte, Pierre Momplasir, Bryan Allard, Zach Rockwell, Noah Spaulding, Mike Cobb, Cullen Roberts, Scott Hammond

Winner: Ryan Dixon


The Role Player of the Year award is an award I wanted to add this season, because there were a few people who stood out as compliments to their higher scoring teammates, and had a BIG part of their team’s success.  The key there is “team’s success”, so, the RPOTY award goes to Ryan Dixon.  Dixon was on the league’s top team, but their success was not at all due to the scoring and playmaking output of the other starters.  If you watched their games, Ryan consistently did things to help his team on both offense and defense, and many of the little things like getting a key steal, grabbing an important rebound, or hitting an important three.  He gets the slight nod over Scott Hammond, who at his draft selection, I felt Ryan deserved it more, as he was 30th overall.


Sam: Weird, I didn’t even think of Role Player of the Season. It’s not too late, though! I have a candidate in mind.


Role Player of the Season in the West:


Harrison Lebov, Blazing Saddles

8.2 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 1.6 APG


-Since Harry and I are friends, I was a little bummed I couldn’t get him in the draft, especially considering the fact he went 45th in the draft. All season, he’s provided energy and hustle for Bliss and the Saddles, and in the most important game of the season for the Saddles, he swung the end of the game and secured a playoff spot for his squad. He’s a role player behind Barrett and Tyler Smith that will be asked to step up in the playoffs, and anytime you can get that off the bench, and in the last round of the draft, you have to be happy. Nice work this season, Harry.


Most Improved Player of the Season: Chris Counts

10.3 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 1.9 APG, 43.75 3PT FG%


-Remember the days when Counts was a liability? Not trying to be an asshole, but there was a reason why he was picked in the last round every season. This season, he played his usual pesky defense, but now, he shot the ball at a ridiculously efficient rate, and was the starting guard on a #3 seed in the playoffs. Nice work, Counts.


Rookie of the Season: Chris Cousins, Donkey Punchin’ Penguins

17.0 PPG, 14.2 RPG, 2.2 APG, 1.2 BPG, 1.2 SPG


-Jesus, this was like pulling hair. You could put together a team that would win a title in this league using only rookies. Seriously, take a look at the candidates:


All Rookie 1st Team in the West:


Chris Cousins

Tim Lens

Royal Healy

Marcel Quetant


All Rookie 2nd Team in the West:


Yanni Koroneos

Greg Waldman

Mike Manning

Jon Chang


I decided to give it to Cousins since this was his first season playing Wall Ball, and he was a top player on a top team. The man is coming off two straight 5 v. 5 Draft titles, and that shouldn’t be forgotten come playoff time. Let’s just hope he doesn’t run into Destiny’s Children, though. Otherwise the three-peat will not happen. On a side note, you may be questioning, why did Sam choose Marcel over C2 as an all-star, but took C2 as ROY? Simple answer: I gave MQ the DPOY, and wanted to mix it up. I was torn for a long time deciding who the final spot should go to, and gave it to Marcel because he got more all star votes.



ROY: The rookie of the year award goes to players who are brand new to the CAC, and reasons why Comtois, STAT, McCauley and others are not eligible.



Brett Royer: 18.3ppg, 12rbg, 2.8apg, 1.4spg, .9bpg, 43% 3P, 51% FT

CJ Baker: 23.1ppg, 13rpg, 2.4apg 1.3spg, .6bpg, 8% 3P, 63% FT

Pierre Momplasir: 13.8ppg, 4.9rpg, 1.2apg, 1.3spg, .4bpg, 26% 3P, 35% FT

Winner: CJ Baker.

The winner of the Rookie of the Year award goes to CJ Baker.  It was not only his point and rebound totals that gave him the slight edge over Royer, it’s what he did for his team that got him the award.  Royer had a phenomenal season, every aspect of his game was great, but Baker I felt was more of a difference for his team, and again, very slightly, but enough to get the nod.  Royer also had Nate on his team, who teams had to focus on at all times; Baker did not have anyone like that.  At times throughout games, Baker was dominant, scoring at will on the fast break and taking Randall’s excellent passes home for easy buckets.


Rookie 1st Team in the East:

F: CJ Baker

F: Brett Royer

G: Pierre Momplasir

G: Mike Cobb

Rookie 2nd Team in the East:

G: Adrian Guevera

G: Tony Athurton

F: John Pauler

F: Brian Ferrerira

Before we get to the All Stars, Rubin wanted to post some highlights from the East. I refrained from doing this, if only because every game in the West to me is a highlight.


For everyone who played in the East this season and those who may have followed on the boards or checking the standings (you know, all those people  in the West worried about what the other league may look like should they reach another epic Uni Finals Match!), it really has been a great season.  There were a few highlights in my opinion.


– McCauley Culkin took down Honey Nut Cheerios on opening night, only to lose to them weeks later, with HNC taking 1st place overall heading into the playoffs.


– STAT was a virtual triple double monster every week, I think he legit had 5 of them.  The other games he still absolutely dominated.  I guess Tibbs statement prior to the season of “STAT is going to murder that league” held true…


– Jamil, on a 1-8 team, was impossible to guard at times, scoring at will including a 40 point + outburst


– Mike Comtois was a nightmare matchup for every team


– Questionable Studs, when I think about them, are a very scary squad going into the playoffs.  No team wants them in round 1.  They play 3 big men who can all rebound very well, with Baker being their leading scorer


–  Durant Durant is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than their record…if everyone shows up


Ok, let’s get to the all stars. All in the West have been contacted, and the game will be held on Saturday, at 2 PM at the CAC.


All Star Starters:


(Also the 1st Team)


-Marc LeBlanc

-Mike Weinstein

-Josh Barrett

-Mike Joachin


All Star Reserves:


(Also the 2nd Team)


-Tim Lens

-Brian McCauley

-Marcel Quetant

-Royal Healy

For the West, the three point contest will be decided by who wants to show up for it. Any takers? Let’s get to the all stars for the East. Take it away, Rubin.


Starters: G Rubin, G McCauley, F STAT, F COmtois

Bench: G Jamil, G Hill, F Baker, F Javin


The people have spoken!  This is your W13 Bdraft East Starters and Reserves, facing the West in the first ever All Star Game Weekend featuring both leagues.  The winner gets home court advantage and choice of….uniform color in the Uni Finals.


Before looking at the the ballots, I thought the starters would be slightly different, but the people spoke and it was kind of shocking not to see Jamil as a starter.  He had a great season overall, albeit on a bad team (missing a 1st round pick).  Somehow, STAT and Comtois were NOT anonymous selections, which makes no sense to me as no one was close to as good as these two all season.  I guess people hold grudges or vote for their favorite people, which is what happens in the NBA, so I suppose it’s not actually all that shocking.  Comtois received votes from everyone but ONE single person.  I think that was Noah (joking).  Here is why they are All Stars:


McCauley: PG on the leagues second best team, didn’t lead any categories, but did everything you would want from a smart PG.  Scoring, passing, rebounding, stealing, blocks, you name it, he does it.


Rubin: See McCauley notes.


Cmtois: MVP, OPOY, best shooter in Bdraft.  Easy pick.


STAT: I don’t even need to comment…


Jamil: Should be a starter based on performance, had an incredible season scoring and really did a nice job rebounding this season.  He is always dangerous getting steals.


Baker: Really picked it up after getting acclimated to the  CAC box.  Led his team to a few wins they really needed, scored when they needed, and did just about everything you could ask from a big man.


Hill: His team really should have been a few wins better, but it was not due to Matt Hill.  He killed it this season and added a three point shot, which was very effective in a few close games.  He gets the nod over Nate Mendes simply because Hill was everything for his team with Dornton out so many games.  His player rating was also higher, which was a major factor.


Marvin Javin: This was the hardest decision of all for the reserves.  It came down to Tim, Brett Royer, and Marvin, and I factored in a few things, because their player ratings were all identical.  Marvin was a beast ALL season, and he was not just a tenacious rebounder and hustle man, he became a go to scorer in the paint, elite defender, and capable passer, logging 4+ assists in numerous games.  Royer became an elite player a few games into the season, and his three point shot became a major weapon.  Tim had the best season I have seen him play, and he was everything Marvin was, so don’t take that away from him.  The ultimate difference was Marvin really helped his team be the 8-1 team they are.  Yes, they had a great PG, and yes they were deep, but Marvin was the one who made it all work, he got the tough boards, he got the much needed bucket, and he racked up offensive rebounds in the meantime, when he wasnt making a key pass to a teammate.  Any of these three could have made it.


Three Point Shooting Contest:

Nate Mendes

Brett Royer

Mike COmtois

Rudy Hersh

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