B1 4v4 Fall 2011 Preview

By Tibbs – who else?

B1 4v4 is going through another transitional season. A few new teams, some returning favorites and a completely different looking league than the Spring season that saw the Killa Beez come from out of no where to win the Championship out of the #5 seed. That’s two straight seasons in which either the #4 or #5 seed won the title. That bodes well for the teams in the middle of these rankings.

This season, we’ve got a new stat-keeper, Bryan Gamroth, splitting the league with me. He’s got big shoes to fill, as Xavier was a consistent presence on the boards last season but I’m sure he’s up for it. The kid plays in like 3 leagues. Gam, make sure you introduce yourself to these cynical B1 guys.

Onto the preview!

8 – 3 Finger Minimum – A team that went 2-7 last season, didn’t make any noticeable roster changes, and the middle of the league got stronger. Not sure how that’s going to fly this season. Can they win more often than they did last season? It’s certainly not going to be easy. Love the cast of characters and the team name though.

7 – Owen Hart & Yokozuna – Connor Boyle moves from the B2 league to the B1 league, putting in his own team with his brother (better than him is good) and some height (much needed). Like 3FM last season though, it’s going to take this team some time getting used to Wall Ball Arena. If they lose their opening game to 3 Finger Minimum, it’s going to be a very, very long season. Good luck boys!

6 – Rippers 2.0 – Once again, Jesse Corwin has cherry picked some of the best B Draft players and entered them into the B1 4v4 league. He did that a couple season ago with some success, but this league is just loaded. I like where his mind’s at, though. Burridge is some much needed size and Gam/McCauley give this team great offense. Poling is underrated, man I feel like this team is rated too low. Nah, I just took a look at the teams ahead of them. It’s going to be a tough season to crack the top half of the league.

5 – 3 Of Us – It’s weird seeing Kap put in a B1 team without Heff to anchor the paint. Apparently he up and moved to Cali and will be missed by all of us. Mostly be me. Who else’s flaws can I so easily point out? Oh right, Kaps! Interesting to see him take on one of his message board rivals in Nordy, aka Big Sexy. BArms and Linehan will make sure this team has plenty of hustle and competes on a weakly basis, but they look a little small to me.

4 – Warrior Country – They should be higher, but roster issues are going to plague this team for the early part of the season. Heck I don’t even know if the roster I have listed is correct. They definitely need both O’Brien’s to be competitive. Rumor has it that Kid Flash is making a comeback, I knew he wouldn’t stay retired for long. That kid loves the CAC more than I do. Let’s hope that MDA has a better start to this season than the end to last. It was a ‘nightmare’ how his Spring season ended and he needs to get off to a hot start to avoid KF replacing him permanently in the starting line-up.

3 – “I’m Still Rob Vigneau” – After a disappointing end to last season, losing 4 of 5 after beating up on the bottom of the league early on, I’m Rob Vigneau has retooled and comeback with an improved roster. Bryan Sweeney is making his, hopefully, triumphant return to CAC. If he can stay healthy for the full season (never a given with his knees) this team will compete. More importantly, that pushes me to the bench, always a positive. Vig and I will be eating Orange Slices all season long.

2 – Ourselves Off – Last time that Scott Bailey assembled a B1 4v4 squad, they ran over the league in the regular season, going 9-0 before losing in the semi-finals of the playoffs. He’s back with a different roster and is out for a league title! Names like Adam Polansky and Alex Bruno and Chris Fidyk should have you shaking in your boots. Really solid team that will score a ton of points and be tough to take down.

1 – Team Bring It – Odds on favorite to win the league with a loaded roster. Bobby C keeps tweaking with his roster and this is best one (non-Kilpatrick division) that he’s put in yet. Jimmy D adds a great win presence to go along with stalwarts Caddy, Bailey and Legare. There isn’t a single weakness on this roster and they’re going to provide plenty of Nightmare Fuel for teams looking to match-up with them.